File Title
1 Study shows role of depression in the ongoing tobacco epidemic
2 Facebook 'likes' don't work like marketers think they do
3 New path suggested for nuclear fusion
4 Sleepovers with stuffed animals help children learn to read
5 New studies illustrate how gamers get good
6 Teach yourself everyday happiness with imagery training
7 Maths and maps make you nervous? It could be in your genes
8 Risky business: calculating climate change losses in major European coastal cities
9 Understanding the impact of delays in high-speed networks
10 Do you really get paid less if you're 'ugly'?
11 Towards equal access to digital coins
12 Popular heartburn drugs linked to gradual yet 'silent' kidney damage
13 Playing favorites: Brain cells prefer one parent's gene over the other's
14 Neanderthal DNA contributes to human gene expression
15 Fasting-mimicking diet may reverse diabetes
16 Astronomy: Dark matter mapped
17 Do you look like your name? People can match names to faces of strangers with surprising accuracy
18 Computer operating system and short movie stored on DNA
19 High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats
20 'Quartz' crystals at Earth's core power its magnetic field
21 Puzzle of the Maya pendant
22 Did seaweed make us who we are today?
23 Poker-playing AI program first to beat pros at no-limit Texas hold 'em
24 Shape-shifting molecular robots respond to DNA signals
25 Are market bubbles caused by traders' testosterone levels?
26 Is anything tough enough to survive on Mars?
27 Singing posters and talking shirts: Engineers turn objects into FM stations
28 The microworm of Jaen whose males have no penis
29 Bee species with little known nesting-behavior observed to use plastic instead of leaves
30 Do cells have exotic vibrational properties?
31 Wires and supercapacitors constructed inside living plants
32 Tully the Spineless Monster? Experts Say Ancient Beast Had No Backbone
33 Frogs Fit on a Fingertip: Tiny New Species Discovered in India
34 Going Bananas: The Real Story of Kepler, Copernicus and the Church
35 Water 'Walls' Spur Evolution of New Colorful Fish Species
36 Tweaked DNA Snippets Could Become Tiny Electrical 'On' Switches
37 Hear this: Scientists Regrow Sound-Sensing Cells
38 Moms Rule! Excavation at Chaco Canyon Reveals Maternal Lineage
39 Famous Scientists' Early Works Stolen in $2.5 Million Heist of Rare Books
40 Life Expectancy in South Korea May Reach 90 by 2030
41 David Cassidy Has Dementia: Here's What that Means
42 Same-Sex Marriage May Reduce Teen Suicide Attempts
43 Reference: Thulamela: Iron-Age Kingdom in South Africa
44 Reference: Facts About Piranhas
45 20 Years After Dolly the Sheep, What Have We Learned About Cloning?
46 Extinct Giant Rodents' Family Tree Rewritten by New Fossil Finds
47 How Buttercups Get Their Yellow Gloss
48 Trove of Dazzling Bronze Age Weapons Unearthed in Scotland
49 Tiny, Wind-Powered Pumps Could Help Replenish Arctic Ice
50 How 'Guerrilla Archivists' Have Rescued Data Throughout History
51 Cannibal Corpse Worm: 3-Foot-Long Creature Had Monster Jaws
52 Explore the Amazon Rainforest with New Virtual-Reality Film
53 Teens Say Heroin Is 'Probably Impossible' to Get
54 Has the Large Hadron Collider Disproved the Existence of Ghosts?
55 Want to Know the Future? Most People Don't, Study Suggests
56 Major Discovery! 7 Earth-Size Alien Planets Circle Nearby Star
57 Brutally Murdered Pictish Man's Face Gets Digitally Recreated
58 Ancient Kennewick Man Finally Laid to Rest
59 Despite 'Mind-Controlling' Parasite, Cat Owners Not at Risk for Psychosis
60 Healthy Heart in Midlife May Lower Dementia Risk Later
61 Reference: Facts About Tardigrades
62 Straight Out of Sci-Fi: Hoverbike 'Surfs' Through the Air in Test
63 'Down Syndrome' in Chimps Seen for Only the Second Time
64 'Radical' Muslims? The History of Salafists
65 Colossal (and Growing) Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Seen in New Video
66 Conflicts of Interest: Are Humans Inherently Selfish?
67 What's Up with Warm February Weather in Most of US?
68 Goal! Ball-Rolling Bees Score Big Science Wins
69 TRAPPIST-1: How Long Would It Take to Fly to 7-Planet System?
70 Reference: Caspian Sea: Largest Inland Body of Water
71 Sugar Swap: Human Brain Converts Glucose into Fructose
72 Europeans Brought New, Deadly Ulcer Bacteria to Americas
73 Microbes in Glittering Crystal Cave Revived After 10,000 Years
74 Richard III's Prayer Book Goes Online...and Is that a Personal Note?
75 Lemur Faces Are Unique, Facial Recognition Reveals
76 Roller Coasters Go Digital with VR-Enhanced Rides
77 A Killer Spin: Table Tennis Gets 'First' Robotic Coach
78 Battle of the Sexes: Who Sweats More?
79 US Drug Overdose Deaths Continue to Rise: Here Are the Numbers to Know
80 Why Don't Ticks Die of Lyme Disease?
81 Octopus vs. Crab Showdown Ends with a Twist in Startling Video
82 'Love Hormone' May Help Dads Bond with Toddlers
83 Just like Van Gogh: Prehistoric Artists Used Pointillist Technique
84 Alternative Facts: How Do We Determine What Is True?
85 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Will Be Visible from Southern Hemisphere Sunday
86 Viral Video of Drone-Hunting Tigers Hides Dark Reality
87 North Korean Assassination: What Is VX Nerve Agent?
88 Sink Full of Superbugs? Study Finds Surprising Way Germs Spread
89 'Doomsday Vault' Gains 50,000 Seeds to Fend Off Food Crises
90 Beyonce Cancels Gig: What Work Is Safe in Pregnancy?
91 Reference: Facts About Venus Flytraps
92 Are Viruses Alive?
93 Type 2 Diabetes: Why Insulin Therapy Is So Difficult to Manage
94 Could a Spacecraft Fly to the Sun?
95 4 Million Solar Panels Seen from Space
96 First Solid Sign that Matter Doesn't Behave like Antimatter
97 Here's How Much Less Sleep Women Get Once They Have Kids
98 Is Back Pain Linked to Your Risk of Death?
99 Reviving Extinct Species: Is It Worth the Cost?
100 How Big Cats and Wild Dogs Coexist in India's Mountains
101 Robotic Arm Turns Your Digital Doodles into Good Old-Fashioned Sketches
102 Palaces of Ancient Persia Were Built with 'Fire Temple' Wood
103 What Makes a Viral Story? Study Takes a Look into Readers' Brains
104 Earth's Outer Shell: Was It Once Solid?
105 Are Any Fad Diets Actually Healthy? What the Research Shows
106 Why Some People Look like Their Names
107 SpaceX to Fly Passengers on Private Trip Around the Moon in 2018
108 Reference: Penicillin: Discovery, Benefits and Resistance
109 Reference: Shona People: History & Culture
110 Blue Tarantula Hair Inspires Nonfading Color Pigment