File Title
1 New study on smoking bans finds decrease in smoke exposure in public and private places
2 Dietary prebiotics improve sleep, buffer impacts of stress, says study
3 Alzheimer's drug prescribed off-label could pose risk for some
4 Many genetic changes can occur early in human development
5 New pop-up strategy inspired by cuts, not folds
6 Molecular 'on switch' could point to treatments for pediatric brain tumor
7 Sandia use confined nanoparticles to improve hydrogen storage materials performance
8 Decoding the genome's cryptic language
9 The making of music
10 Effects of a poor diet during pregnancy may be reversed in female adolescent offspring
11 New structural studies reveal workings of a molecular pump that ejects cancer drugs
12 Study shows adipose stem cells may be the cell of choice for therapeutic applications
13 Pitt study provides clues to relationship between schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis
14 Nano-sized hydrogen storage system increases efficiency
15 Antibiotic resistance: A burgeoning problem for kids too
16 Princeton-Intel collaboration breaks new ground in studies of the brain
17 New antiviral drug cuts cytomegalovirus infection and improves survival in patients
18 New U-M study shows how bacteria get into the lungs; findings could help disease research
19 Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health--official
20 Study shows ancient humans arrived in South America in multiple waves
21 Penn vet team identifies new therapeutic targets for tropical disease leishmaniasis
22 New nano approach could cut dose of leading HIV treatment in half
23 A novel DNA vaccine design improves chances of inducing anti-tumor immunity
24 Study catalogs the complex flavors of American-made goat cheese
25 The dawn of a new era for Supernova 1987a
26 Cosmic blast from the past
27 How proteins reshape cell membranes
28 Can staying active help to prevent chronic pain? Physical activity affects pain modulation in older adults
29 Interactive health apps may inspire healthy behaviors, but watch the tone
30 Study examines ways to use demand information to adjust capacity
31 Tissue-engineered model developed to study bone-invading tumor
32 What effect does prenatal and postpartum maternal depression have on children?
33 Elevated stress levels among Norway's youngest in childcare
34 In enemy garb
35 New algorithm identifies gene transfers between different bacterial species
36 High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats
37 Miniature device is 3 times more efficient in generating new colors of laser pulses
38 New risk factors for anxiety disorders
39 Size matters...and structure too! New tool predicts the interaction of proteins and RNA
40 Controversial test could be leading to unnecessary open heart operations
41 Study offers guidance on how to protect olive trees from being ravaged by deadly pathogen
42 Men with higher cognitive ability better at taking heart medication
43 Hammerhead shark migration gives new hope for conservation
44 Teach yourself everyday happiness with imagery training
45 More virus infection, please
46 Mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
47 Study reports multidrug resistant bacteria found in hospital sinks
48 Evidence review supports pediatric use of PDE-5 inhibitors for pulmonary hypertension
49 More Earth-like than moon-like
50 The potential consequences for cancer care and cancer research of Brexit
51 Never too late: Reaping the benefits of exercise in early postmenopause
52 Antibiotics used to treat cystic fibrosis increases risk of permanent hearing loss
53 38,000-year-old engravings confirm ancient origins of technique used by Seurat, Van Gogh
54 Novel 'barcode' tracking of T cells in immunotherapy patients identifies likely cancer-
55 In first, scientists forecast West Nile Virus outbreaks
56 Regular aerobic exercise beginning in middle age may lessen severity of stroke in old age
57 New 'tougher-than-metal' fiber-reinforced hydrogels
58 Saturn's rings viewed in the mid-infrared show bright Cassini Division
59 Electrons use DNA like a wire for signaling DNA replication
60 New polymer additive could revolutionize plastics recycling
61 First systematic study of deadly, antibiotic-resistant fungus reported
62 Kidney damage diagnosis may be inaccurate for many, suggests study
63 Bored by physical therapy? Focus on citizen science instead
64 New gene for atrazine resistance identified in waterhemp
65 Researchers find new clues for nuclear waste cleanup
66 Melting polar ice, rising sea levels not only climate change dangers
67 Nicotinamide riboside (vitamin B3) prevents nerve pain caused by cancer drugs
68 New assay may lead to a cure for debilitating inflammatory joint disease
69 Study: Two-thirds of clinicians lack knowledge of diabetes-related foot complication
70 Just how early is spring arriving in your neighborhood? Find out...
71 Global vaccine injury system needed to improve public health
72 Values gap in workplace can lead millennials to look elsewhere
73 Melting sea ice may be speeding nature's clock in the Arctic
74 New research explains why a common bacterium can produce severe illness
75 Executive indiscretions can hurt the bottom line
76 Back after a century, for-profit medical schools could make impact
77 More day cares near by, more germs? Maybe not, according to Drexel whooping cough study
78 AOSpine North America provides a glimpse into the future of spine care
79 Vast luminous nebula poses a cosmic mystery
80 Air pollution may have masked mid-20th Century sea ice loss
81 New research on rape kit processing sees improvements
82 Drugs similar to aspirin, ibuprofen could help treat sepsis, study suggests
83 Contact tracing and targeted insecticide spraying can curb dengue outbreaks
84 Gene mutations cause leukemia, but which ones?
85 Nematode resistance in soybeans beneficial even at low rates of infestation
86 New gene sequencing software could aid in early detection, treatment of cancer
87 Almost 4 decades later, mini eyeless catfish gets a name
88 New paper published in Phytobiomes may lead to novel methods of Rhizoctonia solani control
89 English learners treated differently depending on where they go to school
90 UC researchers teach drones to land themselves on moving targets
91 Preventive measure during procedures using contrast material unnecessary
92 Last year's El Nino waves battered California shore to unprecedented degree
93 Trilobite eggs in New York [+ more articles]
94 Researchers uncover a role for HSP90 in gene-environment interactions in humans
95 Direct-to-consumer genomics: Harmful or empowering?
96 AAV gene delivery vectors and cancer--The debate continues
97 Lack of training contributes to burnout, survey of preschool teachers finds
98 Penn study finds sons of cocaine-using fathers have profound memory impairments
99 Stingless bees have their nests protected by soldiers
100 Impossible (but working!) recipe for ultrashort laser pulses
101 Changes in brain connectivity can help diagnose and predict outcomes of mild TBI
102 #Unfiltered: Instagram has become a haven for people making sensitive self-disclosures
103 Eight a day is clearly best for the heart
104 How blood can be rejuvenated
105 Researchers identify patterns of protein synthesis associated with increased longevity
106 Official naming of surface features on Pluto and its satellites: First step approved
107 Flat-footed competitors have fighting advantage
108 Patients registered in a heart failure registry lived longer
109 Liquid hydrogen may be way forward for sustainable air travel
110 A new dimension in chemical nanoimaging