File Title
1 PERK protein opens line of communication between inside and outside of the cell
2 Sugar's 'tipping point' link to Alzheimer's disease revealed
3 Top professional performance through psychopathy
4 Study: Viruses support photosynthesis in bacteria--an evolutionary advantage?
5 A new methodology quickly reveals metabolic fluxes in cells
6 ESC on eHealth revolution: A new vision for cardiovascular medicine
7 Computing with biochemical circuits made easy
8 Reconfigurable single-shot incoherent optical signal processing system for chirped microwave signal
9 Dating the undatables
10 Tumor protein could hold key to pancreatic cancer survival
11 Warming temperatures could trigger starvation, extinctions in deep oceans
12 Diabetic kidney disease is decoded, offering new avenues for diagnosis and treatment
13 Removing barriers to early intervention for autistic children: A new model shows promise
14 A prescription with legs!
15 Tiny cavefish may help humans evolve to require very little sleep
16 Anti-aging gene identified as a promising therapeutic target for older melanoma patients
17 Gene-edited pigs show signs of resistance to major viral disease
18 New role of cholesterol in regulating brain proteins discovered
19 Study reveals PGK1 enzyme as therapeutic target for deadliest brain cancer
20 Study reveals proven ways to improve doctor-patient communication
21 Young doctors working in infectious diseases suffering burnout and bullying
22 Gambling adverts on TV can 'mislead' football fans
23 Hitching a ride with a predator
24 Who sweats more: Men or women?
25 Deep brain stimulation for patients with chronic anorexia is safe and might improve symptoms
26 Researchers pave the way for ionotronic nanodevices
27 Is back pain killing us?
28 People with epilepsy: Tell us about rare risk of death
29 Oil and gas wastewater spills alter microbes in West Virginia waters
30 New link found between sex and viruses
31 Understanding the impact of delays in high-speed networks
32 Bees can learn to use a tool by observing others
33 Fasting-mimicking diet may reverse diabetes
34 Tired teens 4.5 times more likely to commit crimes as adults
35 Mayo Clinic researchers discover link between aging, devastating lung disease
36 Three layers of graphene reveals a new kind of magnet
37 Many patients receive prescription opioids during treatment for opioid addiction
38 Study finds resistant infections rising, with longer hospital stays for US children
39 Light-driven reaction converts carbon dioxide into fuel
40 Nursing home residents need more activities to help them thrive
41 Adolescent sleepiness may contribute to future crimes
42 PI3K/mTOR inhibitors may be effective against some uterine sarcomas
43 CU researchers develop model for studying rare polio-like illness
44 Computer bots are more like humans than you might think, having fights lasting years
45 Scientists close in on cracking 'Enigma Code' of common cold
46 Researchers use laser-generated bubbles to create 3-D images in liquid
47 Broad cancer vaccine may be out of reach
48 Why is pancreatic cancer so hard to treat? Stroma provides new clues
49 Ball-rolling bees reveal complex learning
50 HIV+ kidney failure patients face hurdles in receiving necessary transplants
51 Playing favorites: Brain cells prefer one parent's gene over the other's
52 Diabetic mice on fasting-mimicking diet repair insulin-producing pancreas cells
53 Fructose is generated in the human brain
54 Neanderthal DNA contributes to human gene expression
55 Some neurons choose mom's gene and others choose dad's
56 Novel mutation may be linked to prostate cancer in African-American men
57 Trapped Amazonian mosquitos reveal their last meals: humans, birds, and small mammals
58 Mouse model could shed new light on immune system response to Zika virus
59 Europeans brought new strains of ulcer-causing bacterium to pre-Columbian Americas
60 Receiving a clot-buster drug before reaching the hospital may reduce stroke disability
61 Psychiatric illness may increase stroke risk
62 Many stroke patients do not receive life-saving therapy
63 E-cigarettes may pose the same or higher risk of stroke severity as tobacco smoke
64 Biological, not chronological age, better predictor of stroke recovery
65 Parkinson's disease may have link to stroke
66 Inadequate access to affordable, nutritious food may increase stroke risk factors
67 Children more vulnerable to psychological problems after a stroke
68 Long-term stress linked to higher levels of obesity
69 Mathematics supports a new way to classify viruses based on structure
70 Atom-scale oxidation mechanism of nanoparticles helps develop anti-corrosion materials
71 Sorting out risk genes for brain development disorders
72 Researchers find insight into the simplest substitution reaction via Walden inversion mechanism
73 TSRI researchers find standard pacemakers and defibrillators safe for MRI using a new protocol
74 Intensive lowering of systolic blood pressure would prevent 107,500 deaths per year
75 Study targets warm water rings that fuel hurricane intensification in the Caribbean Sea
76 Low snowpacks of 2014, 2015 may become increasingly common with warmer conditions
77 OCD-like behavior linked to genetic mutation
78 Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart's biomechanical properties
79 The value of nutrition and exercise, according to a moth
80 Follow-up imaging significantly less when initial ED ultrasound is interpreted by radiologists than
81 Sum of their parts: Researchers use math to foster environmental restoration
82 Does payer type--commercial insurance or Medicare--affect the use of low-value care?
83 Study supports use of aspiration as frontline thrombectomy therapy for acute ischemic stroke
84 Serendipity uncovers borophene's potential
85 Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain
86 New study to document Alzheimer's disease risk factors in Latinos
87 Cameras can steal data from computer hard drive LED lights--Ben-Gurion U. study
88 Accepting and adapting are keys to sustaining a career after acquired hearing loss
89 Scientists decipher the nanoscale architecture of a beetle's shell
90 Measuring patients' muscles to predict chemotherapy side effects
91 Researchers aim to disrupt egg production in dengue- and Zika-spreading mosquito
92 Making it harder to 'outsmart' concussion tests
93 Proteins in your runny nose could reveal a viral infection
94 National dose levels established for 10 common adult CT examinations
95 Brain scans could help doctors predict adolescents' problem drug use before it starts
96 Science versus the 'Horatio Alger myth'
97 Postwar economic policies fueled prosperity decades later, UT Dallas study finds
98 Social information from friends, experts could help reduce uncertainty in crowdfunding
99 We read emotions based on how the eye sees
100 Researchers gain insight into a physical phenomenon that leads to earthquakes
101 Researchers reverse high blood pressure in offspring of hypertensive rats
102 Study finds consumers willing to pay more for 'all-natural' labeled foods
103 Study says drugs could be developed cheaper and faster
104 Study: Changing the environment within bone marrow alters blood cell development
105 What do your co-workers really think of you?
106 BIDMC scientists survey the state of sleep science
107 Widely accepted vision for agriculture may be inaccurate, misleading
108 Birds of a feather mob together
109 Hidden no more: First-ever global view of transshipment in commercial fishing industry
110 In rare disorder, novel agent stops swelling before it starts