File Title
1 Traveling Droughts Bring New Possibilities for Prediction
2 First Underwater Video Footage of the True's Beaked Whale
3 Deadly Raccoon Roundworm Can Infect Humans Without Symptoms, New UGA Study Finds
4 Understanding What's Happening Inside Liquid Droplets
5 UVA Darden TEP Alumnus Set to Blastoff to International Space Station
6 New Drug Combination Targets Aggressive Blood Cancer
7 A New Approach to Improving Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
8 Study Finds Knowledge Gaps on Protecting Cultural Sites from Climate Change
9 Going Glassy: Revealing Structure and Dynamics of Glassy Polymers During Transition
10 Magnetic Fields at the Crossroads
11 Synchrotron Sheds (X-Ray) Light on Carbon Chemistry at Ocean Surfaces
12 Reducing Conducting Thin Film Surface Roughness for Electronics
13 Study Examines Tungsten in Extreme Environments to Improve Fusion Materials
14 Tornado Researchers Return to Tennessee Valley for Second Year of VORTEX-SE
15 Controlling Energy Production by Calcium Is an Organ-Specific Affair
16 Fault System Off San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles Counties Could Produce Magnitude 7.3 Quake
17 New Study Examines Whether Dogs Are Feline-Friendly--or Not
18 'Black Swan' Events Strike Animal Populations
19 Snake Bit? Chemists Figure Out How to Easily and Cheaply Halt Venom's Spread
20 New Type of Maple Tree Receives Patent
21 The Cold Exterminated All of Them
22 Vision, Not Limbs, Led Fish onto Land 385 Million Years Ago
23 UC San Diego to Develop Cyberinfrastructure for NASA's ICESat-2 Data
24 $1.5 Million to Prevent Cervical Cancer in West Texas
25 Argonne Invents Reusable Sponge that Soaks Up Oil, Could Revolutionize Oil Spill and Diesel Cleanup
26 Research Uncovers Potential Health Risks of Travel to Mars
27 Attention Earthlings: Help Wanted in Finding a New Planet
28 Uncovering New Relationships and Organizational Principles in Protein Interaction Networks
29 FSU Researchers Take Big Step Forward in Nanotech-Based Drugs
30 Scientist Details the Indirect Effects of an Invasive Species in Guam
31 Researchers Propose Technique for Measuring Weak or Nonexistent Magnetic Fields
32 While Untangling History of Aquatic Beetle Group, NSF Graduate Researcher Discovers Flaw in Model Used by Biologists
33 Chemists Create Molecular 'Leaf' that Collects and Stores Solar Power Without Solar Panels
34 Using Game Theory to Predict Cyberattacks on Elections and Voting Machines
35 Small Nanoparticles Have Surprisingly Big Effects on Polymer Nanocomposites
36 Cultivating a City
37 New Enzyme-Like Tool Lets Chemists Modify Hard-to-Reach Spots on Drug Molecules
38 Aboriginal Hair Shows 50,000 Years Connection to Country
39 Nature: Silk Road Evolved as 'Grass-Routes' Movement
40 Making Astronomy Accessible to the Blind
41 Estimating Global Energy Use for Water-Related Processes
42 The Future of Coastal Flooding
43 Blurred Times in a Quantum World
44 Bar-Ilan University Scientists Effectively Disrupt Communication Between Parasites that Spread Disease
45 Cracking the Mystery of Perfect Efficiency: Investigating Superconductors
46 A Nose for Smells? Practice Makes Perfect!
47 Innovative Technique Greatly Increases Sensitivity of DNA Sequencing
48 Dark Matter Detection Receives 10-Ton Upgrade
49 High-Precision Calculations on Supercomputers Help Reveal the Physics of the Universe
50 UAB to Launch Statewide Genetics Initiative for Better Health for All Alabama Residents
51 Molecules Form Gels to Help Cells Sense and Respond to Stress
52 Protein Called GRASP1 Is Needed to Strengthen Brain Circuits
53 Unexpected Oxidation State for Molecular Plutonium Discovered
