File Title
1 Danish Vikings 'may have made their own wine'
2 Ancient jars found at Ayutthaya's Wat Daeng
3 Saint Edmund, the Saxon king, may be buried under town's tennis courts, experts believe
4 Ancient Tomb with 'Blue Monster' Mural Discovered in China
5 Mycenean-era tomb with grave goods unearthed in Salamis main town
6 Archaeologists discover ancient petroglyph in Guanacaste
7 Canadian researchers count on Siberian reindeer herders to solve archaeological mystery
8 1,700-year-old temple reveals ancient religion in east Anatolia
9 Mycenean-Era Tomb with Grave Goods Discovered in Salamina
10 A Spanish quest to hand down prehistoric secrets
11 Ancient family tomb found in China
12 Whetstone found at suspected Iron Age site near Wick
13 Ancient Mummies Rot as Yemen War Vexes Even the Dead
14 Underground Mithras temple discovered in Diyarbakir
15 Unique funerary garden unearthed in Thebes
16 1,800 years old tomb group found in central China
17 3,000-year-old axes found in farmer's field in mid-Norway
18 2,500-year-old statue of Greek god discovered in depths of Black Sea (video)
19 How migrations and other population dynamics could have shaped early human culture
20 Scientists discovered barrows and outlines of ancient fields in the Bialowieoa Forest
21 Rome unveils 'museum' metro station packed with hundreds of ancient artifacts found during construction
22 Underwater search planned for clues to early Islamic city of Ayla
23 A first-ever find in Egypt: A funeral garden
24 NASA Receives Proposals for Future Solar System Mission
25 Honeywell and Paragon to Create Life Support Technology for Future NASA Space Missions
26 12 Scientist-Astronaut Candidates Graduate at Embry-Riddle Through Project PoSSUM
27 NASA spacesuits over budget, tight on timeline: audit
28 Russia, Europe, US Should Work Together on Space Exploration--German Agency
29 Curtiss-Wright ships miniature network data system for Orion
30 Space Traffic Management at Mach 25
31 Robot Fedor to Guide Russia's Federation Spacecraft in Maiden Flight--Roscosmos
32 NASA's hybrid computer enables Raven's autonomous rendezvous capability
33 COBALT Flight Demonstrations Fuse Technologies to Gain Precision Landing Results
34 The Second Moon Race
35 Orion spacecraft achieves key safety milestone
36 India has capability to develop space station, says top official
37 Guardsmen to test space capsule recovery systems
38 'Road to Nowhere': Retired Cosmonaut Reveals How It Feels to Walk in Space
39 Seasonal Flows in Valles Marineris
40 Prolific Mars Orbiter Completes 50,000 Orbits
41 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter plays crucial role in search for landing sites
42 Similar-Looking Ridges on Mars Have Diverse Origins
43 Hues in a Crater Slope
44 ISRO Successfully Launches GSAT-9 'SAARC' South Asian Communication Satellite
45 India to launch GSAT-9 communication satellite on May 5: ISRO
46 New Russian Medium-Class Carrier Rocket Could Compete with SpaceX's Falcon
47 RSC Energia, Boeing Hammer Out a Deal on Sea Launch Project
48 India seeks status as a major space power with more satellite launches
49 Russian MoD to Further Develop Plesetsk Cosmodrome Infrastructure
50 GSLV Successfully Launches South Asia Satellite
51 Orion Motor Ready for Crewed Mission
52 Tesla revenues surge as it ramps for Model 3 launch
53 Germany's Bosch sells subsidiary to China's ZMJ
54 Bike-sharing launched in congested Beirut
55 China's Didi 'most valuable Asian start-up'; Uber exec demoted
56 Rideshare rivals Gett, Juno join forces
57 Uber sets 'flying car' launch for 2020
58 Imitation Game: China carmakers ape foreign brands at Shanghai show
59 Automakers see promise in China car-sharing
60 Global carmakers converge on China as rare slowdown looms
61 Apple gets permit to test self-driving cars
62 Tesla's Musk announces plans for semi-truck launch
63 When distracted drivers slow down, danger ensues, study shows
64 Renewable energy needed to drive uptake of electric vehicles
65 Tesla tops quarterly sales forecast
66 Ford boosts research in Canada for connected cars
67 VW reaches $157 million diesel settlement with 10 US states
68 London, Paris, Seoul launch 'name-and-shame' polluting car index
69 China's Tencent takes 5% stake in Tesla: SEC filing
70 Germany pushing e-mobility options
71 Intel deal may fuel Israel's rise as builder of car brains
72 More gas guzzlers due to Trump? Not necessarily
73 US launches probe after hoverboard fire kills two-year-old
74 Renault chiefs implicated in decades-long emissions fraud: probe
75 California gives green light to self-driving car tests
76 Pressure mounts on Uber and CEO after missteps
77 Protectionism would be 'disaster' for autos: Renault-Nissan's Ghosn
78 Kymeta aimes to deliver terabyte connectivity to the car of the future
79 Tesla slips back into red but revenue grows
80 Roads are driving rapid evolutionary change in our environment
81 Saab, Aalto University sign collaborative research deal
82 Luxembourg prosecutes unknown person in VW scandal
83 Pedal power revival as bike-share apps race for glory
84 Chinese, Mexican automakers team up to make SUVs
85 Dieselgate drags on for VW and Bosch with new payouts
86 Daimler to supply self-driving cars for Uber
87 Falkland Islands basin shows signs of being among world's largest craters
88 Ancient meteorite impact sparked long-lived volcanic eruptions on Earth
89 New study ranks hazardous asteroid effects from least to most destructive
90 Could a Colorado earthquake have been triggered by dinosaur extinction impact?
92 Objective: To deflect asteroids, thus preventing their collision with Earth
93 How the darkness and the cold killed the dinosaurs
94 Asteroid buzzes Earth
95 White House releases strategy in case of 'killer asteroid'
96 The case of the missing diamonds
97 Chicxulub: a unique crater to elucidate planetary surfaces
98 Asteroid impacts could create niches for life
99 Undergrad devises strategy for defending Earth from potential comet impact
100 Scientists voice support for asteroid deflection mission
101 US tests intercontinental ballistic missile
102 Lockheed Martin receives Trident missile contract
103 Electric Boat selected for $95.6 million ballistic missile tube contract
104 N. Korea puts 'new ICBM' on show, say analysts
105 Russia to upgrade Iskander-M missile
106 Russia to arm Antey nuclear subs with Kalibr missiles
107 U.S. Navy places Trident II guidance system production order
108 Lockheed Martin to relocate Fleet Ballistic Missile program
109 Navy flight-tests sub-launched Trident II ballistic missiles
110 U.S. Air Force test-launches Minuteman III missile