File Title
1 Computational method makes gene expression analyses more accurate
2 Women less likely to be academic grand rounds speakers than men
3 Collection of articles examines racial, gender issues in academic medicine
4 Examining whether migraine is associated with cervical artery dissection
5 Evaluation of emergency medicine residents points to gender bias
6 Electronic system lowers wait times for access to specialists
7 Patients more likely to refuse drug therapy than psychotherapy for mental health
8 Study finds racial disparities in top medical society membership
9 Soy food consumption linked to prolonged survival in some breast cancer patients
10 Infant MRIs show autism linked to increased cerebrospinal fluid
11 Dartmouth study finds modern hunter-gatherers relocate to maximize foraging efficiency
12 Mouse arrest
13 Blood pressure could be more effectively controlled as new treatment target is discovered
14 Only 1 in 5 patients seeking specialist for resistant HBP take meds as prescribed
15 One in 5 residents overuses electricity at neighbors' expense
16 Screening for heart disease may lead to prevention, better treatments
17 Direct-to-consumer telehealth may drive up medical spending by encouraging new care
18 Researchers discover new variant on notorious resistance gene
19 Cerebrospinal fluid shows promise as autism biomarker
20 Anakinra does not seem to improve fatigue severity in women with chronic fatigue syndrome
21 Zika virus in Canadian travellers more severe than expected
22 More social connection online tied to increasing feelings of isolation
23 Study participants--especially women--less willing to ride in driverless ambulances
24 Minimally invasive, less expensive treatment for uterine fibroids underutilized
25 One in three Australians report health problems from fragranced consumer products
26 Study identifies common gene variants associated with gallbladder cancer
27 Innovative treatment offers relief to children with frequent migraine headaches
28 Becoming tobacco-free is feasible, boosts safety in a mental health hospital
29 Ten million lives saved by 1962 breakthrough, study says
30 Organ-on-a-chip model offers insights into premature aging and vascular disease
31 OLYMPUS experiment sheds light on structure of protons
32 Coffee-ring effect leads to crystallization control
33 Widespread conflicts of interest among patient-advocacy organizations uncovered in study
34 Boosting the lifetime and effectiveness of biomedical devices
35 NASA examines deadly spring-like weather with GPM satellite
36 Group blazes path to efficient, eco-friendly deep-ultraviolet LED
37 Revealing Aspergillus diversity for industrial applications
38 New research shows crude oil chemicals move and change more quickly than EPA standards
39 3-D printing with plants
40 Microbiome diversity is influenced by chance encounters
41 Exercise-induced hormone irisin linked to new mechanisms for bone metabolism
42 More funding for long-term studies necessary for best science, environmental policy
43 Assessing the impact of stress in age-related macular degeneration
44 Tool helps evaluate likely outcomes for elderly patients with traumatic brain injury
45 Should we commit to eradicate malaria worldwide?
46 A Trump twist? Environment over economy in Michigan
47 Graphene sheets capture cells efficiently
48 Biosimilar of costly inflammatory bowel disease therapy found safe and effective
49 Hubble showcases a remarkable galactic hybrid
50 Researchers investigate evolution of bipedalism in ancient dinosaur ancestors
51 Physicians analyze food trends and publish dietary prescription for optimal heart health
52 Painkillers without dangerous side effects
53 Negative coverage of the EU in UK newspapers nearly doubled over the last 40 years
54 How to improve your freshman retention rate
55 Making metabolically active brown fat from white fat-derived stem cells
56 Precise technique tracks dopamine in the brain
57 Frozen chemistry controls bacterial infections
58 Doctoral student's research looks at cause of neurodegenerative disease
59 Can math help explain our bodies--and our diseases?
60 Algorithm identified Trump as 'not-married'
61 Twice weekly yoga classes plus home practice effective in reducing symptoms of depression
62 How to solve a problem like antibiotic resistance
63 Study sheds new light on how species extinction affects complex ecosystems
64 Genome editing: Pressing the delete button on DNA
65 Solar storms trigger surprising phenomena close to Earth
66 Reprogrammed blood vessels promote cancer spread
67 New insights on how pathogens escape the immune system
68 Athletes' symptom anxiety linked to risk of injury
69 Continuous-flow, electrically triggered, single cell-level electroporation
70 'Smart' genetic library--making disease diagnosis much easier
71 Revolutionary process to create ether from esters using metal catalysts
72 New finds from China suggest human evolution probably of regional continuity
73 Importance of rare microbial species is much greater than you think
74 Indoor tanning, sun safety articles published by JAMA Dermatology
75 Functional brain training alleviates chemotherapy-induced peripheral nerve damage in cancer survivor
76 Study: Volkswagen's excess emissions will lead to 1,200 premature deaths in Europe
77 Biological system with light switch: New findings from Graz, Austria
78 Study reveals the atmospheric footprint of global warming hiatus
79 Epigenetic enzyme found to be lacking in some patients with Crohn's disease
80 Drug used to treat weak bones associated with micro-cracks
81 Researchers remotely control sequence in which 2-D sheets fold into 3-D structures
82 Latest genomic technology uncovers secrets of immune system's response to malaria
83 Novel 3-D manufacturing leads to highly complex, bio-like materials
84 Why pandas are black and white
85 Brake dust may cause more problems than blackened wheel covers
86 What global climate change may mean for leaf litter in streams and rivers
87 Sex differences in brain activity alter pain therapies
88 Saving brain cells from stroke
89 NASA study improves forecasts of summer Arctic sea ice
90 Melting temperature of Earth's mantle depends on water
91 More bang for the buck
92 Horseback riding interventions have therapeutic benefits for people with disabilities
93 Study finds not all women get appropriate care for cervical cancer
94 City of Hope researchers discover how breast cancer spreads to the brain
95 New avalanche and snow burial practice guidelines released by wilderness medical society
96 Researchers find positive long-term colic surgery results in horses
97 Probing seven worlds with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
98 Nanoengineers 3-D print biomimetic blood vessel networks
99 Taking earth's inner temperature
100 Physical therapy proves as effective as surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome
101 Researchers report first known case of CTE in patient with no known head trauma
102 CCNY-based team develops sustainable, high energy density battery
103 New path suggested for nuclear fusion
104 To understand others' minds, 'being' them beats reading them
105 Hand-picked specialty crops 'ripe' for precision agriculture techniques
106 Research finds a majority endorsing revenge porn
107 Palbociclib in advanced breast cancer: Disadvantages predominate in certain patients
108 Once overlooked, uninitialized-use 'bugs' may provide portal for hacker attacks on Linux
109 Study: Firms that owed more also laid off more workers during the 2007-2009 recession
110 'Red hair' gene variant may underlie association between melanoma and Parkinson's disease