File Title
1 Genetic findings in 'type 1.5' diabetes may shed light on better diagnosis, treatment
2 Novel tool confers targeted, stable editing of epigenome in human stem cells
3 Type 2 diabetes genetic mapping identifies new 'loci'
4 Researchers identify 6,500 genes that are expressed differently in men and women
5 Atlases of immune cells surrounding tumors may guide immunotherapy
6 Oxford student creates first synthetic retina for the visually impaired
7 Bystander CPR not only saves lives, it lessens disability: study
8 Using EEG readings to detect pain in infants
9 Surprise communication found between brain regions involved in infant motor control
10 Discovery of a Zika antibody offers hope for a vaccine
11 Discovery of new pathway in brain has implications for schizophrenia treatment
12 Can trusting your doctor help reduce pain?
13 In Huntington's disease, traffic jams in the cell's control center kill brain cells
14 Interaction between HIV-1 and antibodies modeled with new mathematical precision
15 Researchers identify immunotherapy targets in early-stage lung cancer
16 Study unravels the genetics of childhood 'overgrowth'
17 Exosomes derived from very obese patients' fat send wrong signals throughout body
18 Breast milk appears to aid white matter microstructural organization in preemies
19 Unveiling the bottlenecks to discovering the root causes of rare genetic diseases
20 Antibiotic doxycycline may offer hope for treatment of Parkinson's disease
21 Potential predictor of glaucoma damage identified
22 Study debunks myth that fast food is mostly eaten by the poor
23 Extending weight loss programme helps overweight people keep more weight off and is cost-effective
24 Scientists solve major cancer protein conundrum
25 How children under pressure can lose confidence
26 Smartphones new weapon in war against anxiety
27 Handheld screen time linked with speech delays in young children
28 Team maps genome organization to link retinal development and retinoblastoma
29 Study of blood vessel growth may open new pathway to therapies
30 Grandparents who practice outdated health myths may pose safety threat on grandchildren
31 House OKs GOP health bill, a step toward Obamacare repeal
32 For people with Down syndrome, varying test results can make it harder to get the right vision prescription
33 Direct and not indirect childhood abuse linked to non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents
34 Tuberculosis vaccine safe for teens with Schistosoma parasite
35 Brain model explores the cause of different epileptic seizure onset patterns
36 Next Ebola outbreak 'inevitable' but world better prepared: WHO
37 The digitization of medical knowledge
38 Republican plan to replace Obamacare: what's new in it?
39 Three of 48 fetuses exposed to Zika in utero had abnormal fetal MRIs
40 Unique primary care residency program hangs in budget balance
41 The liver increases by half during the day
42 In home healthcare, not speaking patients' native language negatively affect care outcomes
43 Large data set brings precision to breast cancer diagnosis and care
44 Prevalence of visual impairment among preschool children projected to increase
45 Even low level of physical activity may cut fracture risk
46 Improving control of age-related obesity
47 Researchers identify evidence of oldest orchid fossil on record
48 'Last African dinosaur' discovered in Moroccan mine
49 Research sheds new light on 'world's oldest animal fossils'
50 New species of troodontid with asymmetric feathers found in China
51 Early culture shaped by migration and population growth
52 New species of dinosaur increases the already unexpected diversity of 'whiplash dinosaurs'
53 Earliest relative of Brachiosaurus dinosaur found in France
54 As scientists take to Twitter, study shows power of 'visual abstract' graphics
55 Noise created by humans is pervasive in US protected areas
56 Scientists reveal how epigenetic changes in DNA are interpreted
57 Pac-Man-like CRISPR enzymes have potential for disease diagnostics
58 Researchers discover how cancer-causing virus could stay silently hidden in your body
59 Scientists engineer baker's yeast to produce penicillin molecules
60 Researchers develop new capabilities for genome-wide engineering of yeast
61 Fish step up to lead when predators are near
62 Drosophila buzzatii fruit fly females may use courtship songs to pick same-species mates
63 Meerkat call patterns are linked to sex, social status and reproductive season
64 'Princess pheromone' tells ants which larvae are destined to be queens
65 Ice Age climate change played a bigger role in skunk genetics than geological barriers
66 Anemonefish dads further fathering research
67 35-year South Carolina alligator study uncovers mysteries about growth and reproduction
68 Neonicotinoid pesticide reduces egg development in wild bumblebee queens
69 Study could provide first clues about the social lives of extinct human relatives
70 Pox virus discovery has implications for vaccines and cancer
71 Roommates not all they're cracked up to be (if you're a lizard)
72 A trick of the light: How the hatchetfish hides
73 Mongoose pups conceal identity to survive
74 Cancer-causing virus masters cell's replication, immortality
75 Holy chickens: Did Medieval religious rules drive domestic chicken evolution?
76 Study reveals first recording of cuttlefish fighting over a mate in the wild
77 Got a sweet tooth? Blame your liver
78 The courting cephalopods of the East China Sea
79 For a green alga, spotted salamanders are stressful hosts
80 Why does so much of nature rely on sex for reproduction?
81 How bears bulk up ahead of the summer: A study into the Asiatic black bear's spring diet
82 Cranky crabs in broken shells often have the upper claw in fights
83 Bravery may cost fish their lives
84 Affluent countries contribute less to wildlife conservation than the rest of the world
85 When good animals make bad decisions
86 Pathogenic bacteria train their defense in lakes and oceans
87 Wind turbines affect behavior of desert tortoise predators
88 Biomarker test for Lou Gehrig's disease useful in diagnosing canine neurodegenerative disease
89 Wolves return to Denmark for first time in 200 years
90 Stink bugs: Free guide for agricultural integrated pest management
91 Komodo dragon attacks tourist in Indonesia
92 Forgotten crops making meals taste better
93 Scientists use satellites to count endangered birds from space
94 Parasitic fig wasp hypodermic egg injector sniffs out host larvae to lay eggs
95 Do flies over-generalize memories like PTSD sufferers?
96 Marine conservation must consider human rights
97 New study defines the environment as an influencer of immune system responses in dolphins
98 Using a nickel catalyst with hydrocarbons to make fatty acids
99 Molybdenum-coated catalyst splits water for hydrogen production more efficiently
100 Discovery could lead to design of next-generation antibiotics
101 Water-repellent material sheds like a snake when damaged
102 Study looks to ice for fabricating useful porous materials
103 Lab breakthrough in 3-D printing of glass
104 Researchers create shape-memory aerogels with rubber-like elasticity
105 Biology's need for speed tolerates a few mistakes
106 New NMR technique offers 'molecular window' into living organisms
107 Researchers develop recycling for carbon fiber composites
108 Toward a better understanding of structure-metabolism relationships in human aldehyde oxidase (Update)
109 Collaboration yields promising innovation in stain resistance
110 Decades-long research culminates in a new way of creating left- and right-handed molecules