File Title
1 Novel syndrome highlights the importance of rare disease research
2 Frequent, personalized CA125 testing may help detect ovarian cancer in high-risk women
3 It may not have been too late to save 'extinct' pigeon
4 Expression of Bax protein and morphological changes in the myocardium in experimental acute pressure overload of the left ventricle
5 New technology offers fast peptide synthesis
6 Coming soon: Oil spill-mapping swarms of flying drones
7 Faulty genomic pathway linked to schizophrenia developing in utero, study finds
8 Who gets sunburned? Survey finds risk is greater for young adults with melanin-rich skin
9 Study shows stem cells fiercely abide by innate developmental timing
10 Smart multi-layered magnetic material acts as an electric switch
11 How donut-shaped fusion plasmas managed to decrease adverse turbulence
12 Good news for kids with epilepsy
13 N/A
14 3-D-printed bioabsorbable scaffold for ACL reconstruction with bone regeneration
15 Tracking the movement of cyborg cockroaches
16 Clinical trial supports use of novel preventive therapy for dangerous swelling disorder
17 Genetic variant of p53 gene linked to breast cancer risk in premenopausal African American women
18 WHO report is 'major step forward' in fight against drug-resistant bacteria
19 New use for paper industry's sludge and fly ash in plastics
20 Greater prairie chickens cannot persist in Illinois without help, researchers report
21 New species of parasitic wasp discovered in the eggs of leaf-rolling weevils in Africa
22 New standards for better water quality in Europe
23 Effects of genes often influenced by network
24 Chemoselective acetalization by a bifuncional cerium phosphate catalyst
25 A sustained and controllable insulin release system
26 Pregnancy-specific [beta]1-glycoproteins
27 Materials that emit rainbows
28 New mechanism underlying epilepsy found
29 First CRISPR single-nucleotide edited transgenic mice
30 Resurrecting extinct species might come at a terrible cost
31 Study opens new questions on how the atmosphere and oceans formed
32 Given the choice, patients will reach for cannabis over prescribed opioids
33 World-first genetic clues point to risk of blindness
34 Research could lead to better vaccines and new antivirals
35 Affordable Care Act boosted primary care access for Medicaid patients
36 Kidney transplant success rates improve in children and infants
37 Statins do not benefit patients with lung cancer, new study shows
38 Brain imaging headband measures how our minds align when we communicate
39 Kids want parental help with online risk, but fear parental freak outs
40 Online security apps focus on parental control, not teen self-regulation
41 First evidence of rocky planet formation in Tatooine system
42 Ketogenic diet shown safe and effective option for some with rare and severest form of epilepsy
43 Forests to play major role in meeting Paris climate targets
44 Spontaneous 'dust traps': Astronomers discover a missing link in planet formation
45 Changes in RNA splicing: a new mechanism for genetic risk in schizophrenia
46 Optical generation of ultrasound via photoacoustic effect
47 Regions differ in Indigenous acknowledgement at Canadian universities
48 Strong evidence supports the association between obesity and some major types of cancer
49 Breakthrough research for testing and arranging vertical axis wind turbines
50 Banded mongooses go to war over sex and territory
51 No increased risks to newborns linked to taking influenza drugs during pregnancy
52 Tanning devices cost US healthcare $343 million a year
53 Large discrepancy between what insurance companies pay for knee and hip implants, hospital purchase
54 Compared to type 1, children with type 2 diabetes more likely to experience complications as teens
55 Increased incidence of bleeding near the brain linked to increased use of anti-clotting drugs
56 Risk of subsequent malignancies reduced among childhood cancer survivors
57 Aggression disorder linked to greater risk of substance abuse
58 Study finds colorectal cancer rates have risen dramatically in Gen. X and millennials
59 To maximize a child's development, genetics provide important insight
60 Could a ketogenic diet alleviate gout?
61 As radiation therapy declined so did second cancers in childhood cancer survivors
62 Exploring the mysteries of supercooled water
63 First direct measurements of Pacific seabed sediments reveal strong methane source
64 See how Zika infection changes a human cell
65 Cell 'stickiness' could indicate metastatic potential
66 Sleepovers with stuffed animals help children learn to read
67 Mammography trends show improved cancer detection, more biopsies
68 Unique structure of African swine fever virus enzyme may allow drug development
69 Genes may influence susceptibility to interventions promoting maternal-infant attachment
70 May smartphones help to maintain memory in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease?
71 Chiral metamaterial produces record optical shift under incremental power modulation
72 Researchers coax particles to form vortices using magnetic fields
73 Testing program monitors stability of vaccines for neglected tropical diseases
74 Combination of ground-breaking treatments offer powerful new path for blood cancer therapies
75 Two migration proteins boost predictive value of pancreatic cancer biomarker
76 Differences in sex and running ability influence declines in marathon performance, study finds
77 Sleep trackers can prompt sleep problems
78 UA researchers see promise in light therapy to treat chronic pain
79 Racial, ethnic, gender bias occurs in pathway from teacher to principal
80 Hospital floors may pose a larger health risk than previously thought
81 NASA study hints at possible change in water 'fingerprint' of comet
82 Study finds preliminary recovery of coastal sharks in southeast US
83 A better way to measure the stiffness of cancer cells
84 Study shows how information sources affect voters
85 WSU looks for practices to thwart antimicrobial resistance
86 WSU mathematician breaks down how to defend against quantum computing attacks
87 Game-theoretic model combines strategic and technical aspects of cyber attribution
88 New target for Parkinson's disease identified by Emory researchers
89 Mollusk graveyards are time machines to oceans' pristine past
90 Road salt alternatives alter aquatic ecosystems
91 New pregnancy testing technique needs limits says ethics body
92 Adolescents with autism four times more likely to visit emergency department
93 NYU researchers coax colloidal spheres to self-assemble into photonic crystals
94 Lead dressed like gold
95 Transgender and gender-fluid teens left with few safe harbors
96 DNA from taxidermy specimens explains genetic structure of British and Irish goats
97 Nonsurgical treatment can correct congenital ear malformations in infants
98 Researchers discover new combination therapy strategy for brain, blood cancers
99 Mathematical theorem finds gerrymandering in Pennsylvania congressional district maps
100 Study finds new link between childhood abuse and adolescent misbehavior
101 Liver tumor growth in mice slowed with new chemo-immunotherapy treatment
102 Inhaler users get about half as much medicine as they should from each puff
103 New report assesses VA's airborne hazards and open burn pit registry
104 Children and youth learning English require better support for academic success
105 Study finds no evidence of common herpes type virus in aggressive brain cancer tissue
106 Type 2 diabetes diagnosis in youth leads to increased health complications
107 Do cells have exotic vibrational properties?
108 Study finds police use out of court resolutions in over 5,000 domestic abuse cases
109 Lithium-ion battery inventor introduces new technology for fast-charging, noncombustible batteries
110 Treatment of malignant brain tumor in children gets closer