File Title
1 Looming Octopus 'Dances' in Winning Underwater Photo
2 More than 200 Baldness-Linked Genetic Markers Found
3 Heads Up! Drones Will Fly People Around Dubai this Summer
4 North Korea's Missile Threats to US May Not Be Empty for Long
5 Blue Jets Swirl Above Thunderstorm in Photo from Space Station
6 Ya Had to Be There: Science Confirms We're Bad at Telling Stories
7 Undersea Robot to Hunt for Strange Life of Deep Pacific: Watch Online
8 Deadly Cocktail: Mammal-Like Reptiles Were 1st Venomous Vertebrates
9 'Disturbing' Results Show High Pollution Levels in Mariana Trench
10 Snake vs. Snake: Video Captures Aussie Reptiles Dueling to the Death
11 Winston Churchill on Aliens: 1939 Essay Discovered
12 Flowing Fire? Yosemite's 'Burning' Waterfall Explained
13 Depression Can Affect New Fathers, Too
14 Cancer-Fighting Army? Magnetic Robot Swarms Could Combat Disease
15 World's First Self-Driving Tesla Taxis Will Hit the Road in Dubai
16 Rare Leptospirosis Cases in NYC: 5 Things to Know
17 Brain Tumor Triggers Woman's Sudden 'Hyper-Religious' Behavior
18 Experimental Therapy May Slow Type 1 Diabetes
19 Reference: Yangtze River: Longest River in Asia
20 3D-Printed Micro-Camera Sees with Eagle-Eye Vision
21 Possible 'Hidden Chamber' in King Tut's Tomb Invites More Secretive Scans
22 Ants Scurry on 'Treadmills' for Science
23 Should Psychiatrists' Weigh in on Trump's Mental Health?
24 Energy-Free AC? Heat-Reflecting Wrap Could Cool Without Power
25 Special Wavy Nerves Help Whales Take Big Gulps Without Pain
26 Al Gore: 'Horrific' Health Risks from Climate, but 'We Have Solutions'
27 Combatting Stereotypes: How to Talk to Your Children
28 'The Blob' in Pacific Ocean Linked to Spike in Ozone
29 Here's How Climate Change Can Cause More Air Pollution (All by Itself)
30 Opioids May Be Causing Increase in Cocaine Overdoses
31 NASA Satellite Spots Mile-Long Iceberg Breaking Off of Antarctic Glacier
32 Creatures of the Night: How Shadow-Dwelling Animals See in the Dark
33 Warning on Flu: It's Not Going Away Just Yet, CDC Says
34 Reference: Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2016-2017)
35 3D-Printed 'Laugh' Is 1st Major Artwork to Be Made in Space
36 Climate Change Is Transforming the World's Food Supply
37 Reference: Facts About Groundhogs
38 What Traits Should Every Supreme Court Justice Have?
39 World's Rarest Boa Snake Seen for 1st Time in 64 Years
40 Paleolithic Pebbles Used in Death Rituals Uncovered
41 Cholera, Other Illnesses May Spread with Climate Change
42 Secret Behind Rorschach Test: Why We See Images in Inkblots
43 Earth Has a Hidden 8th Continent
44 Dakota Pipeline: What Makes a Place 'Sacred' for Native Americans?
45 California Drenching: 'Off-the-Charts' Rainfall Headed for State
46 Climate Change Could Have Wide-Ranging Effects on Mental Health
47 Air Force One: 8 Fascinating Facts About the President's Plane
48 White Water: NASA Probes Snow's Effect on Water Resources
49 When Will Augmented Reality Get Real?
50 Wind, Rain, Heat: Health Risks Grow with Extreme Weather
51 Want to Know the Future? Most People Don't, Study Suggests
52 This January Was the Third Warmest on Record Globally
53 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
54 Why Do Antiseptics Sting When Put on Cuts?
55 What's the Oldest Thing Alive Today?
56 What Was the First Life on Earth?
57 What Does the Vice President Do?
58 The Outer Space Treaty Has Been Successful--But Is It Fit for the Modern Age?
59 Did Abraham Lincoln's Bromance Alter the Course of American History?
60 Ancient Roman House and Phallic Amulets Discovered in Israel
61 Blazing green meteor lights up Midwestern skies
62 Prey or predator? How all pitcher plants came to converge on carnivory
63 Japanese attempt to unleash 2,300-foot whip on 'space junk' fails
64 Sharks for supper? Why experts don't want a ban on shark fishing
65 Slow food? Black hole taking entire decade to gobble star.
66 Could there have been water on Mars without CO2?
67 This new gecko species slips out of its scales to evade threats
68 Do these ancient 'geoglyphs' hold a secret to preserving the Amazon?
69 With new airlock, International Space Station widens door for commerce
70 Ancient love uncovered? Scientists reveal contents of Chinese general's tomb.
71 Ancient landslide took a 'massive bite' out of Australia, say scientists
72 What could a nuclear bomb test site and the moon have in common?
73 In a future full of robots, where do humans fit in?
74 Friday night lights: Get ready for a cosmic triple feature
75 Dead Sea cave discovery jumpstarts hunt for ancient treasures
76 Should pollinating drones take over for honeybees?
77 With latest mission proposal, NASA hopes to find life on Europa
78 Proxima Centauri's 'pale red dot' no Goldilocks planet after all
79 Ready to live on Mars? It won't be as easy as you think.
80 How this cockeyed squid shines a light on deep sea evolution
81 Look Ma! No eggs. This ancient reptile birthed live young
82 Astronomers spot last gasps of dying star
83 What ancient clay jugs reveals about Earth's magnetic field
84 Mars 2020: Could this be Red Planet round-trip?
85 Researchers discover 60 new planets: Could you help find the next?
86 For the record: India launches 104 satellites all at once
87 Winston Churchill's 'aliens' essay reveals scientific thinking with a philosophical bent
88 UAE wants to build Chicago-sized city on Mars by next century
89 Despite moral objections, panel gives cautious approval to gene editing research
90 We can clone a woolly mammoth. But should we?
91 Dwarf planet Ceres has organic molecules, widening the hunt for life
92 Hunt for Planet 9: how you can help NASA search for brown dwarfs and low-mass stars
93 Coders volunteer to capture NASA climate data as scientists rally for anti-Trump protests
94 How facial-recognition software is helping protect endangered lemurs
95 Microbes wake up from 10,000-year nap in cave crystals
96 SpaceX launch on Apollo 11 pad: Private spaceflight takes reins from government
97 Could surrogate chickens save other birds from extinction?
98 Science activism continues its rise with Boston rally
99 SpaceX successfully launches to ISS from Apollo 11 pad
100 Three sites where NASA might retrieve its first Mars rock
101 Heavyweight funders back central site for life-sciences preprints
102 Elusive triangulene created by moving atoms one at a time
103 German scientists regain access to Elsevier journals
104 World's largest wind-mapping project spins up in Portugal
105 Solar and wind energy propel growth in US renewables
106 US science advisers outline path to genetically modified babies
107 Fractal secrets of Rorschach's famed ink blots revealed
108 Science journals permit open-access publishing for Gates Foundation scholars
109 The Turkish paradox: Can scientists thrive in a state of emergency?
110 Human gene editing, a letter to President Trump and a no to homeopathy