File Title
1 Facebook use may alter perception of time, study finds
2 Psoriasis vs. Eczema: Differences in Symptoms and Treatment
3 How does our brain process fear? Study investigates
4 Cold or Allergies? How to Tell the Difference
5 Aspirin increases pregnancy rate in women with inflammation
6 Inhalers for COPD: What Types Are There?
7 Exposure to nicotine before and after birth causes hearing difficulties in children
8 Tinea Versicolor: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
9 Obesity may raise heart risk by triggering harmful immune response
10 Dr. Virginia Apgar: Changing perceptions in medicine
11 Snow shoveling may increase risk of heart attack in men
12 Mediterranean diet enriched with virgin olive oil may protect the heart
13 New clinical guideline issued for treating low back pain
14 Jock Itch: Causes, Treatments, and Remedies
15 Sickle Cell Disease: Overview, Symptoms, and Causes
16 Type 1 diabetes: Reprogramming liver cells may lead to new treatments
17 Too much soda may raise children's risk of fatty liver disease
18 Abdominal fat may cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease
19 What to Do if You Catch a Cold When Pregnant
20 Calcium imbalance within brain cells may trigger Alzheimer's disease
21 How to treat and prevent chigger bites
22 Cancer: New method tags elusive tumors for targeted therapy
23 Genetic basis for male baldness identified in large-scale study
24 Gluten-free diet may have 'unintended consequences' for health
25 High levels of vitamin D may improve muscle strength
26 Algorithm predicts whether high-risk babies will develop autism
27 How long are you contagious with a cold or flu for?
28 Can honey and cinnamon help treat acne?
29 ADHD: Large imaging study confirms differences in several brain regions
30 New evidence that vitamin D prevents respiratory infections
31 B vitamins may improve schizophrenia symptoms
32 Weight gain throughout life may raise risk of esophageal, stomach cancers
33 Vitamin B-3 successfully prevents glaucoma in mice
34 Which eye drops are best for dry eyes?
35 Natural remedies for dry eyes
36 Parkinson's: 'Genetic switch' may play key role in preserving brain cells
37 Dr. Olga Jonasson: Competency defeats gender bias
38 Babies with gut yeast may be at risk of asthma
39 Researcher investigates why mothers sing to their babies
40 Oxytocin may boost paternal behavior
41 Tips for finding motivation with depression
42 Best eye drops for people with itchy eyes
43 Carbs help the body recover after intense workout
44 Acid reflux and coughing: What's the connection?
45 A boy or a girl? Baby's sex may influence mother's immunity
46 Best contact lenses for people with dry eyes
47 Bipolar breakthrough: New study reveals disease-causing mechanism
48 Nostalgia could help smokers quit, study finds
49 Cholesterol levels by age: Differences and recommendations
50 Natural and home remedies for a sore throat
51 Cholesterol test: Uses, what to expect, results
52 Appendicitis: Antibiotics could be alternative to surgery for children
53 Gay marriage legalization linked to drop in teenage suicide attempts
54 Multiple sclerosis: Stem cell transplantation may halt disease progression
55 12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Found in Israel
56 Device Turns Air Pollution into Printing Ink
57 Underwater Volcanic Eruption Could Create Temporary Island (Photo)
58 Poopy Situation Down Under: Why 36 Australian Beaches Were Closed
59 Eww! Live Cockroach Pulled from Woman's Nose in Rare Case
60 Can the HPV Vaccine Protect Against Skin Cancer?
61 Reference: Facts About Kiwis
62 Reference: Facts About Cicadas
63 3 New Malayan Tiger Cubs: Cute, and Genetically Valuable
64 Livestock Make Up a Quarter of Snow Leopards' Meals
65 Bison Reintroduced to Canadian Wild After a Century of Conservation Efforts
66 A Strange Green Comet Is Heading Our Way
67 Crikey! Australian Python Engulfs Tennis Ball
68 Snapshot of Hawaii: Why NASA Is Studying Islands' Volcanoes & Reefs
69 Primeval Reservoirs Under Earth's Mantle May Be Older than the Moon
70 Daily Low-Dose Aspirin May Boost Chances of Successful Pregnancy
71 Teens and Screens: How Much Is OK?
72 Skip Dinner? Evening Fast May Burn Fat
73 Robo-Bees Could Aid Insects with Pollination Duties
74 Hottest Dance Moves Revealed by Science
75 Sick Beats: Scientists Revive Hearts to Study Erratic Rhythms
76 Are Trees Vegetarian?
77 Newfound Amoeba Looks Just like Gandalf the Wizard's Hat
78 Boy's Broken Bones Had Unusual Cause
79 Magma Power: Scientists Drill into Volcano to Harness its Energy
80 Winter Sickness: How to Tell if It's a Cold or the Flu
81 Antarctic Expedition Will Hunt for 'Missing' Meteorites
82 Beetles Pose as an Ant's Butt to Grab a Ride
83 1,700-Year-Old Untouched Tomb Yields Elaborate Headdress Figurine
84 Orange-Hued Alligator Spotted in South Carolina
85 Why Tinder Is So 'Evilly Satisfying'
86 Olympic Medals for Tokyo Games Will Be Made from Recycled Electronics
87 Clooneys Expecting Twins: 6 Facts About Older Parents
88 Why Exercise Is Not Enough to Prevent Weight Gain
89 Couch Potato Scientists, Get Ready: Coming to Netflix in February
90 Mysterious Viking Ship Burial Yields a Trove of Artifacts
91 Should You Date Your Best Friend?
92 Mass Stranding: Hundreds of Pilot Whales Returned to the Water
93 Put a Ring on It! Saturn Impresses in Stunning Valentine's Day Photos
94 Squid Survives Ocean's 'Twilight Zone' Thanks to Its Mismatched Eyes
95 Ancient Pueblo Used Golden Ratio to Build the Sun Temple
96 Scientist Dons Polar Bear Costume to Stalk Musk Oxen in the Arctic
97 Sponges Ruled the World After Second-Largest Mass Extinction
98 Tragic Suicide Case Highlights Mental Health Needs of Refugees
99 3,000-Year-Old Child Footprints Found at Site of Ancient Egyptian Palace
100 Climate Threat to Wildlife May Have Been Massively Underreported
101 Cyborg Future? Elon Musk's Plan to Compete with AI
102 Ceramic Pottery Reveals an Ancient Geomagnetic Field Spike
103 Sea Ice Hits Record Lows at Both Poles
104 California Dam Emergency: 5 Dams that Did Fail
105 Reference: Ancient Nubia: A Brief History
106 Coastal Cities Could Flood 3 Times a Week by 2045
107 Should Cybersecurity Be a Human Right?
108 Coders Race to Save NASA's Climate Data
109 Ancient 'Nessie' Delivered Live Baby Sea Monsters
110 Endangered Antelopes Face 'Catastrophic' Die-Off