File Title
1 This Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Could Make People Honest
2 This Odd, Alien-Like Tiny Jelly Could Be Your Oldest Living Ancestor
3 Researchers Use Glowing Bacteria to Detect Active Landmines
4 Previously Undiscovered Carbon Cycle in Polar Glaciers Could Become Significant Global Carbon Source
5 Scientists Successfully Grow Human Brain Tissue in Petri Dish
6 Sisterly Love: Ultrasound Captures Identical Twins Kissing Inside Mother's Womb
7 ALERT: Fragments of Zika Virus RNA Discovered in Asian Tiger Mosquito in Brazil
8 Is this the End? Damage to the Great Barrier Reef Reaches New Extreme, Becoming Irreversible
9 'Pokemon Go' Players are Happier and Friendlier, Study Shows
10 Is Jesus Christ Real? Geneticist, Pastor Search for Jesus DNA in Groundbreaking Project
11 Certain Components in Frogs' Skin Mucus Could Kill Flu Virus
12 Silicon-Based Life on Earth Is Closer to Reality than You Realize: Study
13 Aggressive Combination of Drug Treatment, Local Therapy Shows Promise as Cure for Metastatic Prostate Cancer
14 Protein from Malaria Parasite Can Stop the Growth of Highly Aggressive Bladder Cancer
15 Indonesia's 'Hobbit' Species Unlocked: Where Did the Tiny Flores Man Come From?
16 FDA Gives Clearance to Second Scalp Cooling System for Chemo-Induced Hair Loss
17 Fake Chinese Studies: More than 100 Published Cancer Research Papers Retracted
18 Scientists Discover Strange, Hairy Bacteria Thriving in Underwater Volcano's Post-Eruption Apocalyptic Habitat
19 Low Fat 'Diet' Products Might Actually Making You Fat, Here's Why
20 Newly Discovered World's Oldest Fungus in South Africa Raises Questions About Early Life on Earth
21 The First Americans: Shocking New Study Reveals Humans Lived in the Americas 130,000 Years Ago
22 No Bones, No Problem: Ancient Human DNA Survives in Empty Caves Without Fossils
23 Looking to Improve Your Running Technique? Electric Shocks Will Do the Trick, Says Research
24 DNA of Long-Dead 19th Century Sailors Could Help Identify Doomed Crew of the Franklin Expedition
25 Scientists Successfully Transform Stem Cells into Cartilage Tissues Using 3-D Bioprinting
26 Breeding Superhumans: US Military Reveals Plans to Hack Human Brains
27 5 Years Away: Ethical Debate Heats Up as Scientists Work on Creating Synthetic Human DNA
28 Caffeine Boost? Try the World's Strongest Coffee 'Black Insomnia' that's 10 Times Stronger than Red Bull
29 WATCH: Hospital Fires Medics Twerking Beside Naked Unconscious Patient
30 WHO: Over 300 Million People in the World Live with Depression
31 Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria Kills Over 50 Innocent People
32 ALERT: Snow Releases Toxic, Carcinogenic Pollutants When Melting
33 Hair Strands Could Reveal Lifestyle Secrets of Criminals
34 'I Felt like a Freak of Nature': Woman with Two Vaginas to Appear on BBC Documentary
35 ALERT! Rare Rat-Borne Disease Killing Pets in New Jersey
36 Severe Drought Conditions Linked to Increase Risk of Death
37 Eating Potassium-Rich Foods Could Help Lower Blood Pressure, Study Shows
38 Scientists for 'Cocktail Study' Will Pay $16,000 to People Willing to Lie in Bed for 60 Days
39 Young Girl Loses Leg from Rare 'Flesh Eating' Infection After Strep Throat
40 Common Antibiotic Could Heal PTSD, Experts Say
41 FDA Green-Lights Selling of 23andMe's First-Ever Home Genetic Testing Kit
42 'Smart' Contact Lens that Can Detect Sickness Already in the Works
43 Scientists Can Predict the Contents of Your Dreams, Here's How
44 Tea Time! Microwave Could Enhance Taste, Health Benefits of Tea
45 Honeymooners Become Latest Victim of Hawaii's Brain-Infesting Disease
46 Cooking Oils Linked to Increase Risk of Lazy Behavior and Diabetes
47 Study: Facebook Is Making You Unhappy
48 10 Newborns in UC Irvine Medical Center Tested Positive for MRSA
49 About 13.1 Million People Could Be Displaced by Rising Sea Levels, Study Suggests
50 High-Salt Diet Could Stimulate Your Appetite, Increasing Your Hunger
51 High Intake of Diet Sodas Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia, Stroke
52 New Zika Outbreak Feared on Texas Border as Mosquito Season Approaches
53 It's in the Genes! Could Genetics Influence What We Eat? Find Out Here
54 Cold Weather Linked to Higher Rates of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease
55 'Why Would You Cut Us in Half?': 16-Year-Old Conjoined Twins Refuse to Undergo Operation
56 Obesity Now the Leading Cause of Shorter Lifespan, Beats Diabetes and Smoking
57 The Placebo Effect Works on Broken Hearts: Study
58 Viral Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino Receives Backlash from Anthony Bourdain, Health Experts
59 Drug Made from Dried Sweet Wormwood Leaves Successfully Cure Drug-Resistant Malaria
60 Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Radioactive Contaminants Found in Earth's 'Pure' Groundwater
61 Fitbit Allegedly Explodes on Woman's Wrist, 2nd Degree Burns Sustained
62 Exercising Outdoors Could Reduce Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke
63 People with Slender Faces More Likely to Be Left-Handed, Susceptible to Tuberculosis
64 'Stealthing': Could this Controversial New Sex Trend Be Considered Rape?
