File Title
1 Biased bots: Human prejudices sneak into artificial intelligence systems
2 Aspiring tech prodigy tries to re-route self-driving cars
3 Better than nature: artificial biofilm increases energy production in microbial fuel cells
4 Hydrogen fuel cell cars face obstacle: few fueling stations (Update)
5 New method for 3-D printing extraterrestrial materials
6 Giddy Up! Automakers raise horsepower, speed to new heights (Update)
7 Toyota shows robotic leg brace to help paralyzed people walk
8 US takes down huge botnet as Spain arrests notorious Russian hacker (Update)
9 How criminals can steal your PIN by tracking the motion of your phone
10 UK and US share a similar mindset when it comes to horizontal drilling for shale energy: study
11 Inside the car-eat-car world of self-driving technology
12 Uber fires back at Google spinoff in self-driving car case
13 Laser weapons edge toward use in US military
14 Facebook launches digital assistant 'M' in US
15 Innovative sensor can screen toxic drugs, help develop biomaterials, and much more
16 YouTube TV has some nifty features--and some big drawbacks
17 UK court ruling gives guidance on tech patent rights
18 Modeling protein interactions simplified with computer server
19 Inventor of World Wide Web wins computing's 'Nobel Prize'
20 New efficiency record for low-cost solar cell
21 Large asteroid to hurtle past Earth on April 19
22 Hubble sees starbursts in Virgo
23 Cassini gets close-up view of Saturn moon Atlas
24 Mars spacecraft's first missions face delays, NASA says
25 NASA missions provide new insights into 'ocean worlds' in our solar system
26 Scientists discover evidence for a habitable region within Saturn's moon Enceladus
27 France, Japan aim to land probe on Mars moon
28 Astronomers piece together first image of black hole
29 Earth-sized 'Tatooine' planets could be habitable
30 ALMA investigates 'DeeDee,' a distant, dim member of our solar system
31 Collisions generate gas in debris disks
32 Researchers capture first 'image' of a dark matter web that connects galaxies
33 Project brings Milky Way's ionized hydrogen into focus
34 Scientists measure brightness of the universe with NASA's New Horizons spacecraft
35 Black holes theorized in the 18th century
36 'Cold' great spot discovered on Jupiter
37 Astronomers discover new substellar companion using microlensing
38 Solar storms can drain electrical charge above Earth
39 MAVEN reveals Mars has metal in its atmosphere
40 Hubble spots auroras on Uranus
41 Long ago and far away, an average galaxy: 'Typical' galaxy helps astronomers study epoch of reionization
42 Astronomers take a closer look at a young circumbinary disk
43 Two Russians, one American land back on Earth from ISS
44 ALMA captures explosive star birth
45 Asteroid to fly safely past Earth on April 19
46 Computers create recipe for two new magnetic materials
47 SAVI camera ditches long lens for distant images
48 Study unravels long-held Fermi puzzle tied to nonlinear systems
49 Trapped ions and superconductors face off in quantum benchmark
50 Green IT: New switching process in non-volatile spintronics devices
51 New infrared-emitting device could allow energy harvesting from waste heat
52 Physicists observe novel quantum effect that limits the number of emitted photons
53 Shedding light on the absorption of light by titanium dioxide
54 Foldable silicon-based electronics overcome fragility problem
55 New sensor devices recycle atoms
56 Method improves semiconductor fiber optics, paves way for developing devices
57 Natural systems show nonlocal correlations
58 Shoe-string theory: Science shows why shoelaces come untied
59 Physicists discover hidden aspects of electrodynamics
60 New bubbling mechanism discovered in physics
61 Group works toward devising topological superconductor
62 'Indistinguishable photons' key to advancing quantum technologies
63 ATLAS Experiment searches for new symmetries of nature
64 A prototype for a spin-wave majority logic gate that uses wave interference for information processing
65 Proton-nuclei smashups yield clues about 'quark gluon plasma'
66 Physicist discovers strange forces acting on nanoparticles
67 Diamonds coupled using quantum physics
68 Researchers discover a surprising property of glass surfaces
69 Device boosts interaction between light and motion
70 Sperm tested as possible candidate for delivering cancer medications in female patients
71 Nanopores could map small changes in DNA that signal big shifts in cancer
72 Graphene 'phototransistor' promising for optical technologies
73 A simple sniff: Nanoparticle research tested in locusts focuses on new drug-delivery method
74 Art of paper-cutting inspires self-charging paper device
75 Scientists develop platform to investigate therapeutic nanomaterials
76 Insights into the reaction mechanism of lithium-oxygen batteries could lead to better batteries
77 Non-flammable graphene membrane developed for safe mass production
78 How some battery materials expand without cracking
79 Phosphorene reveals its superconductivity
80 'Neuron-reading' nanowires could accelerate development of drugs for neurological diseases
81 Microprocessors based on atomically thin materials hold promise of evolution of traditional processors
82 New version of Vantablack coating even blacker than original
83 Quantum dots that emit infrared light open new window for biological imaging
84 Fast capture of cancer markers will aid in diagnosis and treatment
85 Graphene coating that changes color when deformed or cracked
86 Tailoring nanoparticles to evade immune cells and prevent inflammatory response
87 Researchers make major breakthrough in smart printed electronics
88 Nanoparticles pass through mucus membranes in lungs to deliver pulmonary drugs
89 Watching rust transform into iron
90 Microscopic molecular cars to race in France
91 Vacuum channel transistor combines best of semiconductors and vacuum tubes
92 Wrapping sponges in graphene nanoribbons allows for Joule heating to help clean up oil spills
93 Platelets instead of quantum dots
94 Researchers 'iron out' graphene's wrinkles
95 EVE Online gamers will seek real exoplanets in virtual universe
96 Virtual syringe lets surgeons practise piercing skin and muscle
97 Mars's atmosphere hosts metal layers that shouldn't exist
98 Quantum effects cloak impossible singularities with black holes
99 Injecting virus into brain may relieve Parkinson's symptoms
100 The bright lights of big cities help blackbirds thrive
101 Our ability to think in a random way peaks at 25 then declines
102 Cassini finds final ingredient for alien life in Enceladus's sea
103 Fast CRISPR test easily detects Zika and antibiotic resistance
104 Saturn's flying saucer moon Atlas has a smooth fluffy edge
105 Unprotected sex may disrupt the microbiome in vagina
106 Start-up uses biometrics to tailor music for good night's sleep
107 Psychedelic drug ayahuasca improves hard-to-treat depression
108 Physics of shoelaces shows why they come undone when you run
109 Entire nervous system of an animal recorded for the first time
110 Entire nervous system of an animal recorded for the first time