File Title
1 'Black swan' events strike animal populations
2 When less is essential to keep the brain going
3 Being overweight in early pregnancy associated with increased rate of cerebral palsy
4 Fewer overweight adults report trying to lose weight
5 Dietary factors associated with substantial proportion of deaths from heart disease, stroke, and disease
6 Towards mastering terahertz waves?
7 How exercise--interval training in particular--helps your mitochondria stave off old age
8 Economic models behind EU-Canada free trade agreement questioned
9 Reducing conducting thin film surface roughness for electronics
10 Synchrotron sheds (X-ray) light on carbon chemistry at ocean surfaces
11 Male infertility research reveals how a new life begins
12 First underwater video footage of the True's beaked whale
13 Magnetic fields at the crossroads
14 Evidence lacking to support 'lead diet'
15 Going glassy: Revealing structure and dynamics of glassy polymers during transition
16 Incidence of dementia in primary care increased in the Netherlands over 23 years
17 NUS study: Safer to ride in yellow taxis
18 Designing the fuel-efficient aircraft of the future
19 Vaginal progesterone reduces the rate of preterm birth
20 Tackling Lupus and its renal complications with novel small molecule drug candidate
21 New study shines light on photosynthesis
22 Fly-over states matter when understanding--and saving--migratory birds
23 Better injury data management can save fire departments hundreds of thousands of dollars
24 Businesses seeking international legitimacy should look to China's model
25 Medicaid payment reform linked to fewer early elective deliveries
26 Study shows US grasslands affected more by atmospheric dryness than precipitation
27 Unique protein partly to blame for worm's digestive distress
28 Proper movements in Muslim prayer ritual can reduce lower back pain
29 Despite changes, revised immigration executive order will cause health care crises
30 SF State researchers create new tool that measures active learning in classrooms
31 Study shows how skates, rays and sharks sense electrical fields
32 Brain cells show teamwork in short-term memory: Western University study
33 Bubble-recoil could be used to cool microchips, even in space
34 New materials could turn water into the fuel of the future
35 How nature creates forest diversity
36 Robot uses social feedback to fetch objects intelligently
37 Skin testing, computerized support tool can improve antibiotic use in hospital inpatients
38 Cancer 'hot spots' in Florida may be associated with hazardous waste sites
39 Cargo-carrying red blood cells alleviate autoimmune diseases in mice
40 Boosting your own defenses against heart disease
41 New types of structures for cage-like clathrates
42 Tree growth model assists breeding for more wood
43 Fighting blindness: TSRI scientists bring a key protein into focus
44 Cosmic environments and their influence in star formation
45 A new approach to improving lithium-sulfur batteries
46 Head injuries can alter hundreds of genes and lead to serious brain diseases
47 Turning food waste into tires
48 New materials could turn water into the fuel of the future
49 Maintaining an active sex life may lead to improved job satisfaction, engagement in work
50 Flashy first images arrive from NOAA's GOES-16 lightning mapper
51 Evidence disproving tropical 'thermostat' theory
52 Gender bias may hamper evaluations of female emergency medicine residents
53 Paleolake deposits on Mars might look like sediments in Indonesia
54 It's a bird, it's a plane, it's--a key discovery about human memory
55 Scientists discover how animals measure time of year to reproduce
56 Breakthrough in live coral imaging
57 Two-thirds of Americans see docs who got paid by drug companies: Drexel University study
58 Vesicle formation findings could pave way for liquid biopsies, drug delivery devices
59 What's the real extent of industry payments to doctors?
60 Extended Use of MAO-B Inhibitors Slows Decline in Parkinson's Disease Patients
61 The influence of stimulants on performance when playing chess
62 Study IDs 90 genes in fat that may contribute to dangerous diseases
63 American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology study looks to prevent obstetric hemorrhage
64 New method rescues donor organs to save lives
65 Study finds disruptive children do not inspire similar behavior in their siblings
66 Random process analysis could give a woman more information about which infertility treatment is best
67 Shadow-loving insect named after Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish
68 Study finds knee surgery holds even in heavier patients
69 Simple tool can predict serious adverse events in acute heart failure patients
70 Low-cost monitoring device uses light to quickly detect oil spills
71 Break the two-hour marathon record? It could be done today
72 Fluciclovine PET/CT improves radiotherapy targeting for recurrent prostate cancer
73 AGU's newest open access journal GeoHealth publishes first articles
74 Penn physician pioneers new reconstructive surgery for female genital mutilation
75 Imaging the inner workings of a sodium-metal sulfide battery for first time
76 Biophysicists propose new approach for membrane protein crystallization
77 Space energy technology restored to make power stations more efficient
78 Statistics method shows networks differ in epileptic brains
79 New study sheds light on the darker side of business travel
80 World-first synthetic receptor mimics how cells 'talk' to the world around them
81 Research survey evaluates attitudes toward microfluidics-based cell culture
82 Scientists show cognitive-enhancing drugs can improve chess play
83 Continuous pain is often not assessed during neonatal intensive care
84 Revealing the origin and nature of the outskirts of stellar megalopolises
85 A new look at the nature of dark matter
86 Cebit 2017: Post-print customization of 3-D prints
87 Research into palliative care top priority for cancer patients
88 Helping women progress in traditionally male dominated fields
89 Inflammation in regeneration: A friend or foe?
90 Gehry's Biodiversity Museum--favorite attraction for the butterflies and moths in Panama
91 The cold exterminated all of them
92 Bird spiders detectives: The solution to a 200-year-old hairy mystery
93 New deep learning techniques analyze athletes' decision-making
94 The Darknet protects itself by being more robust against attacks
95 Star clusters discovery could upset the astronomical applecart
96 Religious participation may serve to strengthen social bonds
97 The Estee Lauder companies R&D creates new model explaining why periorbital skin ages faster
98 New evidence for a water-rich history on Mars
99 New UTSA study delves into income inequality and inflation
100 Political affiliation, weight influence your opinion on fighting obesity, study finds
101 Very different cities have similar potential for ride sharing
102 How molecular machines may drive the future of disease detection and drug delivery
103 Early deaths from childhood cancer up to 4 times more common than previously reported
104 New blood test could help detect and locate cancer early on
105 World's largest autism genome database shines new light on many 'autisms'
106 Available drug may protect ovaries and fertility from damage by chemotherapies
107 Underwater mountains help ocean water rise from abyss
108 Patients with OCD have difficulty learning when a stimulus is safe
109 One-two punch may floor worst infections
110 Smartphone interruptions: Are yours relentless and annoying?