File Title
1 Depression doubles long-term risk of death after heart disease diagnosis, new study findsam
2 Dramatic improvement in surface finishing of 3-D printing
3 Pinpointing the mechanisms that underlie emotional responses to pain
4 A novel protein regulates cancer immunity and could offer a therapeutic target
5 Scientists work to lift the mystery of persistent haze
6 Mount Sinai researchers publish results of first-of-its-kind iPhone asthma study
7 Pain in the neck
8 Pre-existing immunity to dengue virus shapes Zika-specific T cell response
9 Stanford scientists map seawater threat to California Central Coast aquifers
10 Genetic key to salt-tolerance discovered in tilapia fish
11 400,000-year-old fossil human cranium is oldest ever found in Portugal
12 Two radio signals, one chip, open a new world for wireless communication
13 Depression, alcohol, and marijuana linked to later use of synthetic marijuana among teens
14 Visualizing the genome: Researchers create first 3-D structures of active DNA
15 For hospitalized patients, spending more on care doesn't buy better health
16 Hodgkin lymphoma survivors at high risk of second cancers
17 Are military physicians ready to treat transgender patients?
18 Is higher health care spending by physicians associated with better outcomes?
19 People see black men as larger, more threatening than same-sized white men
20 1 in 5 breast cancer patients could benefit from existing treatment, genetic study reveals
21 A kiss of death to drug the 'undruggable'
22 Parenthood linked to longer life
23 Physical activity levels may start tailing off by age of 7 in both boys and girls
24 3+ hours daily screen time linked to diabetes risk factors for kids
25 Study identifies African-specific genomic variant associated with obesity
26 Atomic map of malaria drug gives it new life
27 Creation of highly magnetic material could improve computer technologies
28 Spin-resolved oscilloscope for charge and spin signals
29 Early intervention with new treatment enables durable control of HIV-like virus in monkeys
30 WSU researcher finds mechanism triggering spread of prostate cancer to bones
31 Radiation from nearby galaxies helped fuel first monster black holes, says study
32 Monkeys suppress HIV-like virus for extended period after dual-antibody treatment
33 Enzyme-free krebs cycle may have been key step in origin of life on Earth
34 Ultrashort light pulses for fast 'lightwave' computers
35 Light scattering spectroscopy helps doctors identify early pancreatic cancer
36 'Good' bacteria is potential solution to unchecked inflammation seen in bowel diseases
37 First physiological test for schizophrenia and depression
38 NYU chemists color world of 3-D crystals with advances in self-assembly
39 MRI scans can help spot HIV in the brain
40 Vicious circle of drought and forest loss in the Amazon
41 Dietary kit reduces baby blues, a precursor to postpartum depression
42 Researchers predict crime knowledge states in the human brain
43 Flowering times shift with loss of species from a grassland ecosystem
44 Study shows how river channels adjust to large sediment supplies
45 How cells communicate to move together as a group
46 United States has highest rate of poor primary care coordination among 11 high-income countries
47 Antibiotics not effective for clinically infected eczema in children
48 Nursery product-related injuries on the rise among young children
49 No evidence that 2014 insurance expansions strained access to primary care
50 Failed fertility therapy associated with increased risk of later cardiac disease
51 Automated blood pressure monitoring over 30 minutes reduces over-treatment of patients
52 Fish oil supplements may help prevent death after MI but lack evidence of CV benefit for general population
53 Parallel cellular pathways activate the process that controls organ growth
54 Study finds differences in lifespan between Canadians and Americans with cystic fibrosis
55 Canadians with cystic fibrosis live a decade longer than American patients [& other topics]
56 Convenient and easy to use glucose monitoring and maintenance
57 Joint efforts towards treating paralysis
58 Longer deadlines make people donate more money
59 Doctors and patients often disagree on pain treatment goals
60 Effects of weather variability on maple syrup production studied
61 Castration-resistant prostate cancer cell growth impeded by endostatin
62 Drug use drops after ER visits used as 'teachable moments'
63 Mayo breast cancer study provides critical information on tumor sequencing and chemother
64 The environmental state of Moscow was assessed in a new way
65 Wayne State researchers suggest that brain networks at rest are in readiness for action
66 New research identifies New Bedford Harbor as major source of airborne PCBs
67 Mayo discovers high-intensity aerobic training can reverse aging processes in adults
68 Discovery in new material raises questions about theoretical models of superconductivity
69 Investigational vaccine protects cattle from respiratory syncytial virus
70 What is innovation, and how can we awaken its dormant traits and cultivate them?
71 Benefits of university seed cap programs
72 Childhood bullying may lead to increased chronic disease risk in adulthood
73 Building on the foundations of innovation
74 Energy crop production on conservation lands may not boost greenhouse gases
75 NASA's aerial survey of polar ice expands its Arctic reach
76 A closer look at brain organoid development
77 Information avoidance
78 New nanofiber marks important step in next generation battery development
79 Research evaluates how financial criminals evade laws
80 New application of the selective laser melting method
81 Hubble hones in on a hypergiant's home
82 Immunology: Live and let live
83 Behavioral biology: Ripeness is all
84 Potential approach to how radioactive elements could be 'fished out' of nuclear waste
85 University of Leicester in new project to identify Jack the Ripper's last known victim
86 Floods and hurricanes predicted with social media
87 Researchers find a gene that causes Opitz C syndrome
88 The new theory of economic 'agrowth' contributes to the viability of climate policies
89 What cancer research can learn from military strategy
90 Gastrointestinal cancer: Physical exercise helps during chemo
91 Single molecule switch
92 Stressed seabird parents think only of themselves
93 An utter shambles
94 Researchers discovered fungus gnat paradise in Peruvian Amazonia
95 Measurements by school pupils paved way for key research findings
96 NASA, ASU collaboration develops 3-D tissue culture models to mimic human gut infections
97 The hazards of English spelling
98 Study: Patients more likely to get flu shots when doctors make appointments
99 Citric acid has the potential to produce respiratory sensitisers in e-cigarette vapor
100 Updated appropriate use criteria address coronary revascularization for patients with SIHD
101 Rapid blood pressure drops in middle age linked to dementia in old age
102 Severe hypoglycemia linked to increased risk of death in people with diabetes
103 Organic is only one ingredient in recipe for sustainable food future
104 A breath of fresh air for severe asthma research
105 This small molecule could have a big future in global food security
106 Patients with depression symptoms due to chronic sinus disease are less productive
107 CAS scientists review the basic and translational studies of hedgehog signaling
108 New research shows promise in disabling cancer's defences
109 Why the discovery of a bevy of quasars will boost efforts to understand galaxies' origins
110 Carbon-based approaches for saving rainforests should include biodiversity studies