65 One in Three People in the US Experience 'Mini' Stroke, New Survey Shows
66 Better Memories Make People Tire of Experiences Quickly, Study Shows
67 Mysterious Illness in Liberia Linked to Funeral of Religious Leader, 12 People Dead
68 Eating Avocado Linked with Better Nutrient Intake, Diet Quality
69 WiGait: MIT Designs Wireless Gadget that Predicts Health Issues Based on Walking Speed [Video]
70 Scientists Devise New Method to Convert Water and Sunshine to 'Solar' Fuel
71 Turkmenistan's Mysterious 'Door to Hell' Has Been in Flames for Over 40 Years
72 Himalayan Glaciers Granted with 'Living Entity' Status to Fight Environmental Damage
73 Lost Ancient City of Ucetia Finally Found with Iconic Roman Mosaics
74 This Graphene Sieve Makes Clean Drinking Water from Seawater
75 Harvard's Bionic Leaf Could End World Hunger
76 The Original Brexit: Evidence Emerges of Britain's Former Split from Europe
77 9,600 Tree Species Found in Danger of Extinction, Says First Ever Global Survey
78 Climate Change May Increase the Amount of Severe Aircraft Turbulence, Here's Why
79 Gold-Plated Crystal Sensor Is the Future of Natural Gas Detectors
80 ALERT: Severe Bleaching Events Destroy Two-Thirds of Great Barrier Reef in Just 12 Months
81 Are Neonicotinoids Killing You? Traces of Potentially Deadly Pesticides Found in US Drinking Water
82 The Mysterious, Torturous Hum Plaguing People Around the World
83 Donald Trump's War on Wildlife: Trump Lifts Ban on Shooting Hibernating Bears, Trapping Resting Wolves, Other Wildlife Protection Laws
84 56,000 Gallons of 'Sugary' Sewage: Mountain Dew Syrup Spill in Pepsi Plant Prompts Environmental Concern
85 Scientists Unearth Legendary 14,000-Year-Old Village in Canada that Could Rewrite North American History
86 'River Piracy': How Climate Change Diverted the Flow of Glacial Slims River in Just a Few Months
87 North Korea's Missile Test Fails, US and South Korean Government Confirm
88 This Canadian River Just Started Moving in the Wrong Direction Due to Climate Change
89 Mummies, Priceless Artifacts Unearthed in 3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb
90 The Lost Ancient City of Etzanoa Has Been Hidden in Kansas All this Time
91 California Wants to Turn Its Notorious Traffic into Renewable Energy via Piezoelectricity
92 Antarctica's Seasonal Meltwater Networks More Extensive than Previously Thought
93 300 Billion Pieces of Trash: Garbage 'Hotspot' Found in the Arctic Ocean, Plastic Pollution More Grave than Ever
94 Thousands Join Bill Nye for 'March for Science' on Earth Day to Fight Alternative Facts
95 Meet 'Steve': Mysterious New Purple Night Lights Discovered by Aurora Chasers
96 Bizarre Plastic-Eating Wax Worm Might Be the Answer to Plastic Pollution
97 Hanging Gardens of Mars: This Inflatable Greenhouse Could Grow Vegetables, Feed Astronauts on the Red Planet
98 'Blood Falls': Solving the Mystery of Antartica's Eeriest Waterfalls
99 Sailing Stones: Massive Boulders Make Their Way Across Califonia's Death Valley on Their Own--Here's How
100 Climate Change's Dangerous Milestone: Earth Passes 410 PPM CO2 Levels for the First Time in History
101 Snow Machines and Saving Dying Glaciers: Scientists Concoct Crazy Plan to Regrow Swiss Peaks
102 Blue Monster, Naked Deity and More: Scientists Unearth Ancient Tomb with Mysterious Murals in China
103 Hunters Find Christopher Columbus' Anchor in Carribean Shipwreck Using Treasure Map from Space
104 MIT Develops New System that Can 3-D Print an Entire Building
105 Hey Siri, Save My Life: Apple's Talking Assistant Saves Men from Sinking Boat
106 Dolphin Language Could Be Translated Using Artificial Intelligence by 2021
107 SpaceX Successfully Launches US Spy Satellite on Secret Mission--Could this End United Launch Alliance's Monopoly?
108 The Boring Company Update: Elon Musk Outlines Tunnel Plan to Ease 'Soul-Destroying' LA Traffic
109 UK's Household Food Waste Reaches 'Unacceptable' Level
110 New Clues Discovered in Deciphering Inca's Mysterious Ancient String Code
111 Robots, Computers Can Kill the Icelandic Language
112 'Lost' Michelangelo Sketches Unveiled in Secret Room