File Title
1 Group blazes path to efficient, eco-friendly deep-ultraviolet LED
2 Portable nanofiber device offers precise, point-and-shoot capability
3 Chemical reaction alters the colours of plasmonic prints
4 Nano 'sandwich' offers unique properties
5 Triboelectric nanogenerators boost mass spectrometry performance
6 Bioinspired process makes materials light, robust, programmable at nano- to macro-scale
7 Researchers use confined nanoparticles to improve hydrogen storage materials performance
8 Scientists decipher the nanoscale architecture of a beetle's shell
9 Serendipity uncovers borophene's potential
10 Improved polymer and new assembly method for ultra-conformable 'electronic tattoo' devices
11 Tiny nanoclusters could solve big problems for lithium-ion batteries
12 Nanostraws sample a cell's contents without damage
13 Virus inspires new way to deliver cancer drugs
14 Switched-on DNA: Sparking nano-electronic applications
15 Breakthrough in understanding heat transport with a chain of gold atoms
16 Liquid metal nano printing set to revolutionize electronics
17 Food additive found in candy, gum could alter digestive cell structure and function
18 Breakthrough in 'wonder' materials paves way for flexible tech
19 'Smart' mobile tool may be used to diagnose and treat serious diseases
20 Using 'Scotch tape' and laser beams, researchers craft new material that could improve LED screens
21 New, ultra-flexible probes form reliable, scar-free integration with the brain
22 Engineers shrink microscope to dime-sized device
23 How to roll a nanotube: Demystifying carbon nanotubes' structure control
24 Scientists combine disciplines to pinpoint small structures in unlabeled molecules
25 Making sodium-ion batteries that last
26 New path suggested for nuclear fusion
27 Water-repellent nanotextures found to have excellent anti-fogging abilities
28 Plasmonic device offers broadband modulation to optical links at 100Gbit/s
29 Electrically tunable metasurfaces pave the way toward dynamic holograms
30 Researchers obtain supersolidity state experimentally
31 Hydraulic forces help to fill the heart
32 Chiral metamaterial produces record optical shift under incremental power modulation
33 Researchers coax particles to form vortices using magnetic fields
34 Scientists reveal new super-fast form of computer that 'grows as it computes'
35 Scientists develop spectacles for X-ray lasers
36 Researchers coax colloidal spheres to self-assemble into photonic crystals
37 Do cells have exotic vibrational properties?
38 Optical generation of ultrasound via photoacoustic effect
39 Exploring the mysteries of supercooled water
40 Scientists find evidence for light-by-light scattering, long standing prediction of the Standard Model
41 New droplet-on-tape method assists biochemical research at X-ray lasers
42 Existence of a new quasiparticle demonstrated
43 A rose to store energy: In vivo polymerization and manufacturing of wires and supercapacitors in plants
44 A traffic cop for the cell surface: Researchers illuminate a basic biological process
45 Chiral superconductivity experimentally demonstrated for the first time
46 Proposed method to cause an atom to emit the same light as another atom
47 Destabilized solitons perform a disappearing act
48 Sound-shaping metamaterial invented
49 The ancient art of kirigami is inspiring a new class of materials
50 Crumpled Mylar found to hold memory of how long it was crumpled
51 NASA scientists demonstrate technique to improve particle warnings that protect astronauts
52 Rapid changes point to origin of ultra-fast black hole 'burps'
53 Moon tourists risk rough ride, experts say
54 Team puts dark matter on the map
55 Astronomers detect flickering from the star EF Aquilae
56 Science checkout continues for ExoMars orbiter
57 Distant planet systems are shaped like the solar system
58 A galaxy on the edge
59 Study hints at possible change in water 'fingerprint' of comet
60 Martian winds carve mountains, move dust, raise dust
61 SpaceX says it will fly 2 people to moon next year (Update)
62 Spontaneous 'dust traps': Astronomers discover a missing link in planet formation
63 Scientists reach back in time to discover some of the most power-packed galaxies
64 Volcanic hydrogen spurs chances of finding exoplanet life
65 Stars regularly ripped apart by black holes in colliding galaxies
66 First evidence of rocky planet formation in Tatooine system
67 First ultra-compact dwarf galaxy in the group NGC 5044 found
68 Study suggests we reclassify the moon as a planet--reopening a centuries-old debate
69 Constraining the chemistry of carbon-chain molecules in space
70 Hubble cooperates on galaxy cluster and cosmic background
71 'Ring of fire' eclipse delights Africa, South America
72 NASA weighing risk of adding crew to megarocket's first flight
73 The dawn of a new era for Supernova 1987a (Update)
74 Saturn's rings viewed in the mid-infrared show bright cassini division
75 New Mars research shows evidence of a complex mantle beneath the Elysium volcanic province
76 Gas mileage up a gallon since early '90s
77 Singing posters and talking shirts: Engineers turn objects into FM stations
78 Toyota adds most fuel-efficient Prius
79 Review: Nintendo Switch is impressive, but needs more games
80 Physiological changes tracked moment to moment
81 When Amazon's cloud storage fails, lots of people get wet
82 Cars racing to become 'mobile phones on wheels'
83 Breakthrough research for testing and arranging vertical axis wind turbines
84 Foliage-penetrating ladar technology may improve border surveillance
85 Light beam replaces blood test during heart surgery
86 5 bn mobile phone users in 2017: study
87 Coming soon: Oil spill-mapping swarms of flying drones
88 Offline AI revolution awaits smartphones
89 Tracking the movement of cyborg cockroaches
90 Huawei takes aim at ailing Samsung with new smartphone
91 Samsung delays its new phone, and showcases tablets instead
92 ZTE launches world's first 5G-ready smartphone
93 Sharp vision: New glasses help the legally blind see
94 Electrical engineers create tiny but powerful medical devices
95 Alphabet accuses Uber of stealing self-driving car technology
96 When test-driving a new car, take the technology for a spin
97 CWI, Google announce first collision for Industry Security Standard SHA-1
98 Cameras can steal data from computer hard drive LED lights: study
99 New metamaterial is proved to be the world's first to achieve the performance predicted by theoretical bounds
100 Likelihood of dieting success lies within your tweets
101 Biochemical 'fossil' shows how life may have emerged without phosphate
102 A certain type of salt added to pesticide found to help prevent waste due to splashing
103 Mussel byssus threads produced by a combination of self-assembly processes and biologically active steps
104 New tool, RODEO, promises to capture the breadth of microbial biosynthetic potential
105 Molecular structure of the cell nucleoskeleton revealed for the first time
106 Synthetic tooth enamel may lead to more resilient structures
107 Researchers imitate molecular crowding in cells
108 Investigation of lathanoid-based, single-molecule magnets
109 A better way to measure the stiffness of cancer cells
110 Cell 'stickiness' could indicate metastatic potential