File Title
1 Pilot study shows stable insulin production in type 1 diabetes
2 Study of over 700,000 births shows increased risk of poor outcomes, including death, for babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes
3 Increased levels of active vitamin D can help to optimize muscle strength
4 Statin side effects are strongest predictor of failure to meet cholesterol targets
5 Survival rate may be improving for extremely preterm infants
6 More extremely preterm babies survive, live without neurological impairment
7 Study: Hormone therapy may not protect against Alzheimer's disease
8 Deep reefs unlikely to save shallow coral reefs
9 Plant-made virus shells could deliver drugs directly to cancer cells
10 Some marine creatures may be more resilient to harsher ocean conditions than expected
11 Measurements in baby's first year may point to autism risk
12 3-D reconstruction of skull suggests a small crocodile is a new species
13 Simple test may predict which children develop severe TB, Stanford researcher says
14 Flat-footed fighters
15 Monitoring birds by drone
16 Fasting mimicking diet reduces risk factors for aging and multiple age-related disease
17 Only a limited HIV subset moves from mother to child, study shows
18 Don't kill the messenger RNA
19 Delinquent youth have more high-risk sex HIV/AIDS behaviors as they age
20 Graphene from soybeans
21 High-res biomolecule imaging
22 New guideline provides clinical recommendations for specific insomnia drugs
23 Tumor-targeting system uses cancer's own mechanisms to betray its location
24 Level up and learn: Team teaches science through video game
25 Study finds that melatonin content of supplements varies widely
26 A new contrast agent for MRI
27 Extending VCSEL wavelength coverage to the mid-infrared
28 Moral distress in health care--Special report outlines strategies to increase moral resilience
29 Cardiovascular disease costs will exceed $1 trillion by 2035
30 Ancient jars found in Judea reveal earth's magnetic field is fluctuating, not diminishing
31 Turning up the heat for perfect (nano)diamonds
32 Potential new causes for the odor-producing disorder TMAU
33 Your brain's got rhythm
34 Scientists show 'matchmaker' role for protein behind SMA
35 Black hole is producing its own fuel for star-making
36 Astronomers propose a cell phone search for galactic fast radio bursts
37 Flirting on the 'fly,' what blow flies can tell us about attraction & dating apps
38 Study: Long-term eelgrass loss due to joint effects of shade, heat
39 Optimizing data center placement and network design to strengthen cloud computing
40 Researchers identify new process to raise natural armies of cancer-targeting T lymphocytes
41 Birmingham's early warning system flags global financial crises
42 Black-hole-powered jets forge fuel for star formation
43 Beach bashing
44 'Tis better to give--to your spouse
45 NASA's OSIRIS-REx takes its first image of Jupiter
46 The heart of a far-off star beats for its planet
47 Study rewrites the history of corn in corn country
48 Risk of subsequent malignancies reduced among childhood cancer survivors
49 Aggression disorder linked to greater risk of substance abuse
50 Genes may influence susceptibility to interventions promoting maternal-infant attachment
51 Genetic variant linked to overactive inflammatory response
52 New treatment target identified for aggressive lymphomas
53 Happy notes, happy memories
54 Unlocking the secrets of the Achilles' heel
55 Using Google to map our ecosystem
56 Another step in understanding antipsychotic medication
57 Cells adapt ultra-rapidly to zero gravity
58 Existence of a new quasiparticle demonstrated
59 From heroin addiction to alcohol-related problems
60 Concerns over inconsistent palliative care provision across England
61 Women may be at higher risk for sports-related concussion than men
62 Study finds secret to diverse forests' super success
63 Arrests 'big step' in chimp trade battle
64 Oldest croc eggs discovered in dinosaur nest
65 Robber fly: Hunting secrets of a tiny predator revealed
66 Neanderthals 'self-medicated' for pain
67 How to super-size your memory, according to science
68 DNA provides window into early Aboriginal history
69 Gravitational waves pioneer Ronald Drever dies
70 Invasive snakes threaten forests on Pacific island of Guam
71 Budget 2017: Robotics, driverless cars and 5G to get UK funds
72 'Rock star' Archaeopteryx fossil heads for Japan
73 Malta's Azure Window collapses into the sea
74 Sentinel satellite launched to picture Planet Earth
75 Tomorrow's cities: Stockholm turns green
76 How bad is air pollution in the UK?
77 How soon can we fly to the moon as space tourists?
78 Wikileaks is offering tech firms CIA files first
79 Sinclair ZX Vega+ funding campaign halted by Indiegogo
80 AirBnB raises $1 billion of investment funding
81 Security flaws 'undiscovered for years'
82 Controller issues with Nintendo Switch
83 Premier League gets Kodi piracy court order
84 Uber stops using Greyball 'secret program' to dodge regulators
85 FBI and CIA launch criminal investigation into 'malware leaks'
86 'Justin Bieber impostor' on 931 child sex-related charges
87 The 'robot lawyer' giving free legal advice to refugees
88 Smart machines v. hackers: How cyber warfare is escalating
89 The weird names the CIA gives its hacking tools
90 Inside the TalkTalk 'Indian scam call centre'
91 Has wearable tech had its day?
92 How can we make business travel less stressful?
93 Google's fake news Snippets
94 What if all schools were tech investors?
95 Heads 'cut exam courses amid funding squeeze'
96 Green Spring Academy: Intimidation and exam-fixing claims
97 Parents and MPs sent warning on school cuts
98 Music 'could face extinction' in secondary schools
99 Degree apprenticeships 'on verge of significant success'
100 Budget ignores schools 'on their knees' in cash crisis, says NUT
101 Sussex tops global university ranking
102 Dutch university sees post-Brexit fall in UK students
103 Budget includes cash for new free schools and grammars
104 Exams 'stress out parents too,' survey finds
105 Father ties baby's umbilical cord with shoelaces
106 Further delay for Named Person scheme
107 School makes millions from Snapchat IPO
108 Why high-flying Singapore wants more than grades
109 Lord Bilimoria warns of university losses from Brexit
110 The biggest killer you've never heard of