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1 Sports Drinks Aren't as Healthy as People May Imagine
2 Woman Sues Popeyes, Claiming that She Is Being Eaten Inside Out
3 Teenage Boys Are More Likely to Go Hungry Next to Their Parents in Low-Income Families [Video]
4 N/A
5 Is Snow Shoveling and Heart Attack Risk in Men: The Only Reason Behind the Increasing Number of Deaths in Winter?
6 Tax that Can Save Lives: Sugar Tax Gets Support from Scientists
7 Gene Editing Breakthrough: This Could Be the End of Cancer and All Inherited Diseases, Expert Claims
8 Why Olive Oil Could Lower the Risk of Heart Disease, Study Reveals
9 Researchers Found a Way to Cut Expensive Drug Price for Prostate Cancer; Study Reveals
10 Having a Cheat Meal Once a Week Is Enough to Cause Diabetes and Liver Diseases
11 The Harmful Effects of Clean Drinking Water!
12 How Long Should a Person Fast to Burn Fat?
13 Opioid Addiction: Anti-Addiction Medicine Given by ER Has High Chances to Stop Drug Abuse
14 E-Cigarettes: Researchers Find Abnormalities in Heart Function of Electronic Cigarette Users; Is this Confirmed?
15 Older Moms Are More Likely to Give Birth to Children with Better Thinking Abilities, Research Says
16 Nutrition Facts: Parents Don't Think They Feed Their Kids Nutritionally Right--Survey
17 Treatment Not Punishment: AAP Releases a New Statement Regarding on Pregnant Women Under Opioid Influence
18 Black Women Are More Likely Prone to Heart Disease Compared to White Women--Study
19 Hundreds of Ancient Earthworks Uncovered in Amazon Rainforest, Look like Stonehenge
20 Which Will Win: Science or Politics? The War on Climate Change Is Getting Intense
21 A Large Meteor Spotted Streaking Fast Across the Sky of Some States
22 Satellites Are Used to Keep Track of the Population of Whales from Space
23 'Granddad': The Longest-Living Aquarium Fish Euthanized Due to Failing Health
24 New Gecko Species Can Put Houdini to Shame
25 Nature Check: LED Streetlights Can Have an Impact on Wildlife, Researchers Warn
26 A Plague Threatens the Entire Population of the Saiga Antelope in Mongolia
27 Mysterious Geoglyphs Uncover Amazon Secrets
28 Thousands of Pollinator Washed Up on the Shore; Is Pesticide to Blame in this Mass Killing of Bees? [Video]
29 Dare to Swim in Hawaii's Lava with Selfie Stick? This Man Just Did It [Video]
30 Hairy Drones Could Function as Bees
31 Where on Planet Earth Does this 'Orange' Alligator Come From?
32 Hundreds of Whales Die in Mass Stranding in New Zealand
33 Hundreds of Monkeys Fell Dead from Brazilian Rainforest Trees
34 Wild Bison Made a Comeback to Canada's Oldest National Park After 140 Years
35 Air Pollution in European Countries Is 27 Times More Lethal than that of China
36 Death in the Trees: Hundreds of Megabats Died Due to Heatwave in Australia
37 Timo Lieber's Arctic Photography: An Alarming Reminder of the Impact of Climate Change
38 Watching Weather from Way Above the International Space Station
39 Over 200 Whales Survive Stranding in New Zealand
40 Archaeologists to Unearth Biblical Site that Held the Lord's Ark of the Covenant
41 'Oroville Dam Damaged': The US Tallest Dam Could Release Large Amounts of Floodwaters
