File Title
1 Do men and women respond differently to heat? Study investigates
2 Why am I impotent? Common causes and treatments
3 Multiple sclerosis: New technology improves cognition
4 Propranolol: Uses, benefits, and side effects
5 Chronic stress may raise obesity risk
6 Mothers, not fathers, get less sleep when living with children
7 Can red ginseng help treat erectile dysfunction?
8 Six herbs for treating erectile dysfunction
9 Microgreens: Health benefits and growing tips
10 Cancer: New way of tracking rare T cells should improve immunotherapy
11 Nasal swab could help diagnose lung cancer
12 Prebiotics could stop stress from harming sleep quality
13 Risk factors for heart failure subtypes studied in new detail
14 Rare but fatal pediatric brain tumor may be stopped with new molecule
15 Living with COPD: Tips, activities, and treatments
16 Fibromyalgia tender points: Locations and pain management
17 Frontotemporal dementia: Types, symptoms, treatment
18 WHO prioritize 12 treatment-resistant bacteria for drug development
19 Schizophrenia begins in the womb, study suggests
20 Ketogenic diet may protect against gout
21 Poor diet during teens, early adulthood may raise breast cancer risk
22 The neuroscience of humor investigated
23 Investigational drug shows promise for hard-to-treat renal cancer
24 Common causes of eye pain explained
25 COPD hypoxia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
26 Contaminated hospital floors may help to spread infection
27 Cell adherence may predict metastasis potential of cancer cells
28 Cheese may raise breast cancer risk, but yogurt could reduce it
29 How are COPD and cough related?
30 Autoimmune conditions and dementia: What's the link?
31 Migraine could be treated with electrical stimulation patch
32 Is rice gluten-free? Grains explained
33 Tuberculosis: Soil bacteria compound may yield potent new drug
34 Probiotic could help alleviate hay fever symptoms
35 Gut bacteria affect intestines and brain in IBS patients
36 Pure hypercholesterolemia: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
37 Disrupting protein interaction may slow Alzheimer's progression
38 Cancer-related fatigue: Exercise, psychological therapies best treatments
39 Air pollution may affect human health via bacteria changes in respiratory tract
40 Poor sleep habits increase weight gain for adults with genetic obesity risk
41 Breakthrough: Scientists create mouse embryo
42 How smart is a bumblebee? Smarter than you'd think, say scientists.
43 The Red Planet is red hot right now, but are we really ready to send people to Mars?
44 Apollo 8 redux: Why NASA may send humans around the moon, again
45 Sunday's solar eclipse: Yes, these events still produce real science
46 Intelligent insects: Scientists teach bees how to play 'golf'
47 Spring comes early, bringing balmy days--and climate questions
48 Could the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets harbor alien life?
49 SpaceX plans to send humans around the moon in 2018. Can they pull it off?
50 World's only metallic hydrogen sample disappears, if it indeed existed in the first place
51 How lasers are helping flesh out what dinosaurs actually looked like
52 Why bringing back extinct species may not help conservation efforts
53 How this giraffe mom captivated the world
54 Why NASA had to give back a bag of moon dust to Chicago woman
55 In the search for life on Mars, are robots nearing their limits?
56 Are Canadian fossils evidence of the oldest form of life yet seen?
57 Elephants take on college students, new parents for wackiest sleep schedule
58 To make better computers, researchers turn to molecular biology
59 Can a new study on trees change the conversation about Amazon conservation?
60 New discovery reveals mystery of the woolly mammoth
61 NASA rescued a satellite near Mars. Saving Earth's satellites is harder.
62 Microbiome diversity is influenced by chance encounters
63 Sex differences in brain activity alter pain therapies
64 A hot cup of attention tempered with chocolate, please
65 Painkillers without dangerous side effects
66 Most complex nanoparticle crystal ever made by design
67 Nanoengineers 3-D print biomimetic blood vessel networks
68 Lithium-ion battery inventor introduces new technology for fast-charging, noncombustible batteries
69 The ultimate power nap: Researchers use 'Fitbits' to track elephant sleep in the wild
70 'Super-deep' diamonds may hold new information about Earth's interior
71 What global climate change may mean for leaf litter in streams and rivers
72 Study sheds new light on how species extinction affects complex ecosystems
73 Concurrent heat waves, air pollution exacerbate negative health effects of each
74 Organ-on-a-chip model offers insights into premature aging, vascular disease
75 Ten million lives saved by 1962 breakthrough, study says
76 Epigenetic enzyme found to be lacking in some patients with Crohn's disease
77 Twice weekly yoga classes plus home practice effective in reducing symptoms of depression
78 Wireless stimulation may ease migraine pain as well as drugs
79 Aggression disorder linked to greater risk of substance abuse
80 Study finds no evidence of common herpes type virus in aggressive brain cancer tissue
81 Tool helps evaluate likely outcomes for elderly patients with traumatic brain injury
82 Keep calm and measure cats' blood pressure
83 Toward a safer permanent hair dye that mimics melanin
84 Take precautions against pesky plants, insects
85 No increased risks to newborns linked to taking influenza drugs during pregnancy
86 Electronic energy meters' false readings almost six times higher than actual energy consumption
87 3-D printing with plants
88 Two new devices enhancing treatment for certain cardiovascular problems
89 Researchers remotely control sequence in which 2-D sheets fold into 3-D structures
90 Hubble showcases a remarkable galactic hybrid
91 NASA scientists demonstrate technique to improve particle warnings that protect astronauts
92 The heat is on
93 Cosmic blast from the past
94 Can math help explain our bodies--and our diseases?
95 Mathematician breaks down how to defend against quantum computing attacks
96 Group blazes path to efficient, eco-friendly deep-ultraviolet LED
97 Aging faces could increase security risks
98 Looking for practices to thwart antimicrobial resistance
99 Revealing Aspergillus diversity for industrial applications
100 Frozen chemistry controls bacterial infections
101 Experts ask: Can cannabis be made safer?
102 NASA study improves forecasts of summer Arctic sea ice
103 Slower snowmelt in a warming world
104 Volkswagen's excess emissions will lead to 1,200 premature deaths in Europe
105 Iron dissolved by air pollution may increase ocean potential to trap carbon
106 Biochemical 'fossil' shows how life may have emerged without phosphate
107 Tree scars record 700 years of natural and cultural fire history in a northern forest
108 World's oldest fossils unearthed
109 Newfound primate teeth take a big bite out of the evolutionary tree of life
110 Should we commit to eradicate malaria worldwide?