File Title
1 New organ culture system reveals effects of BPA exposure on fetal mammary glands
2 Southern Italy: Earthquake hazard due to active plate boundary
3 Ion treatments for cardiac arrhythmia
4 Climate change altered the natural selection--large forehead patch no longer a winner
5 Sequencing poisonous mushrooms to potentially create medicine
6 NASA measures 'dust on snow' to help manage Colorado River Basin water supplies
7 Finding new cancer drugs in the neighborhood
8 Renal function impairment in patients undergoing elective EVAR vs. elective open repair
9 HKU and international researchers promote marine fisheries reform in China
10 Cell disposal faults could contribute to Parkinson's, study finds
11 Chinese scientists discover a new species of catfish in Myanmar
12 First of a kind footage of a living stylodactylid shrimp filter-feeding at depth of 4826 m
13 Scientists decipher a mechanism in serious skin infections
14 New avenue for anti-depressant therapy discovered
15 Too little food from animal sources may increase risk of preterm birth
16 Micro spacecraft investigates cometary water mystery
17 Breast density research edges closer to cancer prevention
18 Sci-fi holograms a step closer with ANU invention
19 Why some drivers slow down when using mobile phones: QUT research
20 Crime Victims' Institute releases report on victimization in Texas
21 New technique quickly predicts salt marsh vulnerability
22 Synthetic chemicals: Ignored agents of global change
23 Dyslexia linked to shorter memory trace of previous stimuli
24 Deep brain stimulation studies in Alzheimer's disease pose ethical challenges
25 Scientists discover even wasps make trade deals
26 Don't smile too big to be effective in online marketing ads, study funds
27 New study finds where you live may determine likelihood of dying from cancer
28 Researchers report new understanding of global warming
29 Evidence insufficient regarding screening for obstructive sleep apnea
30 Can continuous glucose monitoring improve diabetes control in patients with type 1 diabetes who inject insulin
31 Overall rate of death from cancer decreases in US
32 New insights into the forms of metal-organic frameworks
33 Cell of origin affects malignancy and drug sensitivity of brain tumors
34 Super El Nino and the 2015 extreme summer drought over North China
35 Flat head syndrome linked to motor, language and cognitive delays
36 Mathematical model limits malaria outbreaks
37 AASM response to 'Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults: Evidence Report'
38 Study shows how a dog's diet shapes its gut microbiome
39 Mindfulness meditation training lowers biomarkers of stress response in anxiety disorder
40 Swarm of underwater robots mimics ocean life
41 Postpartum depression & anxiety distinct from other mood disorders, brain studies suggest
42 Half of breast cancer patients experience severe side effects
43 Modeling the rhythmic electrical activities of the brain
44 Consumer-use baby monitors have little proven benefit for healthy infants
45 Large pre-ACA Medicaid expansion did not level health disparities in cancer surgery
46 Role of thrust and drag clarified for swimming microorganisms
47 Researcher calls for conservation of ivory-billed woodpecker's habitat
48 High maternal BMI during pregnancy unlikely to cause fatness in childhood and adolescence
49 Mapping the migration of house shrews
50 Manipulating gene expression precisely using light
51 Nanocavity and atomically thin materials advance tech for chip-scale light sources
52 TSRI scientists create first stable semisynthetic organism
53 Study found brain abnormalities in fetuses exposed to Zika
54 Rare meteorites challenge our understanding of the solar system
55 Novel radiotracer measures olfactory neurons in animal models
56 From tiny phytoplankton to massive tuna
57 New metamaterial can switch from hard to soft--and back again
58 PPPL physicist uncovers clues to mechanism behind magnetic reconnection
59 Long-term gains with early epilepsy surgery
60 FSU scientist's findings on carbon cycle feed climate research
61 Archaeologists uncover new clues to Maya collapse
62 U-M researchers discover what makes drug for ulcerative colitis tick
63 How race consciousness influences your likelihood of getting a flu shot
64 Penn research describes missing step in how cells move their cargo
65 Catalyst adds fluorine-containing groups to make new compounds
66 Researcher finds potential way to reduce drug cravings
67 Post-concussion, peripheral vision reaction times substantially impaired
68 This man is revolutionizing our understanding of motor neuron diseases and dementias
69 Improving birthing deliveries with less physical trauma to mom and baby
70 Study suggests that yoga and exercise fail to improve sleep in midlife women
71 Researchers detail novel underlying mechanism involved in PTSD and other anxiety disorders
72 New technique identifies micropollutants in New York waterways
73 Enhancing health care
74 Wasps, ants, and Ani DiFranco
75 New steps in the meiosis chromosome dance
76 NYC toddlers exposed to potentially harmful flame retardants
77 Insects and umami receptors
78 Arctic melt ponds form when meltwater clogs ice pores
79 80-million-year-old dinosaur collagen confirmed
80 Synthetic nanoparticles achieve the complexity of protein molecules
81 Choreographing the microRNA-target dance
82 Jet lag impairs performance of Major League Baseball players
83 Nicotine normalizes brain activity deficits that are key to schizophrenia
84 Using simulation tools to optimize soft robotic systems
85 New health care model cut costs and reduced need for medical services for pregnant women and newborn
86 Bioinvasion is jeopardizing Mediterranean marine communities
87 Scientists say mom's cervical bacterial may be key to preventing premature birth
88 Nurse practitioners step in to fill growing need for house calls
89 On target: UNC researcher arms platelets to deliver cancer immunotherapy
90 Study looks at how changes in maternal diet impact human milk oligosaccharides and the milk microbiome
91 Trees supplement income for rural farmers in Africa
92 How nicotine acts on the brains of schizophrenic patients
93 Not just funny: Satirical news has serious political effects
94 We need to talk about school start times
95 Convincing food truck operators to improve nutritional offerings is possible, study finds
96 Microscopic submarines for your stomach
97 Crop achilles' heel costs farmers 10 percent of potential yield
98 A gene's journey from covert to celebrated
99 What matters most to Huntington's disease patients? New survey
100 To improve health and exercise more, get a gym membership, Iowa State study suggests
101 ASU scientist finds advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest
102 MacKinnon lab charts the anatomy of three molecular channels
103 Your Android device's Pattern Lock can be cracked within 5 attempts
104 Engineers eat away at Ms. Pac-Man score with artificial player
105 World still 'grossly underprepared' for infectious disease outbreaks
106 How do people choose what plants to use?
107 Positive outcomes after obesity surgery in adolescents
108 Spanish scientists create a 3-D bioprinter to print human skin
109 Nutritional considerations for healthy aging and reduction in age-related chronic disease
110 The discrepancy between the results of a system of biological interest is resolved