File Title
1 Royal Maya Pendant Possibly Used in Rain God Ritual
2 An Anti-Trump Incantation: What's in a Magic Spell?
3 Giant Prehistoric Penguins Evolved During the Dinosaur Age
4 Colorectal Cancer Rates Rise Sharply in Younger US Adults
5 There She Blows! Italy's Mount Etna Erupts
6 Baby Watch! 'Giraffe Cam' Tracks Expectant Mother
7 The Strange 'McGurk' Effect: How Your Eyes Can Affect What You Hear
8 Reference: Mount Etna: Facts About Volcano's Eruptions
9 Kinky Wolf Spiders Engage in Menage a Trois to Avoid Cannibalism
10 Unusually Hot or Cold Weather Could Affect Babies' Weight
11 Red vs. Blue: Why Necktie Colors Matter
12 Reference: Facts About Thorium
13 In New Territory, Good Froggy Dads Go Cannibal
14 Mysterious 'Cosmic' Jellyfish Spotted in Remote Ocean Depths
15 Deep-Sea Stroll: This Fish 'Walks' on the Ocean Floor
16 Glowing, 'Living' Gloves Could Aid Crime-Scene Investigations
17 Witness the Beauty of Science: SciArt Tweet Storm Kicks Off
18 A Sweet Way to Test for Pee in the Pool?
19 Amateur Treasure Hunters Find 2,000-Year-Old Gold Jewelry
20 Why the Octopus Lost Its Shell
21 World's Oldest Fossils Possibly Uncovered in Canada
22 Women in STEM Fields Get Boost from President Trump
23 'Inflammatory Diet' May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
24 Advanced Radar Tech Could Save Ancient City of Angkor's Collapsing Monuments
25 What Was the First Life on Earth?
26 New American Spy Satellite Launches on Classified Mission
27 Why Do People Vape? Reasons Have Changed
28 Migraine-Fighting Arm Patch Shows Small Effect
29 Reference: Facts About Cloning
30 Balmy! Antarctica Hit Record-Breaking 63 Degrees F in 2015
31 Moon Casts Shadow Over Patagonia in Stunning 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Photo
32 Floating Ice Diamond Dazzles from Space
33 Their Hearts Were in It: One Renaissance Couple's Final Gesture
34 The Real Reasons People Troll
35 Elephant All-Nighters? Giant Beasts Sleep Only 2 Hours
36 'Patchwork' Early Human Fossils Suggest Intermixing
37 DNA Mutations May Have Doomed the Woolly Mammoth
38 Streaming Science: What's New to Netflix in March
39 Safer Weed? Experts Call for Research to Reduce Marijuana's Harms
40 Misuse of Hand Sanitizer Linked to Poisoning Cases in Kids
41 Here's Why Couples Without Kids Are Stigmatized
42 How Healthy Is Your City? Check with Interactive Map
43 Could this Hat-Camera Combo Be Google's Next Hit?
44 Earth's Mantle Is More than 100 Degrees F Hotter than Scientists Thought
45 Reviving Frozen Organs: Nanotech May Pave the Way
46 Meet a New Kind of Zombie, in the Film 'The Girl with All the Gifts'
47 Something's Missing: Penis-Less Worm Discovered in Spain
48 Most of US Had a Freakishly Warm Winter
49 How Scientists Collected a Piece of the Sun
50 Strange New Nebula Is Missing Its Light Source
51 Deadly 'H7N9' Avian Flu Spreads in China
52 Adorable Clouded Leopard Cub's Birth Signals Conservation Success
53 Sun Safety: Students, and Schools, Could Be Doing More
54 Shocking Images Reveal Massive Damage to California Reservoir
55 Turkey Seance Video? Birds Circling Dead Cat Is Normal, Really
56 New Jupiter Images: Do You See Cotton Candy or Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'?
57 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
58 100 Years of Women in Politics: How They've Served
59 Does Gasoline Go Bad?
60 'Women of NASA' Lego Set: Q&A with Creator Maia Weinstock
61 Animal Sex: How Hummingbirds Do It
62 Why Do Songs Get Stuck in Your Head?
