File Title
1 Study suggests polling is still best predictor of election outcomes
2 New scoring system predicts Ebola severity
3 Letting go--how dying cells detach from their neighbors
4 Stress hormones underlie Indigenous health gap in Australia
5 Sex development center stage in special journal issue
6 University of Montana research shows importance of remote cameras as biodiversity tools
7 When sex development goes awry: Is it a girl or a boy?
8 Stem cell transplants may induce long-term remission of multiple sclerosis
9 Early signs of anxiety, depression may be evident in newborns
10 Neutrons identify critical details in bacterial enzyme implicated in gastric cancer
11 Revolutionary approach for treating glioblastoma works with human cells
12 Advanced robotic bat's flight characteristics simulates the real thing
13 UT Southwestern researchers identify gene that protects against inflammatory bowel disease
14 Study: Social biases contribute to challenges for those with autism
15 Travel restrictions 'a step backward' for US medical education, research and health care
16 ORNL researchers break data transfer efficiency record
17 TSRI scientists show deep brain stimulation blocks heroin relapse in rats
18 Researchers highlight alarming link between feral pigs and vampire bats
19 Vitamin C may decrease the risk of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery
20 The shape of melting in two dimensions
21 Researchers examine millennial generation's learning preferences in medical education
22 Increased food assistance benefits could result in fewer ER visits
23 Scientists prove new approach to Polio vaccines works
24 Lower incidence of esophagitis in elderly NSCLC patients undergoing definitive radiation
25 Challenges of breeding 'VIPeas'
26 Older adults who take many medications have a higher risk for becoming frail
27 Genetically modified insects could disrupt international food trade
28 Research says teens, young adults explore differently
29 Shape of prostate and compartments within may serve as cancer indicators
30 Study adds to evidence that electronic cigarettes are not harmless
31 Eating the placenta after childbirth--researchers explore perceptions of health benefits and risks
32 Potential new drug class hits multiple cancer cell targets, boosting efficacy and safety
33 Controlling electron spin makes water splitting more efficient
34 Researchers flip script for Li-Ion electrolytes to simulate better batteries
35 Statement from ASH, AACR, AACI, ASTRO, ASPHO & LUNGevity Foundation on immigration order
36 New type of PET imaging identifies primary and metastatic prostate cancer
37 Targeting Parkinson's-linked protein could neutralize 2 of the disease's causes
38 Food insecurity: A threat to the developmental and psychosocial health of children
39 MIT's wearable AI system can detect a conversation's tone
40 Smaller, more focused insurers earning profits in new market
41 Food and beverage industry marketing kids to deatlh
42 Scientists discover peptide that could reduce the incidence of RSV-related asthma
43 Certainty in complex scientific research an unachievable goal
44 Blood test that detects changes in tumor DNA predicts survival of women with advanced breast cancer
45 Novel liquid crystal could triple sharpness of today's televisions
46 Boom or bust for post-Brexit Britain? UK politicians are split
47 Cocktail of bacteria-killing viruses prevents cholera infection in animal models
48 New study finds extensive use of fluorinated chemicals in fast food wrappers
49 Heidelberg Castle revisited
50 What to expect from big pharma in 2017
51 Peacock colors inspire 'greener' way to dye clothes
52 Malaria superbugs threaten global malaria control
53 A cheaper way to make a WHO-designated essential medicine
54 10,000 Medicare patients die in the seven days after discharge from the ED
55 How to stop pain from serious burns using epigenetics
56 Background suppression for super-resolution light microscopy
57 Ozone watch
58 Why thick skin develops on our palms and soles, and its links to cancer
59 Large Finnish genetic study uncovers potential new treatments for inflammatory diseases
60 Early signs of anxiety, depression may be evident in the brains of newborns
61 Breathing molecule discovered: Vital to treating respiratory conditions
62 Risk of liver cancer is low in patients with cirrhosis
63 Study reveals public resistance toward workplace standing guidelines
64 Animals retain long-term memory of the biggest and best sources of food
65 Gull decline on Scottish island linked to decline in fishing discards
66 Highly sensitive gas sensors for volatile organic compound detection
67 Oil production releases more methane than previously thought
68 A lure at both ends--puff adders leave nothing to chance
69 Vitamin D discovery could prove key to new treatments
70 An impulsive cognitive style comes with implications, researchers say
71 New treatment regimen extends life for some men with recurrent prostate cancer, study finds
72 Hand-grip test can indicate decline in physical function of Parkinson's patients
73 More dialysis does not deliver benefits, study finds
74 Discovery of new T-cell subtype opens window on rheumatoid arthritis
75 Adults with autism see interests as strengths, career paths
76 Banks hold major information advantage over other investors
77 High-resolution imaging reveals new understanding of battery cathode particles
78 FAU first to video newly discovered population of monkeys thought to be nearing extinction
79 Older Canadians skip meds due to cost, putting them at risk for complications
80 First functional fish head joint discovered in deep-sea dragonfishes in museum collections
81 A multiple drug approach to preventing sickle cell crisis
82 Coal mine dust lowers spectral reflectance of Arctic snow by up to 84 percent
83 'Mirror game' test could secure early detection of schizophrenia, study shows
84 Ancient DNA reveals 'continuity' between Stone Age and modern populations in East Asia
85 New genes for height revealed in global study of 700,000 people
86 Complex bacterium writes new evolutionary story
87 Seven heart-healthy habits could save billions in Medicare costs
88 Parents of children with serious heart defects may be at risk of PTSD
89 Scientists determine precise 3-D location, identity of all 23,000 atoms in a nanoparticle
90 Sperm changes documented years after chemotherapy
91 New type of T-cell identified as 'key player' in development of rheumatoid arthritis
92 GIANT study finds rare, but influential, genetic changes related to height
93 Habitual e-cigarette use associated with risk factors linked to increased cardiovascular risk
94 Repurposing 2 autoimmune drugs for chikungunya virus
95 Better sleep can lead to better sex
96 Transparent gel-based robots can catch and release live fish
97 Marine ecosystems show resilience to climate disturbance
98 Seeing the same GP associated with fewer hospital admissions
99 Poor metabolic health in some normal-weight women may increase risk for colorectal cancer
100 Insomnia linked to higher risk of developing asthma
101 Yale scientists identify key defect in brain tumor cells
102 Celestial cat meets cosmic lobster
103 Understanding the genetics of human height
104 Adding antiandrogen to radiation therapy improves survival in recurrent prostate cancer
105 A closer look at what caused the Flint water crisis
106 Some fast-food packaging contains potentially harmful fluorinated compounds
107 First ever blueprint unveiled to construct a large scale quantum computer
108 Experts recommend a shift in national priorities to prevent mental disorders among youth
109 UCLA physicists map the atomic structure of an alloy
110 Planctomycete bacterium's internal membranes contain nuclear pore-like structures