File Title
1 Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort Cited for Health Violations (Reuters)
2 Complex Vascular Anatomy Problematic for Carotid Artery Stenting
3 Melanoma: Options after Failure of Targeted Therapy, Immunotherapy
4 Cath Lab Recap: Abbott ICDs in Trouble; TAVR Sans Balloon Predilation
5 Mass. Study: Illicit Fentanyl Involved in Most Opioid Fatalities
6 FDA Ends REMS Requirement for Anemia Drugs
7 N/A
8 N/A
9 N/A
10 Why Are Suicide Rates Rising?
11 iMedicalApps: Virtual Reality Eases Pain for Kids with Sickle Cell
12 Detroit Doctor Faces Charges for Female Genital Mutilation
13 Newly Full SCOTUS Will Have Its Say in Healthcare
14 CMS Issues ACA Exchange Rules to Mixed Reviews
15 Beekeeping Doc Tends Chicago Hospital Rooftop Colony
16 Friday Feedback: Do Docs Know Best for PSA Screening?
17 Lack of Tx in Advanced NSCLC Remains a Problem
18 'We Have Lost a Giant': What We Heard this Week
19 All About Dabigatran Reversal in the ED
20 D.C. Week: Advisors Back Alternative Payment Model for IBD
21 Kids Face Slightly Higher Allergy Risk When Mom Has Lupus
22 Marathons Pose Death Risk to Older Non-Participants
23 Male Jumping Spiders Court Whomever, Whenever; Females Decide Who Lives, Dies
24 WIU Students, Faculty Spend Spring Break Cleaning America's Rivers
25 Entomologist Gives Tips on Staying Safe During Tick Season
26 Honey Bees Have Sharper Eyesight than We Thought
27 'Kissing Bug' Parasite Study Searches for Drug Therapy
28 TV Crowd to Help Crush Alzheimer's
29 Control Pest Fungi in an Environmentally Friendly Way
30 Bumblebees Boost Blueberry Yield
31 WIU Graduate Student Combines Research with Multi-Agency Duck Banding Project
32 Pollinators Find a Safe Haven on ESF Campus
33 Researcher Finds Ways to Reduce Stress in Shelter Dogs
34 Research Shows Strong Early Education Equals Better Long-Term Relationships with Parents
35 For New Carbon Markets, Try Old Growth
36 New Study on Resilience Helps Governments Prevent Disaster-Related Loss
37 Hubble Takes Close-up Portrait of Jupiter
38 Biologists Discover Timesharing Strategy in Bacteria
39 Experiments Test How Easy Life Itself Might Be
40 Meteorologist Applies Biological Evolution to Forecasting
41 Scientists Link Recent California Droughts and Floods to Distinctive Atmospheric Waves
42 Tropical Lowland Frogs at Greater Risk from Climate Warming than High-Elevation Species, Study Shows
43 Image Release: ALMA Captures Explosive Star Birth
44 Rescue Protein Gives Doomed Cells a Stay of 'Execution'
45 Why Did We See "The Dress" Differently? The Answer Lies in the Shadows, Neuroscience Research Finds
46 Large, High-Intensity Forest Fires Will Increase
47 NUS Researchers Invent Ultra-Thin Multilayer Film for Next-Generation Data Storage and Processing
48 Study: Higher Wages Linked to Immigrant Diversity
49 Agronomy Feeds the World Videos Created
50 Wistar Scientists Reveal the Role of a Telomere Capping Complex in Cancer
51 Forget Sponges: The Earliest Animals Were Marine Jellies
52 Putting a Spin on Logic Gates
53 Plant Scientists Untangle the Molecular Mechanisms Connecting Plant Stress and Growth
54 Scientists Make Strides Explaining How We Discern Language
55 Ho-Hum Hybrid Myth Shattered by New Gas-Electric Police Car
56 Researchers Use Graphene, Electricity to Change Stem Cells for Nerve Regrowth
57 New Model Maps Likelihood of Ebola Spillovers
58 As Fins Evolve to Help Fish Swim, So Does the Nervous System
59 El Nino Shifts Geographic Distribution of Cholera Cases in Africa
60 New Approach Makes Cells Resistant to HIV
61 Repairing California's Water Infrastructure
