File Title
1 Who is appropriately qualified to perform cosmetic surgery? 'Confusing jargon' contributes to misperceptions
2 CUNY researchers seek to improve welfare in captive birds of prey through olfactory enrichment
3 Body dysmorphic disorder may be under-diagnosed in patients seeking cosmetic procedures
4 Stomach acid provides long-term power for ingestible devices
5 UNC researchers find new potential route to treat asthma
6 Immune therapy scientists discover distinct cells that block cancer-fighting immune cells
7 New genetic markers for COPD discovered
8 Study finds troubling consequences for anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican attitudes and actions
9 Experts reveal hidden dangers behind supplements
10 Radiotargeted therapy with SST2 antagonists could combat multiple human cancers
11 Penn study finds new clues to causes of heart failure
12 This spiny slug blazed a trail for snails
13 Low-cost imaging system detects natural gas leaks in real time
14 Smarter MRI diagnosis with nano MRI lamp
15 Immune receptor that's typically activated by bacteria is a major contributor to bladder dysfunction in diabetes
16 Successful preclinical tests for new agent against severe malaria
17 Hundreds of ancient earthworks built in the Amazon
18 'Curiosity' exposes low CO2 level in Mars' primitive atmosphere
19 Killing off rivals makes for happy families, bacteria study finds
20 A protein called PERK may be a target for treating progressive supranuclear palsy
21 Hard shell--healthy kernel [nuts]
22 Sign language users have better reaction times and peripheral vision
23 An application of astronomy to save endangered species
24 Northern lakes respond differently to nitrogen deposition
25 Champions of biodiversity: A weevil genus beats records of explosive evolutive radiation
26 The solution from the skies to save endangered species
27 Psychotherapy normalizes the brain in social phobia
28 Towards new IT devices with stable and transformable solitons
29 Promiscuous lamprey found to conduct 'sham matings'
30 Extractive industries have negative impacts on Indigenous peoples
31 Potential new cancer treatment activates cancer-engulfing cells
32 Brisk exercise linked to better arterial health already in childhood
33 Unearthing immune responses to common drugs
34 Barely educated humans impact bear behavior
35 Up, up and away: USU chemists say 'yes,' helium can form compounds
36 New technique slashes diagnosis time during brain surgery
37 For cops, exposure to stressful situations dysregulates cortisol pattern
38 Scientists discover helium chemistry
39 New algorithms may revolutionize drug discoveries--and our understanding of life
40 Novel combination therapy overcomes difficult-to-treat form of antibiotic resistance
41 New research concludes that pasta eaters have better diet quality
42 Researchers study care for undocumented immigrants with kidney failure
43 CU scientists help pinpoint genetic changes related to carnivorous plant evolution
44 Less is more: Exposure to stimuli for overcoming phobia
45 Successful application of Vasalgel male contraceptive in monkeys
46 Scientists catalogue 'parts list' of brain cell types in a major appetite center
47 New study finds children and adolescents at risk from medicine intended for pets
48 Exceptional reproductive biology in extremely restricted critically endangered Nimba toad
49 Researchers identify 'synthetic essentiality' as novel approach for locating cancer therapy targets
50 Endurance training may have a protective effect on the heart
51 E-cigarettes safer than smoking says long-term study
52 Transporter of thyroid hormones is crucial for the embryonal development of the brain
53 Genetic defect found to cause disease in multiple organs
54 Genes linked to malaria parasites' ability to persist in the body
55 Prosthetic arm technology that detects spinal nerve signals developed by scientists
56 Research predicts extreme fires will increasingly be part of our global landscape
57 Genomes in flux: New study reveals hidden dynamics of bird and mammal DNA evolution
58 Sentinels in the blood: A new diagnostic for pancreatic cancer
59 Illness experience of undocumented immigrants with end-stage renal failure
60 Engineers harness stomach acid to power tiny sensors
61 Can childhood cancer treatments affect survivors' sex lives in adulthood?
62 HPV vs. Pap test for cervical cancer screening: Strong evidence calls for new protocols, say experts
63 Study sheds light on how carnivorous plants acquired a taste for meat
64 Research reveals strategy to potentially treat juvenile Batten disease
65 Study highlights importance of preventing weight gain in adults to reduce type 2 diabetes
66 LED lighting could have major impact on wildlife
67 Male contraceptive gel in monkeys shows potential as an alternative to vasectomy
68 World lung health study allows scientists to predict your chance of developing deadly disease
69 Alpha-lipoic acid prevents kidney stones in mouse model of rare genetic disease
70 Stanford scientists develop 'lab on a chip' that costs 1 cent to make
71 Cholera bacteria stab and poison enemies at predictable rates
72 Low-dose chemotherapy protocol relies on normalization of tumor blood supply
73 Routinely prescribed antibiotic may not be best for treating severe C. diff infections
74 Bacterium from coal mine fire could aid drug targeting
75 Gene therapy restores hearing in deaf mice...down to a whisper
76 New study compares the effects of direct exposure to cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapor
77 Federal law increases use of services for autism without raising out-of-pocket costs
78 How does the brain make perceptual predictions over time?
79 Spiny, armored slug reveals ancestry of molluscs
80 E-cigarettes confirmed to be safer than smoking in long-term study [+ more]
81 Can sharks be fished sustainably? Yes (but it's going to take work)
82 Research finds flaws in studies of mass deworming efforts for children in poor countries
83 Sitting not linked to incident diabetes: New research
84 Queensland-led team develops effective economical Ebola treatment
85 Terahertz wireless could make spaceborne satellite links as fast as fiber-optic links
86 Psychology explains how to win an Oscar
87 New software automates brain imaging
88 Machine learning method accurately predicts metallic defects
89 Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats
90 Vegetation resilient to salvage logging after severe wildfire
91 Red 'color channel' may aid in screening for diabetic eye disease
92 Dartmouth-led study finds mutual reinforcement of phenotypic diversity and cooperation
93 Finding the needle in a genomic haystack
94 Cancer drug could promote regeneration of heart tissue
95 Hubble captures brilliant star death in 'rotten egg' nebula
96 Pilot study highlights role of grapes in preventing Alzheimer's disease
97 One more reason to focus on prenatal care--Stronger muscles for newborn babies
98 Search smarter not harder: Researchers present optimal strategy for foragers
99 Atomic-scale view of bacterial proteins offers path to new tuberculosis drugs
100 Efforts to restore imperiled Pando show promise says USU ecologist
101 Research supports expanded use of cell free DNA prenatal testing
102 Russian researchers developed high-pressure natural gas operating turbine-generator
103 Flipping the switch on ammonia production
104 Research connects overeating during national sporting events to medical problems
105 Study addresses extreme thinness standards in fashion industry
106 Germanium outperforms silicon in energy efficient transistors with n- and p- conduction
107 Personality traits 'contagious' among children
108 New research paints a merciless picture of life as a deaf-blind person
109 Empathetic people experience dogs' expressions more strongly
110 Emoticons help gauge school happiness level in young children