File Title
1 Nigeria water shortages hit Boko Haram displaced
2 Technology can reduce GPS outages from Northern Lights, researchers say
3 DevOps process reduces GPS OCX development time for Raytheon
4 Police in China's restive Xinjiang to track cars by GPS
5 GLONASS station in India to expedite 'space centric' warfare command
6 U.S. Air Force, Boeing extend GPS sustainment pact
7 India's Satnav Goes Out of Whack as Orbiting Atomic Clocks Break
8 Sun Devils working for a chance to induce photosynthesis on our lunar neighbor
9 NASA finds missing LRO, Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiters
10 India's Moon Mission on 2018 Target, Says ISRO Chief
11 An Epic Lunar Experience Lands at Space Center Houston
12 India Takes Russian Help to Analyze Chemical Composition of Lunar Surface
13 Complete Lunar-cy: The Earth Has Sprayed the Moon with Oxygen for Billennia
14 LunaH-Map CubeSaturday, to map the Moon's water deposits
15 India, Israel among five teams fighting for first private Moon landing
16 Under Trump, the Moon regains interest as possible destination
17 India's Moon Mission on 2018 Target, Says ISRO Chief
18 Cryovolcanism on Dwarf Planet Ceres
19 Warped Meteor Showers Hit Earth at All Angles
20 Origin of spooky meteor noises reappraised by researchers
21 Russian scientists find 13kg of meteorites in Iranian Desert
22 Mechanism underlying size-sorting of rubble on asteroid Itokawa revealed
23 Asteroid Split in Two and, Years Later, Developed Tails
24 Researchers aim to measure risk of exploding asteroids
25 Dawn discovers evidence for organic material on Ceres
26 Minor planet named Bernard
27 SwRI scientist studies geology of Ceres to understand origin of organics
28 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Begins Earth-Trojan Asteroid Search
29 Asteroid resembles dungeons and dragons dice
30 Earth Narrowly Dodges Three Large Asteroids
31 Gaia turns its eyes to asteroid hunting
32 Observations of Ceres indicate that asteroids might be camouflaged
33 Earth is bombarded at random, crater study shows
34 Objective: To deflect asteroids, thus preventing their collision with Earth
35 How the darkness and the cold killed the dinosaurs
36 Asteroid buzzes Earth
37 White House releases strategy in case of 'killer asteroid'
38 The case of the missing diamonds
39 Chicxulub: a unique crater to elucidate planetary surfaces
40 Asteroid impacts could create niches for life
41 Undergrad devises strategy for defending Earth from potential comet impact
42 Scientists voice support for asteroid deflection mission
43 Greenland fossils reveal global ecosystem recovery after mass extinction
44 Scientists reveal how Orientale crater formed on the Moon billions of years ago
45 Extraterrestrial impact preceded ancient global warming event
46 Research supports idea that moon was created by object hitting infant Earth
47 NASA Creates Software to Keep Tabs on Killer Asteroids
48 New material helps record data with light
49 University of Toronto physicists harness neglected properties of light
50 New method to detect ultrasound with light
51 Chiral quantum optics is a new research field with bright perspectives
52 A nano-roundabout for light
53 Squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly
54 Squeezing light into new miniature devices
55 Silicon nanoantennas turn light around
56 Weakness is good when controlling light
57 When quantum scale affects the way atoms emit and absorb particles of light
58 Filming light and electrons coupled together as they travel under cover
59 Discovery: A new form of light
60 How to control polarization of light
61 New oscillating material may tap unused electromagnetic spectrum
62 More stable way to send light through nano-photonic fibers
63 More to rainbows than meets the eye
64 Scientists discover light could exist in a previously unknown form
65 Human eyes can detect the smallest units of light
66 Researchers devise new tool to measure polarization of light
67 Let there be light
68 Nano 'hall of mirrors' causes molecules to mix with light
69 Light: Information's new friend
70 Meta-lens sees smaller than a wavelength of light
71 Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light
72 Scientists discover new form of light
73 How light is detected affects the atom that emits it
74 Stochastic resonance, chaos transfer shown in microresonator
75 Stochastic resonance, chaos transfer shown in microresonator
76 N/A
77 Superfast light source made from artificial atom
78 New nanodevice shifts light's color at single-photon level
79 How to reach Alpha Centauri in just 20 years
80 Researchers demonstrate a new way to characterize twisted light
81 Exploiting high speed light for super slow science
82 Mechanical quanta see the light
83 Novel metasurface revolutionizes ubiquitous scientific tool
84 Researchers found an unconventional phase transition in photonic structures
85 Bevy of quasars boosts understanding of galaxies' origins
86 Iota Orionis: Pulsating beacon of a constellation
87 Streamlining the measurement of phonon dispersion
88 Magnetic fields at the crossroads
89 Quantum entanglement between a single photon and a trillion of atoms
90 Exploring the mysteries of supercooled water
91 First trace of differences between matter and 'ordinary' antimatter
92 Molecular phenomenon discovered by advanced NMR facility
93 N/A
94 Perimeter Institute researchers apply machine learning to condensed matter physics
95 Quantum phase transition observed for the first time
96 PPPL scientist uncovers physics behind plasma-etching process
97 Astronomers measure universe expansion, get hints of 'new physics'
98 Can the donut-shaped magnet 'CAPPuccino submarine' hunt for dark matter?
99 Traffic jam in empty space
100 Light source discovery 'challenges basic assumption' of physics
101 Investigations of the skyrmion Hall effect reveal surprising results
102 The sound of quantum vacuum
103 Laser pulses help scientists tease apart complex electron interactions
104 New theoretical framework for improved particle accelerators
105 The formation of supermassive black holes in the very early universe
106 Enceladus' south pole is warm under the frost
107 Cassini Sees Heat Below the Icy Surface of Enceladus
108 An Ice World...With an Ocean
109 Close views show Saturn's Rings in unprecedented detail
110 Cassini captures stunning view of Saturn moon Daphnis