File Title
1 After joint replacement surgery, smokers at increased risk of reoperation for infection
2 NIH research helps explain how antibody treatment led to lasting HIV-like virus remission
3 New AAAS report presents recommendations to engage scientists and engineers with policy around the world
4 Validation of suspected somatic single nucleotide variations
5 University of Toronto physicists harness neglected properties of light
6 New methods further discern extreme fluctuations in forage fish populations
7 More patients with early-stage breast cancer may be able to avoid chemotherapy in the future
8 Sensors embedded in sports equipment could provide real-time analytics to your smartphone
9 In the developing ears of opossums, echoes of evolutionary history
10 90 percent of fish used for fishmeal are prime fish
11 Is it depression or dementia? Brain SPECT imaging helps distinguish them
12 People assume sexists are also racist and vice versa
13 Mouse studies offer new insights about cocaine's effect on the brain
14 New, ultra-flexible probes form reliable, scar-free integration with the brain
15 Dual-drug combination shows promise against diabetic eye disease in animal model
16 Study: Experimental malaria vaccine plus chloroquine protects against controlled infection
17 Team establishes first diagnostic criteria for idiopathic multicentric castleman disease
18 Signals from fat may aid diagnostics and treatments
19 Study shows how the predator brain organizes the hunt
20 Is preeclampsia a risk or a protective factor in retinopathy of prematurity?
21 New protein could be key in fighting debilitating parasitic disease
22 Engineers shrink microscope to dime-sized device
23 Many physicians choose insomnia meds based on habit
24 Chest pain: New tool helps doctors decide when tests are needed
25 Scripps Florida scientists take aim at obesity-linked protein
26 A cultural catch
27 Society may not be meeting patients' drug needs for rare diseases
28 How temperature guides where species live and where they'll go
29 When does a man say 'I'm the father'?
30 Scientists discover how the cells in skin and organ linings maintain constant cell numbers
31 Deadly spider's unique spinning technique could inspire tougher materials
32 New synchrotron powder diffraction facility for long running experiments
33 NASA study identifies new pathway for Greenland meltwater to reach ocean
34 New report examines role of engineering technology, calls for increased awareness
35 Scheme's success at stopping mums-to-be smoking
36 Size matters when it comes to keeping blood sugar levels in check
37 No, that's not a brown recluse spider bite
38 A new spin on electronics
39 Emotions are cognitive, not innate, researchers conclude
40 New research highlights devastating impact of poverty on children's mental health
41 Study: Baby's sex plays a role in pregnant women's immunity
42 Scalp cooling can help some breast cancer patients retain hair
43 Patient-centered health systems network holds promise for translational research
44 New study shows link between early antibiotic exposure and childhood obesity in Latinos
45 UD scientists report ocean data from under Greenland's Petermann Glacier
46 Bursting pods
47 Laissez-faire is not good enough for reforestation
48 Intergalactic unions more devastating than we thought
49 Good vibrations help reveal molecular details
50 Outdoor adventure program is a promising treatment for autism spectrum disorder
51 Species new to science named after a 'Dungeons & Dragons' character
52 Designing bone healing therapies that better mimic regeneration
53 One-fifth of Indonesian households exhibit double burden of malnutrition
54 What's holding up CRISPR-based cures
55 Making sodium-ion batteries that last
56 Motor cortex contributes to word comprehension
57 How depression can muddle thinking
58 Squishy supercapacitors bathed in green tea could power wearable electronics
59 Ottawa researchers kill brain cancer in mice with combination immunotherapies
60 Metal-organic frameworks used as looms
61 Neurotrophic factor GDNF is an important regulator of dopamine neurons in the brain
62 GM foods: Why presenting 'just the facts' won't work
63 Illuminating the contacts
64 Is a stretchable smart tablet in our future?
65 Global ocean de-oxygenation quantified
66 Bioinvasion on the rise
67 Vitamin D protects against colds and flu, finds major global study
68 New antibiotic from bacteria found on Kenyan ant could help beat MRSA
69 Concentrating milk at the farm does not harm milk quality
70 CSIC develops a biosensor able to detect HIV only one week after infection
71 New economic water-splitting catalyst, ru@c?N
72 Bipolar disorder candidate gene, validated in mouse experiment
73 Researchers catch extreme waves with higher-resolution modeling
74 NTU Singapore invents ultrafast camera for self-driving vehicles and drones
75 3-D printed 'eagle eye' camera mimics sharp vision of predators
76 Detectable anthropogenic shift toward heavy precipitation over eastern China
77 'The blob' of abnormal conditions boosted Western US ozone levels
78 Analyzing copies of genes offers new treatment possibilities for ovarian cancer
79 Regional chemotherapy technique for extremity sarcoma salvages limbs from amputation
80 1 in 4 ER visits for eye problems aren't actually emergencies, study finds
81 Size doesn't matter (to everyone) when discounting pre-orders
82 Researchers propose a new way to assess medication-based HIV prevention
83 Study associates proximity to oil and gas development and childhood leukemia
84 Researchers find autism biomarkers in infancy
85 Use of patient complaints to identify surgeons with increased risk for postoperative complications
86 Depression symptoms among men when their partners are pregnant
87 Researchers pinpoint watery past on Mars
88 Lifetime weight gain linked to esophageal and stomach cancers
89 How an Ice Age paradox could inform sea level rise predictions
90 Unsaturated fatty acid may reverse aging effect of obesity
91 The Lancet Psychiatry: Large imaging study confirms brain differences in ADHD
92 Study confirms vitamin D protection against cold and flu
93 Measuring entropy
94 Molecular mechanism behind why allergies are more common in developed countries discovered
95 Ebolaviruses need very few mutations to cause disease in new host species
96 How to roll a nanotube: Demystifying carbon nanotubes' structure control
97 Patient complaints can identify surgeons with higher rates of bad surgical outcomes
98 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
99 Early brain changes may help predict autism among high-risk infants
100 High rates of satisfaction for applicator free local estrogen softgel ovule
101 Researchers use MRIs to predict which high-risk babies will develop autism as toddlers
102 Physicians' opioid prescribing patterns linked to patients' risk for long-term drug use
103 Weight loss actually possible after menopause
104 Stanford scientists create scorecard index for heart-damaging chemo drugs
105 New legislation could harm UK's most vulnerable children, warns child protection expert
106 New malaria vaccine effective in clinical trial
107 Study reports that vitamin D supplements reduce risk of acute respiratory infections
108 New study provides clues to early T cell immune responses in acute HIV infection
109 Old rocks, biased data: Overcoming challenges studying the geodynamo
110 International study suggests Nodding syndrome caused by response to parasitic protein