File Title
1 Brain scans spot early signs of autism in high-risk babies
2 Broad Institute wins bitter battle over CRISPR patents
3 Ebola funding surge hides falling investment in other neglected diseases
4 Collapse of Aztec society linked to catastrophic salmonella outbreak
5 Ocean meadows scrub seawater of harmful bacteria
6 Geologists spy an eighth continent: Zealandia
7 Why the CRISPR patent verdict isn't the end of the story
8 The race to map the human body--one cell at a time
9 Giant crack in Antarctic ice shelf spotlights advances in glaciology
10 Delay in hiring science advisers intensifies Brexit worries
11 US Republican idea for tax on carbon makes climate sense
12 Steps to help Turkey build a future on research
13 The dark side of social media
14 Shout about the European Union's success
15 Catch wave power in floating nets
16 Winston Churchill's essay on alien life found
17 Jurassic Surprise: Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discovered Inside 195-Million-Year-Old Fossil
18 Beware of the Killer Fruit: Lychees Linked to the Death of 122 Children in India
19 Warning: More than 2 Dozens of Toxic Chemicals Found in Fast Food Packages
20 Misophonia: Why Some People Get Easily Angered by Eating or Breathing Sounds
21 Scientists Explore Potential Impact of LED Street Lighting on Wildlife
22 Ceres' Lone Ice Volcano May Have Had Older Silbings that Vanished Over Millions of Years
23 Taste for Meat: Scientists Trace Genetic Route of Carnivorous Plants
24 Want to Win an Oscar? Be an American Actor in a Film Portraying American Culture, Study Says
25 Are the Earth's Magnetic Poles Set to Flip? African Anomaly Gets Scientists Buzzing
26 Physicists Discover Superfluid Black Holes--What Do They Do?
27 If Torture Doesn't Work, Why Do We Use It? Psychology Reveals the Reason
28 This Supermassive Black Hole Spent Over a Decade Devouring a Star
29 Multi-Energy: Scientists Discover Material that Can Harness Electricity from Different Sources Simultaneously
30 Extended Sitting Does NOT Increase the Risk of Diabetes, Study Suggests
31 Scientists Have Unearthed the 12th Dead Sea Scroll Cave
32 New Species of Amoeba Named After 'Lord of the Rings' Character--Find Out Who!
33 New Species of Marine Annelid Worm Discovered in Antarctica
34 Want to Lose Weight and Be Healthy? Whole Grains Could Be the Key
35 Frequent Stellar Eruptions Could Lessen the Oxygen of Planets in Red Dwarf's Habitable Zone
36 Geologists Cut into the Heart of Icelandic Volcano for Energy
37 The Dipole Repeller: How this Void is Pushing the Milky Way Through the Universe
38 Drones to Replace Bees as Key Pollinator of Crops
39 Scientists Make Realistic Brandy in Days, Skipping Years of Fermentation--How?
40 Hubble Captures a Star Ripping Apart a Massive Comet
41 CERN Physicists Close to Discovering Why the Universe Wasn't Destroyed by Matter-Antimatter Collisions
42 Over 200 Whales in New Zealand Freed from Mysterious Mass Stranding
43 This Creepy Ostrich-Like Robot Could Be the Future of Deliveries
44 Astronomers Observe a Supernova Hours After Explosion
45 Reduced Calorie Consumption Linked to Slower Aging Process
46 ALERT: Eating Gluten-Free Diet Could Increase the Risk of Arsenic, Mercury Exposure
47 Shocking! This Mammal Became Venomous About 100 Million Years Before Snakes Did
48 ALERT: Canadian Glaciers are Melting 900 Percent Faster in the Past Decade
49 Bye, Hair Loss! This Cooling Cap Protects Hair During Chemotherapy
50 Portland Teen Discovers New Cost-Efficient Way to Make Salt Water Drinkable
51 Scientists to Create Faster Microchips with Nano-LED Material that's 1,000 Times More Efficient
52 Goodbye Wires? uBeam Reveals New Futuristic Wireless Charger Using Ultrasound
53 More than Half of Americans Are Stressed Out Due to Politics
54 This Star Gets Really Nervous Every Time Its Companion Planet Comes Near
