File Title
1 Portable nanofiber device offers precise, point-and-shoot capability
2 A fine-tuned microscopy technique offers breakthrough imaging of melanoma
3 Few heart attack survivors get recommended physical activity
4 Guanfacine is safe and well-tolerated in children and adolescents with anxiety disorder
5 Racial gap in children's asthma linked to social inequality
6 A new role for an old immune cell may lead to novel therapies for infection and cancer
7 Guidelines for scholarly publishing of biodiversity data from Pensoft and EU BON
8 Aging can be good for you (if you're a yeast)
9 Hubble cooperates on galaxy cluster and cosmic background
10 Nanoinjection increases survival rate of cells
11 First solar images from NOAA's GOES-16 satellite
12 Pulling the curtain back on the high cost of drugs
13 Toward a safer permanent hair dye that mimics melanin
14 Jackfruit seeds could help ease looming cocoa bean shortage
15 Risky business--calculating climate change losses in major European coastal cities
16 Single dose of brachytherapy may be an effective treatment for localized prostate cancer
17 Study: More customer information can help Airbnb address discrimination
18 Quantum entanglement between a single photon and a trillion of atoms
19 NHS sustainability plans unlikely to work without greater government commitment
20 Adults with autism overcome childhood language challenges
21 Telephone-based collaborative care program eases anxiety
22 Humans have three times more brown body fat
23 Keep calm and measure cats' blood pressure!
24 New report examines the integration of modern slavery survivors
25 Researchers imitate molecular crowding in cells
26 Study brings hope of a new treatment for asthma sufferers
27 Bee species with little known nesting-behavior observed to use plastic instead of leaves
28 Forest degradation in the tropics
29 New collection in RIO Journal devoted to neuroscience projects from 2016 Brainhack events
30 Tailored preventive oral health intervention improves dental health among elderly
31 Women less likely to have their heart health checked
32 Tree scars record 700 years of natural and cultural fire history in a northern forest
33 Patients at risk from 'nested interruptions' in nursing tasks, human factors paper reports
34 Are market bubbles caused by traders' testosterone levels?
35 Artificial intelligence aids scientists in uncovering hallmarks of mystery concussion
36 Monoclonal antibody drug superior to chemotherapy for advanced acute lymphoblastic leukemia
37 WMO verifies highest temperatures for Antarctic Region
38 Magic cover crop carpet?
39 Study finds participants feel moral outrage toward those who decide to not have children
40 Scientists reveal core genes involved in immunity of honey bees
41 Colorectal cancer statistics, 2017
42 US workers without paid sick leave more likely to forego preventive health care
43 Nation's top environmental scientists say the EPA should not be weakened
44 The shifting rationales for vaping
45 Molecular structure of the cell nucleoskeleton revealed for the first time
46 MD Anderson study ties protein 'reader' ENL to common leukemia
47 Shorter herceptin breast cancer treatment may produce better results
48 History of incarceration linked to subsequent homelessness, study finds
49 Asian pollution, heat waves worsen US smog, Princeton-NOAA study shows
50 The Lancet Psychiatry: Experts ask: Can cannabis be made safer?
51 World's oldest fossils unearthed
52 Study: Physicians not prepared for male patients who perpetrate intimate partner violence
53 Study finds patients more likely to receive surgical intervention for narrowed arteries in fee-for-service
54 Cost of managing actinic keratosis varies; opportunity to improve value
55 Study examines burden of skin disease worldwide
56 In cleaning up misfolded proteins, cell powerhouses can break down
57 The ultimate power nap
58 Scientists develop spectacles for X-ray lasers
59 Groundbreaking technology successfully rewarms large-scale tissues preserved at low temperatures
60 Intestinal bacteria alter gut and brain function: McMaster study
61 Too much TV related to drops in school readiness, especially among low-income children
62 Study defines global burden of skin disease
63 Exposure to certain insecticides linked to childhood behavioral difficulties
64 Autoimmune disease may be linked to heightened dementia risk
65 Queen's-led experiment makes substantial leap forward in quest for dark matter
66 How can we predict whose MS will worsen?
67 Ninety percent of predatory fish gone from Caribbean coral reefs due to overfishing
68 Poor adolescent, early adult diet associated with increased risk for premenopausal breast cancer
69 Warming up to cryopreservation
70 Benefits of physical activity may outweigh impact of obesity on cardiovascular disease
71 Highly effective cervical cancer screening for low-income countries
72 A galaxy on the edge
73 Improved gene expression atlas shows that many human long non-coding RNAs may actually be functional
74 New drug lead identified in fight against TB
75 BOLD prediction: Brain circuit that supports smoking cessation identified
76 Synthetic tooth enamel may lead to more resilient structures
77 Iron dissolved by air pollution may increase ocean potential to trap carbon
78 How to monitor urine in pools--by testing sweetness
79 African elephants may be the shortest-sleeping mammals
80 Study: Wireless stimulation may ease migraine pain as well as drugs
81 BPPV: Experts update best practices for diagnosis and treatment
82 War less likely between nations that are 'friends of friends'
83 Dairy and vitamin D supplements protect against bone loss
84 N/A
85 May smartphones help to maintain memory in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease?
86 Chiral metamaterial produces record optical shift under incremental power modulation
87 Researchers coax particles to form vortices using magnetic fields
88 Testing program monitors stability of vaccines for neglected tropical diseases
89 Combination of ground-breaking treatments offer powerful new path for blood cancer therapies
90 Two migration proteins boost predictive value of pancreatic cancer biomarker
91 Differences in sex and running ability influence declines in marathon performance, study finds
92 Sleep trackers can prompt sleep problems
93 UA researchers see promise in light therapy to treat chronic pain
94 Racial, ethnic, gender bias occurs in pathway from teacher to principal
95 Hospital floors may pose a larger health risk than previously thought
96 NASA study hints at possible change in water 'fingerprint' of comet
97 Study finds preliminary recovery of coastal sharks in southeast US
98 A better way to measure the stiffness of cancer cells
99 Study shows how information sources affect voters
100 WSU looks for practices to thwart antimicrobial resistance
101 WSU mathematician breaks down how to defend against quantum computing attacks
102 Game-theoretic model combines strategic and technical aspects of cyber attribution
103 New target for Parkinson's disease identified by Emory researchers
104 Mollusk graveyards are time machines to oceans' pristine past
105 Road salt alternatives alter aquatic ecosystems
106 New pregnancy testing technique needs limits says ethics body
107 Adolescents with autism four times more likely to visit emergency department
108 NYU researchers coax colloidal spheres to self-assemble into photonic crystals
109 Lead dressed like gold
110 Transgender and gender-fluid teens left with few safe harbors