62 Nutrients Are Nice, but Produce Better Pass the Taste Test
63 Stress Can Increase Empathy
64 UAH Supplies Critical Systems for NASA's EUSO Super Pressure Balloon
65 Group Works Toward Devising Next-Gen. Superconductor
66 Bubble Group Dancing
67 What's a Knot--and What's Not--in Genomic Mapping
68 'Indistinguishable Photons' Key to Advancing Quantum Technologies
69 Scripps Florida Scientist Awarded $4.8 Million to Bring HIV Vaccine Closer to Human Trials
70 University of Wisconsin Project Brings Milky Way's Ionized Hydrogen into Focus
71 Egg Hunt--Scientists Discover Eggs of One of World's Most Endangered Turtles
72 American Thyroid Association Awards Research Grant to David Sharlin, PhD, Minnesota State University, Mankato
73 Internet Atlas Maps the Physical Internet to Enhance Security
74 Tunable Electric Eyeglasses Bend to the Will of the Wearer
75 Researchers Develop Predictive Model Measuring Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Streams and Rivers
76 Your Phone's Power Use Can Give Hackers an Opening
77 The Problem Expands for Avocado Growers: More Beetle Species Carry Deadly Fungus
78 Researchers Find Mushrooms May Hold Clues to Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Lawns
79 Danforth Center Scientist Receives Awards from American Society of Plant Biologists
80 Nova Southeastern University Researchers Studying How to Disrupt Bacteria to Treat Infections
81 Why Treating Animals May Be Important in Fighting Resurgent Tropical Disease
82 Surprising Brain Change Appears to Drive Alcohol Dependence
83 Treatment Reverses Signs of Two Degenerative Brain Diseases, ALS and Ataxia, in Mice
84 Discovery of Early, 'Croc-Like' Reptile Sheds New Light on Evolution of Dinosaurs
85 Virginia Tech Scientists Discover Early Dinosaur Cousin Had a Surprising Croc-Like Look
86 A Simple Sniff [nanoparticle drug delivery to brain via nasal spray]
87 Non-Flammable Graphene Membrane Developed for Safe Mass Production
88 Gene-Editing Alternative Corrects Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
89 Smartphone Addiction Leads to Personal, Social, Workplace Problems
90 Human Cognitive Map Scales According to Surroundings
91 Despite Relatively Less Distraction from Head-Up Displays, It's Still a Bad Idea to Text While Driving
92 Defects in Epithelial Tissue Organisation--a Question of Life or Death
93 Delectable Delights Highlight Flavors of Florida
94 MTSU Rover Teams Place, Earn Major Awards at NASA Annual Event in Huntsville
95 $500K National Science Foundation Grant to Fund Human Skin Research
96 Music as Medicine: Using Music to Help Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients
97 Scientists Need Your Help in First-Ever Census of Weddell Seals
98 'Neuron-Reading' Nanowires Could Accelerate Development of Drugs to Treat Neurological Diseases
99 NASA Missions Provide New Insights into 'Ocean Worlds' in Our Solar System
100 Student Develops Device to Improve Cattle Grazing, Partners with Aggie Innovation Space
101 Scientists Tag Humpback Whales in Southeast Pacific
102 Climate Change Expert Kathleen Halvorsen Is Critical of President Trump's Executive Order Rescinding Climate Change/Carbon Emissions Regulations
103 Study Unravels Long-Held Fermi Puzzle Tied to Nonlinear Systems
104 New Method for Tapping Vast Plant Pharmacopeia to Make More Effective Drugs
105 Building a Better Model of Human-Automation Interaction
106 Orchids and Fungus: A Conservation Connection
107 TSRI Chemists Devise Simple Method for Making Sought-After Boronic Acid-Based Drugs and Other Products
108 Thomas Allison's "Molecular Movies" Concept Takes Home the $200K Discovery Prize