42 Pollution Out of Hand: Scientists Discover Trash in Deep Sea
43 Massive Area of Melting Carbon Underneath the Ground of Western US Located
44 2016 El Nino Resulted in Unprecedented Coastline Erosion
45 Bolivia Combats Plague of Locusts that Devastates Its Crops
46 Refreezing the Melting Arctic Ice Sheet Will Cost Around $500B
47 Scientists Propose to Freeze Arctic with New Technology
48 Coral Reefs: Shallow Reefs Have a Holding Hope on Surviving Coral Bleaching; Connection Is Being Investigated
49 First-Ever Dead Sea Swim Raises Awareness on Its Receding Waters Due to Mining
50 Wonders of Nature: Severe Drought Enables 16th Century Church to Reappear in Mexico for the Third Time [Video]
51 Does Earth Have Its 8th Continent? Geologists Claim They Have Discovered One
52 The Glorious Sight of the Spectacular Yosemite's 'Firefall'
53 Climate Change Is Really Happening in Oklahoma with Soaring 100 Degrees Temperature
54 It's Never Too Late to Hatch a New Chick for the World's Oldest Seabird
55 Total Solar Eclipse: End of the World in 2017? Prophecy Claims 'We Are Living in the Final Year'
56 Climate Change Would Likely Affect Mental Health Too
57 Zealandia: New Zealand Sits Above the Recently Discovered Continent, Research Claims
58 Naica Crystal Caves Trapped Dormant Life, Scientists Say
59 Giant Flying Reptile Preyed on Dinosaurs and Other Animals in Romania
60 'Purple Rain': Houston's Sky Brightens with Glowing Shades of Purple and Pink
61 Elephant Numbers Continue to Dwindle
62 Global Warming: Warmer Temperature Cuts off an Iceberg in Antarctica with a Size of Manhattan
63 What Killed this Mysterious Half-Eaten Shark Washed Up on a Florida Beach?
64 A Stunning, Colorful 'Fire Rainbow' Spotted in the Sky of Singapore
65 Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Produce Iceberg
66 Alien Gene Found! Animals Having It Were Killed; 57 of Them Went Through Lethal Injection
67 'Elephant Man' Delivers Water to Animals Until Rain Comes
68 Spineless Ancient Beast Makes Scientists Question Evolution
69 One of the Largest Giant Radio Galaxies Ever Detected Discovered
70 NASA Rocket to Form Artificial Clouds in Space, Study Aurora
71 'Mars 2020 Rover': The Final Three Potential Landing Sites
72 Death of the Sun: How Will It Look? Hubble Gives a Glimpse by Capturing Rare Image
73 Surviving on Algae and Sushi During Earth to Mars Journey Is a Good Idea
74 The End of the World Hollywood Disaster Movies Aren't Entirely Fictional
75 Jupiter and Saturn's Birthday Estimated in New Solar System Timeline
76 Happy Valentine's Day from Saturn! Cassini Images Show a Giant Heart on the Planet
77 Scientists Discover a Hot 'Super-Earth' and 60 More Planets; Increasing Chances of Finding Life
78 Cosmic Star Celebrates Valentine's Day with 'Heartbeat' Signals
79 It's Time to Look for Life Somewhere Else Other than Mars, NASA Europa Mission Report Says
80 A Star Pulsing Mysteriously to Its Orbiting Planet Observed for the First Time
81 Black Holes Produce Fuel for Star Formation, Here's How
82 Historic Cape Canaveral 39A Launch Pad to Be Used by SpaceX
83 7 Biggest Manmade Things Sent to Space
84 India Sets Space Record by Launching 104 Satellites in One Go
85 Comet Breaks Apart as It Passes by Earth
86 One More Fake UFO Sighting
87 China All Set to Make Its Mark in Space; China Manned Space Agency Announced Its Plans for 2017
88 Sand Dune Compositions on Mars Indicate a Watery History
89 NASA Considers Lunar Mission as a Stepping Stone for Mars Mission
90 Extraterrestrial Material May Have Lived on Ceres Once, Scientists Say
91 Event Horizon Telescope Could Capture the First Real Image of a Black Hole
92 Humans to Become Martians in 100 Years? UAE to Build First City on the Red Planet by 2117
93 Asteroid Psyche Mission: NASA Teams Up with Bloomsburg Professor
94 Dwarf Planet Ceres Along with Mars and Two Gas Giant Moons Could All Have the Right Ingredients in Life, Scientists Say
95 Where Is the Massive Planet Nine? NASA Wants Space Enthusiasts to Hunt It
96 US Air Force's Secret X-37B Space Plane Is Not Likely to Return Soon, Officials Say
97 2016 WF9 Asteroid Collision: Separating the Myths from the Facts
98 Bizarre Experiments to Protect Astronauts in Space from Radiation Exposure
99 Alien Particles Can Cause Planes to Fall Through the Sky, Scientists Warn
100 Gardening in Space Station: First Crop of Chinese Cabbage Harvested
101 A Momentous Comeback: SpaceX Dragon Successfully Rocketed into Space
102 GOP Wants to Focus Efforts on Space, Not Climate Change
103 The Key to Existence of Alien Life on Other Planets Lies on Earth, Study Suggests
104 Cassini Spacecraft Examines Saturn's Moon with Salty Ocean
105 SpaceX Is Delaying Its Mars Mission, Needs to Refocus
106 NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed to Cover Up a Fleet of UFOs Passing By?
107 11780 Thunder Bay: IAU Announced the New Name for '1942 TB' Asteroid
108 Bernardbowen: Newly Named Minor Planet in the Solar System
109 Air Force Doctor Wins NASA's 'Space Poop Challenge'
110 NASA Scientists Plan to Give Pluto Its Planet Status Again