File Title
1 How prenatal maternal infections may affect genetic factors in Autism spectrum disorder
2 Comet 67P full of surprises, says study led by CU Boulder
3 Journal of Parkinson's Disease celebrates key breakthroughs
4 Gene mutation may be linked to unexplained female infertility
5 Before and after: Unique changes spotted on comet 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
6 Scientists discover new 'boat' form of promising semiconductor GeSe
7 Changes in the vascular system may trigger Alzheimer's disease
8 Could OTC medicines be the answer to alcoholism?
9 National Academy of Medicine releases publication on how to improve nation's health system
10 Kavli Lectures: Physical chemistry of polymer networks, CRISPR systems for genome editing
11 USC researchers close to identifying crucial gene for human cleft lip and palate
12 Ads for low-testosterone treatments benefit sales but not necessarily health
13 New study: Pre-pregnancy BMI directly linked to excess pregnancy weight gain
14 Antenatal screening in Europe: How to avoid mother-to-child transmission of infections
15 Weekend surgery has no impact on death risk, study shows
16 430 million-year-old fossil named in honor of Sir David Attenborough
17 Pulverizing electronic waste is green, clean--and cold
18 States can lower risk of measles outbreak by strengthening exemption policies
19 Does the universe have a rest frame?
20 Boys secure in their racial identity seek more diverse friendships
21 Controlling fast X-ray pulses with laser light
22 Insulin resistance may lead to faster cognitive decline
23 New species of terrestrial crab found climbing on trees in Hong Kong
24 Transparent silver: Tarnish-proof films for flexible displays, touch screens
25 Livestock can uproot protected wildlife from prime real estate
26 What's the best way to cook pasta? (video)
27 Tailored sexual health messages urgently needed for young female tourists, expert says
28 How can a legally binding agreement on human cloning be established?
29 AML study correlates gene mutations with 34 disease subgroups
30 Number abilities in humans, birds and fish are based in brain's subcortex
31 New gel-like coating beefs up the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries
32 The Lancet Public Health: The global tobacco control treaty has reduced
33 Breaking the supermassive black hole speed limit
34 How the brain sees the world in 3-D
35 Spray painting biomaterials onto heart promotes cardiac repair after myocardial infarction
36 The foundation of aquatic life can rapidly adapt to global warming, new research suggests
37 Cornell evolutionary biology professor explains how to 'walk the Tree of Life'
38 Astronomers hazard a ride in a 'drifting carousel' to understand pulsating stars
39 Parents' advice can support or undermine targets of school bullying-prevention programs
40 Better learning through zinc?
41 New approach uses ultrasound to measure fluid in the lungs
42 Electrons used to control ultrashort laser pulses
43 Potential early warning signs of osteoporosis found in South Asian women
44 Peers, more than teachers, inspire us to learn
45 Organic electronics can use power from socket
46 Older mothers are better mothers
47 Testing the efficacy of new gene therapies more efficiently
48 Structural knowledge of the DNA repair complex
49 Chemists created nanoparticles for safe imaging of tumors
50 Finding the 'ghost particles' might be more challenging than what we thought
51 New medicine to prevent mothers dying in childbirth succeeds in first trial in humans
52 New drug strategy: Target ribosome to halt protein production
53 Researchers identify potential treatment for type of muscle and brain degenerative disease
54 Interferon drug shows promise in treating Ebola
55 Caution needed for drugs in development for most common malignant pediatric brain tumor
56 Comet 67P is constantly undergoing a facelift
57 Active surveillance preserves quality of life for prostate cancer patients
58 Frequent dining out may lead to food budget-busting behaviors
59 Fish evolve by playing it safe
60 New drug strategy: Target the ribosome to halt protein production
61 Universe's ultraviolet background could provide clues about missing galaxies
62 From Genome Research: Pathogen demonstrates genome flexibility in cystic fibrosis
63 Results of mouse studies deeply affected by the way the animals are handled
64 Shortage of drug to treat low blood pressure from septic shock associated with increased deaths
65 Infections during pregnancy may interfere with genes linked to prenatal brain development
66 China's economic growth could help other developing countries
67 Quantum dots illuminate transport within the cell
68 Transgender college freshmen drink more, experience more blackouts
69 Almond-crop fungicides a threat to honey bees
70 Suicide risk is higher in first year after deliberate self-harm
71 Children's Hospital Colorado research argues for use of medical homes in pediatrics
72 'Geofencing' shows promise in tracking chronic care
73 Mouse study identifies new method for treating depression
74 New insights into side effects can help prostate cancer patients choose treatments
75 A new model for capillary rise in nano-channels offers insights into fracking
76 Vital directions for health and health care
77 Findings show lack of benefit of prenatal DHA supplementation on IQ in children
78 Direct-to-consumer TV advertising associated with greater testosterone testing, new use, and use without testing
79 Adverse effects, quality of life of treatment vs. no treatment for men with localized prostate cancer
80 New method for the diagnosis of autism was found
81 Spintronic technology advances with newly designed magnetic tunnel junctions
82 Genetic assessment developed to determine risk for age-associated Alzheimer's disease
83 Revealing the microscopic mechanisms in perovskite solar cells
84 Estimating the glass transition temperature for polymers in 'confined geometries'
85 Satnavs 'switch off' parts of the brain
86 Individuals with autism at substantially heightened risk for injury death
87 Manipulating magnetic textures
88 HIV co-infection influences natural selection on M. tuberculosis
89 Energy drinks mask alcohol's effects, increase injury risk
90 Initial hospital costs from gunshot wounds total $6.6 billion over 9 years, study finds
91 Intervention that engages youth on ethnic and racial identity can enhance positive development
92 Food insecurity in early childhood linked to young children's skills in kindergarten
93 Screening for both malnutrition and frailty needed to enhance health of aging populations
94 Brain fatty acid levels dysregulated in Alzheimer's disease
95 Multiple genetic markers combined to estimate risk of developing Alzheimer's disease
96 JDR systematic analysis examines global burden of oral conditions
97 Research spotlights early signs of disease using infrared light: New research
98 Researchers gain insight into day-to-day lives of parents raising children with autism
99 During learning, neurons deep in brain engage in a surprising level of activity
100 Does Mars have rings? Not right now, but maybe one day
101 Parsley and other plants lend form to human stem cell scaffolds
102 Mars volcano, Earth's dinosaurs went extinct about the same time
103 Clinical interviews effective in predicting postpartum depression
104 Temple-led team: Sex-based differences in utilization & outcomes for CDT in DVT patients
105 Treatment window for fragile x likely doesn't close after childhood
106 Breakthrough discovery may make blood test feasible for detecting cancer
107 Penn researchers discover test for earlier detection of transplant rejection
108 Yale-led study: Wild chimpanzees have surprisingly long life spans
109 Chicago's red-light camera program has significant safety benefits
110 Less radiation in inner Van Allen belt than previously believed