54 Researchers Flip Magnetic Memory Cell with Light Pulse at Record Speed
55 Hubble Dates Black Hole's Last Big Meal
56 First Fully Artificial Yeast Genome Has Been Designed
57 'Gloom' and Doom When These Insects Are on Hot, Dry Red Maple Trees
58 Anxiety Is a Stronger Harbinger of Alcohol Problems than Stress
59 Plants at the Pump
60 Floods and Hurricanes Predicted with Social Media
61 A New Paradigm in Parachute Design
62 Grant Will Fund MSU and UK Research to Advance Understanding of Infant Head Trauma
63 Discovery in New Material Raises Questions About Theoretical Models of Superconductivity
64 Op Ed: Climate Change Is Evident in Antarctica
65 Mega Meteorite
66 Two Radio Signals, One Chip, Open a New World for Wireless Communication
67 Penn State Named Site of Center for e-Design
68 Wistar Research Teams Awarded More than $4.7 Million in Funding
69 NUS Team Pioneers Two-Dimensional Polymer Breakthrough that Could Revolutionise Energy Storage
70 Neighboring Termite Colonies Re-Invade; Expose Themselves to Deadly Bait
71 FSU Expert Explains Changing Attitudes Toward Embryonic Gene Editing
72 Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals can Adversely Affect Brain Development
73 Parallel Cellular Pathways Activate the Process that Controls Organ Growth
74 How Cells Communicate to Move Together as a Group
75 NYU Chemists Color World of 3D Crystals with Advances in Self-Assembly
76 ARM Data Is for the Birds
77 Nidia Gallego: Carbon Scientist Is as Versatile as the Element She Studies
78 GoCreate Makerspace Prepares for Grand Opening
79 Stretching a Metal into an Insulator
80 Microbial Activity in the Subsurface Contributes to Greenhouse Gas Fluxes
81 Thinking Outside the Power Box: Matthias Preindl Takes Converters Virtual
82 Experiment Aboard Space Station Studies 'Space Weather'
83 Scientists Predict Crime Knowledge States in the Human Brain
84 400,000-Year-Old Fossil Human Cranium Is Oldest Ever Found in Portugal
85 Hydrogen on Demand
86 Iowa State Geologists Develop App to Print 3-D Terrain Models of Any Place on Earth
87 The Elephant in the Sale Room: New Report Calls for Significant Change to UK Regulations on the Sale of Ivory
88 Microbes Measure Ecological Restoration Success
89 Why Do People Switch Their Language?
90 Ocean Observation Tools in the Gulf Can Help U.S. Prepare for Next Disaster
91 On Pi Day, Computational Biologists Share What They Love About Math
92 Two-Dimensional MXene Materials Get Their Close-Up
93 At Mealtime, Honey Bees Prefer Country Blossoms to City Blooms
94 Streamlining the Measurement of Phonon Dispersion
95 Going Deep to Measure Earth's Rotational Effects
96 Bonding Chips Using InkJet Printers
97 Acetone Experiences Leidenfrost Effect, No Hotplate Needed
98 Research Examines Susceptibility to Cyberattacks Through Brain Activity, Eye Gaze
99 Alumnus Makes $3 Million Campaign Commitment in Support of Social Justice Reporting Initiatives
100 The Controversial Origin of a Symbol of the American West
101 Simons Foundation's Flatiron Institute to Repurpose SDSC's 'Gordon' Supercomputer
102 MSU to Partner with Indian Media Giant, Helping Local Farmers
103 Study Finds No Benefit, but Possible Harm, from Drug Used to Prevent Preterm Births
104 What Does Sexy, Food, World Travel and Super Career Bring to Mind? Agriculture, of Course
105 Hot Food, Fast: The Home Microwave Oven Turns 50
106 Volcano Breath: Measuring Sulfur Dioxide from Space
107 From Skin to Brain: Stem Cells Without Genetic Modification
108 Florida Peaches Pack a Punch as a Succulent Snack
109 From the Butterfly's Wing to the Tornado: Predicting Turbulence
110 Preventing Lead Spread