File Title
1 Understanding the way liquid spreads through paper
2 Ames Laboratory scientists create first intermetallic double salt with platinum
3 New application of the selective laser melting method
4 New X-ray glasses concentrate, strengthen laser beams
5 When ultrafast laser pulse meets magnetic materials
6 Lasers could give space research its broadband moment
7 Brits, Czechs claim world's most powerful 'super laser'
8 Breaking the optical bandwidth record of stable pulsed lasers
9 China develops world's brightest VUV free electron laser research facility
10 Researchers reveal world's most precise metronome
11 Elbit contracted for airborne laser designator work
12 Scientists create tiny laser using silver nanoparticles
13 The hidden inferno inside your laser pointer
14 Scientists shrink electron gun to matchbox size
15 Sweden orders new laser simulators from Saab
16 First random laser made of paper-based ceramics
17 We gather here today to join lasers and anti-lasers
18 Using Photonics to Call Home
19 With great power comes great laser science
20 UMD physicists discover 'smoke rings' made of laser light
21 Why an uncanny crystal could change laser design
22 From unconventional laser beams to a more robust imaging wave
23 Physicists set low temperature record using laser cooling
24 Scientists develop new surface finishing for 3D-printing
25 Researchers remotely control sequence in which 2-D sheets fold into 3-D structures
26 Researchers use laser-generated bubbles to create 3-D images in liquid
27 New study shows how 3-D printing at home saves big bucks
28 A new approach to 3-D holographic displays greatly improves the image quality
29 Spanish scientists create a 3-D bioprinter to print human skin
30 3-D printing could transform future membrane technology
31 2-D materials enhance a 3-D world
32 How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam
33 'Just the first stage': unique 3D-printed Siberian satellite to orbit Earth
34 Novel silicon etching technique crafts 3-D gradient refractive index micro-optics
35 Engineers develop new magnetic ink to print self-healing devices that heal in record time
36 You can now print your own 3D model of the universe
37 Fluorescent holography: Upending the world of biological imaging
38 Move over, lasers: Scientists can now create holograms from neutrons, too
39 Lego-like wall produces acoustic holograms
40 Solving a cryptic puzzle with a little help from a hologram
41 NASA Offers Prize Money for Winning 3D-Printed Habitat Ideas
42 Scientists closer to creating 3D computer model of a cell
43 Digital photography: The future of small-scale manufacturing
44 Smartphone hacks 3-D printer by measuring 'leaked' energy and acoustic waves
45 Chemists devise revolutionary 3-D bone-scanning technique
46 Super-resolution microscope builds 3-D images by mapping negative space
47 3D skulls from Henry VIII's doomed warship placed online
48 London lab recreates horrors of war with 3D technology
49 3-D-printed structures 'remember' their shapes
50 New approach doubles 3-D resolution of fluorescence microscopy
51 Tailored AFM probes created via 3-D direct laser writing
52 Real and artificially generated 3-D films are nearly impossible to distinguish
53 Chinese scientists develop new metal 3D printing technology
54 Researchers build a crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body
55 Exploring superconducting properties of 3-D printed parts
56 Dramatic improvement in surface finishing of 3-D printing
57 NASA Mission Named 'Europa Clipper'
58 Boaty McBoatface prepares for first Antarctic mission
59 Saab to provide support for Swedish navy underwater systems
60 Deep sea mining gets a second look
61 U.S. Navy tests new diving equipment
62 RE2 Robotics to further develop EOD underwater manipulator system
63 Great Barrier Reef may never recover from bleaching: study
64 Red tides not random, can be predicted
65 Study finds massive rogue waves aren't as rare as previously thought
66 Massive Hong Kong shark fin seizure as ban flouted
67 Underwater mountains help ocean water rise from abyss
68 More bang for the buck
69 First direct measurements of Pacific seabed sediments reveal strong methane source
70 Plan to save Great Barrier Reef set back decades: experts
71 Marine ecologist offers suggestions for achieving a strong, lasting 'blue economy'
72 Basking sharks seek out winter sun
73 Some marine creatures may be more resilient to harsher ocean conditions
74 Oceans have lost 2 percent of oxygen, says study
75 Long-term eelgrass loss due to joint effects of shade, heat
76 Mismatched eyes help squid survive ocean's twilight zone
77 Scientists find huge ancient landslide on Great Barrier Reef
78 Threat of poisonous algae growing on Great Barrier Reef
79 Marine ecosystems show resilience to climate disturbance
80 Ocean acidification can also promote shell formation
81 High price of shrimp linked to water pollution: study
82 Study shows signs of hope for endangered sea turtles
83 Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise
84 Great Barrier Reef almost drowned; climate implications
85 Are tiny grazers the new hope for Caribbean reefs
86 Study finds potential instability in Atlantic Ocean water circulation system
87 Japan's 'Tuna King' wins annual auction for $636,000
88 Newly discovered 'Casper' octopod at risk from deep-sea mining
89 Rising sea level estimates require collaborative response
90 Insectivorous long-fingered bats may also be capable of catching fish
91 Thai fishing fleets shift to distant waters to avoid crackdown: Greenpeace
92 New studies take a second look at coral bleaching culprit
93 Why cryptophyte algae are really good at harvesting light
94 East Asian dust deposition impacts on marine biological productivity
95 Corals much older than previously thought, study finds
96 Record coral kill-off on Great Barrier Reef
97 Marine incentives programs may replace 'doom and gloom' with hope
98 Oceans act as 'heat sink'
99 Marine microalgae, a new sustainable food and fuel source
100 Ocean acidification study offers warnings for marine life, habitats
101 Kelp forests globally resilient, but may need local solutions to environmental threats
102 Conservation meeting mulls fate of bluefin, swordfish
103 Experts call on climate change panel to better reflect ocean variability in their projections
104 Nightlights under the sea
105 Researchers test shark detection sonar technology in Australia
106 How sharks recycle toxic ammonia to keep their skin moist
107 Major environmental changes seen for Mediterranean: study
108 Seawater threat to California Central Coast aquifers
109 More salt water in Egypt's Nile Delta putting millions at grave risk
110 More intense and frequent severe rainstorms likely; no drop off expected