File Title
1 With Unique Data, Researchers Track the Impact of Brazil's 'Soy Moratorium' on an Advancing Agricultural Frontier
2 A Fast, Non-Destructive Test for Two-Dimensional Materials
3 Researchers Build Artificial Synapse Capable of Autonomous Learning
4 Why Is My Soil So Compacted?
5 Time to Celebrate a Year-Round, Healthy Snack--the Strawberry
6 Penn Scientists Illuminate Genetics Underlying the Mysterious Powers of Spider Silks
7 It's All in the Math: New Tool Provides Roadmap for Cell Development
9 Cities Provide Paths from Poverty to Sustainability
10 Zapping Bacteria with Sanitizers Made of Paper
11 Research Shows Technology May Help Speed Political Polarization
12 NUS Scientists Develop Novel Chemical "Dye" to Improve Liver Cancer Imaging
13 New Dinosaur Species Increases the Diversity of the 'Whiplash Dinosaurs'
14 International Conference on Eating Disorders Will Bring Together Food, Weight, and Eating Science to Share Diverse Perspectives and Common Goals
15 Greener Chemistry Through Glycerine
16 Ecology Team Finds Leaf Litter Has Slower Decomposition Rate in Warm Temperatures than Previously Estimated
17 Gene Editing Strategy Eliminates HIV-1 Infection in Live Animals, Temple Researchers Show
18 Some--but Not All--Corals Adapting to Warming Climate
19 Mineral Resources: Exhaustion Is Just a Myth
20 Geologists Use Radioactive Clock to Document Longest Earthquake Record
21 Aquatic Rest Stops May Pose Potential Hazards for Migratory Waterfowl
22 Researchers Create Shape-Memory Aerogels with Rubber-Like Elasticity
23 New Use for a Pesky Weed
24 Why Space Dust Emits Radio Waves upon Crashing into a Spacecraft
25 Researchers Find More Efficient Way to Make Oil from Dead Trees
26 Let's Talk About Stopping Jamming!
27 Enriching the Field of Materials Science through Open Access Tutorials
28 At Last, a Clue to Where Cancer Metastases Are Born
29 Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in 3D-Printed Optics
30 The Link Between Brain Activity and Social Networks
31 Fantastic Fruit Flies and Where to Find Them
32 'Research Days' Spotlight Strides in Science, Medicine
33 Gonzaga Becomes a Certified 'Bee Campus USA'
34 Astronomers Confirm Nearby Star a Good Model of Our Early Solar System
35 SDSC to Double 'Comet' Supercomputer's Graphic Processor Count
36 Paper-powered generator for portable devices
37 Asteroid near-miss a once in 900 year event
38 Using sunlight to harvest water from desert air
39 Randomness peaks at age 25
40 Hurdles on the path to a solar-powered world
41 Eyes predict the moment of realisation
42 Bizarre new species of giant shipworm found in the Philippines
43 How high will global sea levels rise?
44 Hydrothermal vents on Saturn's moon Enceladus may harbour life
45 Detox molecule triggers T-cell immune response
46 Climate change preceded Ice Age megafauna extinction
47 Galaxy's hydrogen halo hides missing mass
48 Osteoarthritis pinned on saturated fats and carbohydrates, but not coconut oil
49 How to 3D print optical-grade glass
50 Laser scan reveals spectacular hidden details of dinosaur fossil
51 Why a common hospital infection is so hard to wipe out
52 Exoplanet LHS 1140b may be most habitable yet found
53 Want to change environmental behaviour? Make nature personal
54 How naked mole rats survive without oxygen
55 Transplanted gut microbes may protect babies from infection
56 Sixteen ways of looking at a supernova
57 Hobbit jawbone study redraws the human family tree
58 The ins and outs of dolphin sex
59 Hunting the building blocks of alien life
60 Reaching for the stars: the top ideas in space travel
61 Plastic-eating caterpillar could chomp landfill and litter
62 Mapping the canine genome reveals origin of dog breeds
63 Gut feelings linked to bacterial signals
64 Love in a cold climate: how seabirds share and care
65 Science's war on art fraud
66 Protein blocking may be the key to an "exercise pill"
67 New evidence places humans in America 130,000 years ago
68 Synchronised brainwaves a sign of positive feelings
69 Aromatherapy may help horses and mice cope with stress and anxiety
70 Microstructure the key to cheaper, safer batteries
71 Ancient humans identified through DNA left in cave soil
72 Tibetans inherited a high-altitude gene from ancient Denisovans
73 Cassini survives first dive beneath Saturn's rings
74 SMART cells to fight arthritis
75 Is intolerance of immigrants an immune system disorder?
76 Stem cells survive 3D printing to produce growing cartilage
77 New light on how tsunamis form
78 Martian landscape created by two distinct asteroid epochs
79 Benefits and dangers in altering our evolutionary trajectory
80 Tropical forests may be hiding mass extinctions
81 Physicists breed Schrodinger's cats to find boundaries of the quantum realm
82 Dust-free space near Saturn baffles Cassini scientists
83 'Silent' seizures detected in Alzheimer's patients
84 Satellite electrical damage linked to space dust
85 New sauropod species found in Swiss museum
86 Marathon mice show power of 'exercise' drug
87 Scientists Develop Glow Sticks Helpful in Cancer Diagnosis: Device Used as Molecular Probes [Report]
88 Mosquito Season Starts in Virginia: Residents Advised to Check Stagnant Water in Yards [Report]
89 Pet Food Company Issues Product Recall After Positive Testing for Pentobarbital [Report]
90 Cassini Captures Striking Images of Saturn & Its Rings, Reveals Huge Hurricane
91 Study Finds Relationship Between PNPLA3 Gene & Obesity Associate with Risk of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
92 Scientists Develop Artificial Plastic Womb, Could Be Helpful to Premature Babies [Report]
93 PeriodicStats Give Students Access to Interactive Chemistry Learning [Report]
94 Experts Find Ways to End Malaria for Good
95 Grass Allergies Vary as Per Time & Temperature of Day: Modern Medication Helps Fight Symptoms
96 Spacecraft Cassini Headed for Death Plunge to Reveal Information About Saturn & Its Rings
97 Citizen Scientists Discover Aurora 'Steve'; Get Validation from European Science Agency
98 World's First Malaria Vaccine to Be Tested in Three African Countries [Report]
99 NASA Finds Habitable Zone on Saturn Moon Enceladus; Discovery to Help Ocean World Exploration
100 Scientists Discover Atmosphere for the First Time on Exoplanet
101 The Psychology Behind the People Who Are Always Late
102 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Prepares for Final Chapter at Saturn
103 Scientists Suggest Trappist-1e a Nearby Exoplanet May be Perfect for Life
104 NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft is More than Halfway from Pluto
105 World's Largest Dinosaur Footprints Collection Found in Western Australia
106 The Biggest Solar Ener[g]y Farm Is All Set to Launch in Australia
107 Scientists May have Figured Out the Namibia's Bizarre Fairy Circles
108 New Studies Proof that Dinosaurs May Not Be Dimorphic
109 California's Space X Company is all set to Launch 'Used Rocket'
110 Space News: Periodic Comet to Pass Closest to the Earth Since Discovery