File Title
1 Fossil discovery rewrites understanding of reproductive evolution
2 Ventura fault could cause stronger shaking, new research finds
3 Radiation therapy continues to be gold standard to palliate painful bone metastases
4 Seeing the world through fresh eyes
5 Population density pushes the 'slow life'
6 To please your friends, tell them what they already know
7 Do children inherit drug protection from parents exposed to nicotine or drugs?
8 'Field patterns' as a new mathematical object
9 Needless shocks from heart devices can trigger extra health costs, Stanford researcher say
10 Study of 52,000 men uncovers the genetics underlying male pattern baldness
11 People can 'suppress' hay fever with three years of pollen pills or injections
12 The Lancet: Religious leaders could help improve uptake of male circumcision in HIV-prevention effort
13 Scientists reveal how the brain maintains useful memories
14 Ubiquitous and influential
15 New metalloid oxide reducing bacteria found in Manitoba's Nopiming gold mine tailings
16 Evidence of brain damage found in former soccer players
17 Tiny magnetic implant offers new drug delivery method
18 Fractal edges shown to be key to imagery seen in Rorschach inkblots
19 CU Boulder researchers develop brain model to quantify pain beyond sensory input
20 Researchers unravel how ticks protect themselves from Lyme bacteria and other microbes
21 Shock from heart device often triggers further health care needs
22 Shorter course of immunotherapy does not improve symptoms of allergic rhinitis long-term
23 Findings suggest causal association between abdominal fat and development of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease
24 Scalp cooling device may help reduce hair loss for women with breast cancer receiving chemotherapy
25 Researchers identify cells linked to the development of the heart's ventricular chambers
26 Better health for women involved in clinical trials
27 Fructose consumption linked to the increase of liver disease among adolescents and children
28 Gene variants associated with body shape increase risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes
29 More serotonin, less motivation? It depends on the circumstances
30 When choosing your next move, your brain is always ready for plan B
31 Smoking cessation counseling successful when paired with lung cancer screening
32 Sugar, salt, and fat taxes could save billions in health care costs
33 The genetics behind being Not like Daddy
34 Lollipop or edible?
35 Historic cultural records inform scientific perspectives on woodland uses
36 Asthma drugs could prevent prevent deadly form of pneumonia, research suggests
37 Critters, plants and waste offer a more sustainable supply of catalysts
38 See-through heating pad could help prevent burns from thermotherapy (video)
39 Antimicrobial substances identified in Komodo dragon blood
40 First trace of differences between matter and 'ordinary' antimatter
41 Benefits of cognitive training in dementia patients unclear
42 'Smart' bacteria remodel their genes to infect our intestines
43 How migratory birds respond to balmier autumns?
44 Blood ties fuel cooperation among species, not survival instinct
45 Uncertainty perception drives public's trust, mistrust of science
46 New discovery is a step towards developing Huntington's disease treatments bef
47 New approach to reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes trialled in Liverpool
48 Scientists discover how essential methane catalyst is made
49 A trend reversal in childhood obesity--a decline in the BMI in 8-year-old boys
50 Up to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day may prevent 7.8 million premature deaths
51 Neural networks promise sharpest ever images
52 Brain-machine interfaces: Bidirectional communication at last
53 How proteins find one another
54 The first Iberian lynx infected by the pseudorabies virus
55 A problem shared can be a problem doubled
56 Innovative treatment for depression in older people is effective
57 Enormous promise for new parasitic infection treatment
58 New method reveals how proteins stabilize the cell surface
59 Obesity reprograms muscle stem cells
60 Precise inactivation of neural messenger receptor wipes out fear memory in mice
61 Nanotechnology and nanopore sequencing
62 First detection of an artemisinin-resistant malaria parasite contracted in Africa
63 Microhotplates for a smart gas sensor
64 Inflammatory disease trigger revealed
65 Resveratrol may be an effective intervention for lung aging
66 Transplanting good bacteria to kill Staph
67 CAR T cells more powerful when built with CRISPR, MSK researchers find
68 Cultivating cool-for-cash-crop
69 Ultracool dwarf and the 7 planets
70 Unravelling the atomic and nuclear structure of the heaviest elements
71 tDCS combined with computer games at home reduces cognitive symptoms of multiple sclerosis
72 Scientists identify chain reaction that shields breast cancer stem cells from chemotherapy
73 Personalized skin lotions keep disease-causing bacteria at bay
74 Depression puts psoriasis patients at significantly greater risk of psoriatic arthritis
75 Type 2 diabetes prevented in 80 percent of at-risk patients thanks to repurposed drug
76 Wintering ducks connect isolated wetlands by dispersing plant seeds
77 Nature study suggests new therapy for Gaucher disease
78 Estrogen therapy shown effective in reducing tooth and gum diseases in postmenopausal women
79 The Lancet: Deprivation in early childhood can affect mental health in adulthood, according to landmark study
80 Simple rule predicts when an ice age ends
81 Forests worldwide threatened by drought
82 New study gives weight to Darwin's theory of 'living fossils'
83 'Quartz' crystals at the Earth's core power its magnetic field
84 Researchers uncover brain circuitry central to reward-seeking behavior
85 Older adults experience similar improvements following surgery for herniated lumbar disk
86 Is insufficient weight gain during pregnancy associated with schizophrenia spectrum disorders in children
87 Severe gum disease may be early sign of undiagnosed diabetes
88 Fruit and veg-rich diet linked to much lower risk of chronic lung disease (COPD)
89 Brainy teens may be less likely to smoke, but more likely to drink and use cannabis
90 Don't let work eat into your personal life, Academy urges researchers
91 From rocks in Colorado, evidence of a 'chaotic solar system'
92 Popular heartburn drugs linked to gradual yet 'silent' kidney damage
93 Scientists create a nano-trampoline to probe quantum behavior
94 Rare fossil discovery raises questions
95 Farther from forest: 'Eye-opening' study says rural US loses forests faster than cities
96 Incarceration linked to excess burden of cancer, new study finds
97 No spoilers! Most people don't want to know their future
98 Study finds prolonged sleep may predict dementia risk
99 The never-ending story: Chemicals that outlive--and harm--us
100 Average distance to a forest increased by almost 14 percent in the continental US in a decade
101 What's the buzz on bee parasites?
102 Itch neurons play a role in managing pain
103 Autism risk linked to herpes infection during pregnancy
104 Bleeding stroke survivors at higher risk of depression, dementia
105 Headache far more common stroke symptom in children than adults
106 Heart risks in middle age boost dementia risk later in life
107 Exercise can significantly improve brain function after stroke
108 Circadian light may relieve depressive symptoms in stroke rehab patients
109 The monster within: Aged gut bacteria linked to poor outcomes after stroke
110 'Good' cholesterol may have different chemical properties in Alzheimer's patients