55 Global Warming Is Causing Oceans to Lose Oxygen, Find Out How
56 Men Could also Develop Postpartum Depression Associated to Partner's Pregnancy
57 Scientist Explains How an 'Actual' Blueprint for a Quantum Computer Works
58 Scientists Explain Mystery Behind Supersonic Cloud Traveling the Milky Way from a Black Hole
59 New Studies Shake Foundation of Einstein's Physics, Re-explore Quantum Entanglement
60 Adult Stem Cells from Fat Could Be the Future of Anti-Aging Treatments
61 Particles from Outer Space Could Make Your Smartphone, Computer Go Haywire
62 Trump's World-Class Narcissistic Tendencies Doesn't Make Him Mentally Ill, Leading Psychiatrist Says
63 UAE Set Its Sights on Mars: Plans to Colonize the Red Planet in 100 Years
64 It's All in the Genes: Obesity Can Be Inherited from Parents
65 New Tiny Frog Species Discovered in India
66 Mission Impossible: Thieves Stole $2.5 Million Worth of Rare Books by Copernicus, Galileo, Da Vinci and More
67 India's Lone Volcano Active Again, Spews Lava, Black Smoke
68 Legalized Same-Sex Marriage Linked to Lower Rates of Suicide Attempts Among Teens
69 Hubble Views a Black Hole of Puzzling Lightness
70 New Yale Study Reveals That Gun Violence is a 'Contagious' Social Epidemic
71 Study Shows Aspirin Use Lowers the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
72 Hubble Views Shadow Caused by Possible Planet Encircling TW Hydrae
73 Astronomers Reveal Powerful Outflows in Ultraluminous Galaxies
74 Cassini Views Mimas' Mountain
75 Hubble Detects 'Exocomets' Plunging Into Young Star HD 172555
76 MIT Engineers Design New 3D Forms of Graphene
77 Astronomers Reveal Farthest Stars in Milky Way Were Ripped from Another Galaxy
78 Astronomers Identify the Home Galaxy of a Fast Radio Burst
79 UCLA Study Shows the Moon is Older Than Previously Thought
80 New Electromagnetic Wave Router Offers Unlimited Bandwidth
81 Astronomers Discover Giant Halos Around Early Galaxies
82 Video Shows Images of Titan's Surface from Huygens Probe
83 Astronomers Discover a Cosmic Particle Accelerator in Abell 3411 and 3412
84 Hubble Telescope Views a Slice of Sagittarius
85 Juno Spacecraft Image Shows Crescent Jupiter with the Great Red Spot
86 Prehistoric Extinctions Offer Insights for Today's Endangered Species
87 MIT Engineers Program Yeast to Convert Plant Sugars Into Oils
88 New ALMA Images Reveal Otherwise Invisible Details of Our Sun
89 VISTA Survey Reveals Hidden Secrets of Orion's Clouds
90 New NASA Mission Will Visit Metal Asteroid 16 Psyche
91 A Catalog of Kepler Habitable Zone Exoplanet Candidates
92 NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Examines Possible Mud Cracks
93 New Cassini Image--Peeking Over Saturn's Shoulder
94 New Model Could Help Scientists Design Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis
95 New Cassini Image of Small Moon Daphnis
96 Chandra Reveals Geometrical Explanation for Puzzling Differences in Behavior of Pulsars
97 Data Civilizer Finds and Links Related Data Scattered Across Digital Files
98 New Horizons Spacecraft Reveals a Colorful 'Landing' on Pluto
99 New SOFIA Observations Show Ceres' True Composition
100 New Study Confirms the Ideas About Galaxy Cluster Evolution
101 New Delivery Technique Enables Rapid Treatment for Inflammation
102 Hubble Image of the Week--NGC 4861
103 Cassini Views Saturn's Icy Moon Tethys
104 New HiRISE View of the Changing Dunes of Wirtz Crater
105 Engineers Develop Soft Robotic Sleeve to Help the Heart Beat
106 New HiRISE Image of Layered Bedrock in the Volcanic Plains of Lunae Planum
107 Researchers Pinpoint Fetal Cells 'Vulnerable' to Later Life Stress
108 NASA's NuSTAR Reveals New Clues to 'Chameleon Supernova'
109 Study Shows Why Adolescents Are More Likely Than Adults to Engage in Risky and Impulsive Behavior
110 Geophysicists Resolve the Mystery About Wind Flows on Jupiter