File Title
1 Warmer weather could bring fresh Zika misery
2 Neanderthals may have medicated with penicillin and painkillers
3 Translucent helmeted cockroach looks like an alien with a halo
4 Ebola vaccine promising in chimps but may never be used
5 Discovery of tiny moon completes the set for worlds past Neptune
6 First results of CRISPR gene editing of normal embryos released
7 EPA boss says carbon dioxide not primary cause of climate change
8 Special steel inspired by bone is more resistant to cracking
9 Five designer chromosomes bring synthetic life a step closer
10 NASA's new budget is big on other worlds but ignores our own
11 Dogs use deception to get what they want from humans (a sausage)
12 N/A
13 Dogs use deception to get what they want from humans (a sausage)
14 Sneaky beetles evolved disguise to look like ants, then eat them
15 Babies in prams are exposed to high levels of air pollution
16 Mystery brain particles may link head injuries to dementia
17 Robot that shows pain could teach doctors to recognise it better
18 What makes a good surgeon? Video analysis rates suturing skills
19 Never-before-seen gatherings of hundreds of humpback whales
20 Could fast radio bursts really be powering alien space ships?
21 Your brain fills gaps in your hearing without you realising
22 Maize engineered to silence deadly toxins in poisonous mould
23 The toy boat that sailed the seas of time
24 Ancient sanctuary from obscure religion that competed with Christianity unearthed in Corsica
25 Ancient burials and artifacts unearthed beneath Lincoln Eastern Bypass site
26 38,000 year-old engravings confirm ancient origins of technique used by Seurat, Van Gogh
27 Palaces of Ancient Persia Were Built with 'Fire Temple' Wood
28 'Oldest' Iron Age gold work in Britain found in Staffordshire
29 Chaco's Elites Were Natives of Chaco Canyon, Not Migrants, Their Remains Show
30 Confucius depicted on mirror
31 New study reignites debate over Viking settlements in England
32 Mystery over male Black Death victims found buried hand in hand
33 Puzzle of the Maya pendant
34 Archaeology: Ancient cultures also were affected by climate change
35 Tree scars record 700 years of natural and cultural fire history in a northern forest
36 Fabled 'Atlantis Alloy' Recovered in Greater Numbers from Ancient Shipwreck
37 High official's family tombs unearthed in Chengdu
38 Archaeologists Scale History of Ancient Staircase
39 'Patchwork' Early Human Fossils Suggest Intermixing
40 Ancient peoples shaped the Amazon rainforest
41 Archaeologists Uncover Vast Ancient Roman Mining Operation in Spain
42 Evidence of large burial mound points to resting place of emperor
43 How to Eat like a Viking
44 Why Did Greenland's Vikings Vanish?
45 Scientists study ways to preserve world heritage sites damaged in armed conflicts
46 Greek Culture Minister allocates 2.5 million euros for Amphipolis Tomb project works
47 Hundreds of previously undiscovered ancient oak trees found in English countryside
48 4,000 Years Old Mysterious Tomb with Rock Art Exposed in Upper Galilee
49 Archaeologists say they've found the campsite used by survivors of legendary 'doomed' ship
50 Ancient skulls may belong to elusive humans called Denisovans
51 Tree roots from late 10th century signal a show of power in Tottori
52 Advanced Radar Tech Could Save Ancient City of Angkor's Collapsing Monuments
53 Statue of Amenhotep III, 66 of goddess Sekhmet unearthed in Luxor
54 Ancient nomadic herders beat a path to the Silk Road
55 Discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery
56 Look on my works, ye mighty...Ozymandias statue found in mud
57 Two Male Skeletons Unearthed with Fingers Interwoven in London Elizabeth Crossrail
58 Dental Plaque DNA Opens New Window on Neanderthal Life-Ways
59 Australian aboriginal hair shows 50,000 years connection to country
60 2,000 Year Old Road Excavated near Bet Shemesh
61 From Vilified to Vindicated: the Story of Jacques Cinq-Mars
62 For the first time, the Gulf of Mexico didn't fall below 73 this winter
63 Researchers create electronic rose complete with wires and supercapacitors
64 Google's anti-trolling AI can be defeated by typos, researchers find [Updated]
65 I need leadership help, Uber CEO Kalanick says after video goes viral
66 New find could be oldest evidence of life ever discovered
67 Sweetener found in urine lets slip how much we pee into pools: up to 75L
68 132 Google Play apps tried to infect Android users with...Windows malware
69 IBM gets a patent on "out-of-office" e-mail messages--in 2017
70 Student accused of taking nude locker room video of school administrator
71 Under Ajit Pai's FCC, mobile ISPs can charge tolls to bypass data caps
72 Windows updates to become more reliable and predictable, with fewer surprise reboots
73 Get ready for robots made with human flesh
74 Performance overkill? The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
75 Yahoo cookie hacks affected 32 million accounts, CEO foregoes bonus
76 Another BPA-alternative shows troubling hormone-interfering powers
77 Public university lays off 79 IT workers after they train outsourced replacements
78 AMD Ryzen 7 1800X still behind Intel, but it's great for the price
79 AMD's moment of Zen: Finally, an architecture that can compete
80 The US intelligence nominee can't believe India just launched 104 satellites
81 How much wind could the East Coast take if its power grid could take wind?
82 Pokemon Go reveals early prototypes, issues with cognitive dissonance
83 Casey Neistat wants to make his own news network with help from CNN
84 Our favorite phones and tech from 2017's Mobile World Congress
85 Plastic synapses offer hardware alternative to neural networks
86 Researchers uncover PowerShell Trojan that uses DNS queries to get its orders
87 Patent-holding company's $533 million verdict against Apple is dust on appeal
88 Google says Pixel laptops aren't dead, it just isn't announcing or selling any
89 Broadband lobbyists celebrate as FCC halts data security requirements
90 California Supreme Court: No, you can't hide public records on a private account
91 From Apple to Zendesk, tech sector supports transgender boy at Supreme Court
92 Amazon pledges to cover 15 massive warehouse rooftops with solar panels
93 Amazon S3 problem caused by command line mistake during maintenance
94 We still don't know where cosmic rays are coming from
95 Fossils reveal ancient "unknown" human in China
96 Hands-on with LG's high-res, more comfortable SteamVR prototype
97 Ex-White House Secret Service officer guilty of "at work" teen sexting charges
98 Turning the water on in a sink can launch pipe-climbing superbugs
99 How "Game Mode" will make games run better on Windows
100 Rick Perry confirmed as Energy Department head, Ryan Zinke takes Interior post
101 Warren Spector almost made an RTS-branded RPG instead of Deus Ex
102 Mike Pence used an AOL e-mail account for state business and it got hacked
103 After legal settlement, Redflex's six-month losses jump by nearly 10X
104 A Wii U owner's send-off to a deeply flawed but essential Nintendo console
105 Alcatel A5 LED: Someone, somewhere wants a phone that doubles as a mobile disco
106 Jeff Bezos says NASA should return to the Moon, and he's ready to help
107 FCC chair wants carriers to block robocalls from spoofed numbers
108 Uber rethinks defiance, will apply for self-driving car permit in California
109 Op-ed: The Internet belongs to the people, not powerful corporate interests
110 Op-ed: Protect the Open Internet with a bipartisan law