63 Maize Study Finds Genes that Help Crops Adapt to Change
64 University of Iowa Announces It Will Be Coal-Free by 2025
65 Geneseo Planetary Geologist Involved in Determining Next Mars Rover Landing Site
66 Breakthrough Wireless Sensing System Attracts Industry and Government Agency Interest
67 Origin of Spooky Meteor Noises Reappraised by Sandia Researchers
68 Warming Ponds Could Accelerate Climate Change
69 Why Are There Different 'Flavors' of Iron Around the Solar System?
70 Dream of Energy-Collecting Windows Is One Step Closer to Reality
71 Mighty Microbes Roil Oceans
72 Soil Will Absorb Less Atmospheric Carbon than Expected this Century
73 Unlocking Peptide Potential
74 Hydraulic Fluids Hospitable for Microbes
75 An Alternative to Opioids? Compound from Marine Snail Is Potent Pain Reliever
76 URI Professor Examines Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reefs, Shellfish
77 Seven New Species of Night Frogs from the Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot Including Four Miniature Forms
78 Stabilizing Energy Storage
79 When Rocket Science Meets X-Ray Science
80 ORC as Loader of the Rings
81 Understanding 'Glass Relaxation' and Why It's Important for Next-Generation Displays
82 West Virginia University Awarded $1.25 Million from ARPA-E for Transformational Energy Technology
83 New Studies Quantify the Impacts of Water Use on Diversity of Fish and Aquatic Insects in NC Streams
84 Penn and Wistar Researchers Find "Sweet Spot" Where Tissue Stiffness Promotes Cancer's Spread
85 Monterey County Students to Present Their Findings to Polar Scientists at CSUMB February 24
86 Sandia Using Kinetics, Not Temperature, to Make Ceramic Coatings
87 Over Time, Nuisance Flooding Can Cost More than Extreme, Infrequent Events
88 Harvard Medical School Geneticist David Reich Shares $1 million Prize for Ancient DNA Discoveries
89 Winners, Losers Among Fish When Landscape Undergoes Change
90 When Russians Purchase Counterfeit Alcohol
91 Scientists Create a Nano-Trampoline to Probe Quantum Behavior
92 UF/IFAS Researchers Find Potential Bugs to Eat Invasive Cogongrass
93 Forrest Chumley Receives International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium Award
94 Social Information from Friends and Experts Could Help Reduce Uncertainty in Crowdfunding Campaigns
95 Biology Professor Reshapes Teaching Strategy with Course on Parasites
96 Study to Focus on Pollution Potential of Oil and Gas Wastewater Spread on Roadways
97 The Right Chemistry: Collaborating Across Multiple Disciplines
98 Study Finds Consumers Willing to Pay More for "All-Natural" Labeled Foods
99 Science Versus the 'Horatio Alger Myth'
100 University of Notre Dame Partners with the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute
101 Cultivating Cool-for-Cash-Crop
102 BIDMC Scientists Survey the State of Sleep Science
103 How Do Polar Bears Respond to Climate Change, Subsistence Hunting?
104 From Rocks in Colorado, Evidence of a 'Chaotic Solar System'
105 Upcoming Webcast Takes a Close Look at NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
106 Sagan Institute Director Explains What Life Could Be like Near Trappist-1
107 Farther from the Forest: 'Eye-Opening' Study Shows Rural U.S. Loses Forests Faster than Cities
108 Masdar Institute Pioneering Innovative Wastewater Treatment System
109 'Atmospheric Rivers' Associated with California Flooding also Common in the Southeast
110 Masdar Institute Files Patent for Innovative Cloud Seeding Material that Could Trigger More Rainfall from Clouds