File Title
1 Responsive filtration membranes by polymer self-assembly
2 Ultra-high-speed optical fiber sensor enables detection of structural damage in real time
3 Macromolecules: Light to design precision polymers
4 Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials
5 Uncovering the secrets of water and ice as materials
6 UNIST engineers thermoelectric material in paintable liquid form
7 Shape matters when light meets atom
8 A watershed moment in understanding how H2O conducts electricity
9 Understanding the way liquid spreads through paper
10 Ames Laboratory scientists create first intermetallic double salt with platinum
11 Calculations predict unexpected disorder in the surface of polar materials
12 Ice is no match for CSU-developed coating
13 Beautiful accident leads to advances in high pressure materials synthesis
14 Dry adhesive holds in extreme cold, strengthens in extreme heat
15 Exotic property of salty solutions discovered
16 Finland cancels plan to close troubled nickel mine
17 Melanin may boost strength of foams and fabrics
18 Spin liquid on a peak
19 Lehigh scientists fabricate a new class of crystalline solid
20 Why buoyant spheres don't always leap out of the water
21 Cal State LA partners with NASA to study how materials solidify in space
22 Novel light sources made of 2-D materials
23 Metamaterial device allows chameleon-like behavior in the infrared
24 Smashing metallic cubes toughens them up
25 Researchers use temperature to control droplet movement
26 How water flows near the superhydrophobic surface
27 Louisiana Tech University professor develops new mechanism for strengthening materials
28 A breakthrough in the study of how things break, bend and deform
29 Novel 3-in-1 'Rheo-Raman' microscope enables interconnected studies of soft materials
30 Lowering the heat makes new materials possible while saving energy
31 Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to scientists who made molecular machines
32 Study yields new knowledge about materials for ultrasound and other uses
33 Use of 'large open-ended pipe piles' could lead to lower-cost bridge construction
34 Study investigates steel-eating microbes on ship hulls
35 PPPL researchers test device that analyzes components within a vacuum
36 Ceramic Composites Revolutionize Engine Efficiency
37 Subatomic microscopy key to building new classes of materials
38 Researchers peel back another layer of chemistry with 'tender' X-rays
39 New plastic clothing material could keep people cool
40 New optical material offers unprecedented control of light and thermal radiation
41 Gold from old phones is real prospect thanks to chemical advance
42 Physicists find peculiarities in a material with a giant magnetocaloric effect
43 Feeling the force between sand grains
44 Unraveling the crystal structure of a -70C Celsius superconductor
45 Squid, jellyfish and wrinkled skin inspire materials for anti-glare screens and encryption
46 Researchers watch catalysts at work
47 Scientists count microscopic particles without microscope
48 Nothing--and something--give concrete strength, toughness
49 Towards the T-1000: Liquid metals propel future electronics
50 Putting the pressure on platinum
51 Crystallization frustration predicts metallic glass formation
52 Unlocking the secrets of creeping concrete
53 Flexible building blocks of the future
54 Self-organizing smart materials that mimic swarm behavior
55 Scientists create new thin material that mimics cell membranes
56 Chemists create microscopic and malleable building blocks
57 Learning from the mussel, scientists create a biologically active titanium surface
58 Penn chemists establish fundamentals of ferroelectric materials
59 WSU researchers develop shape-changing 'smart' material
60 A shampoo bottle that empties completely--every last drop
61 Getting a grip on slippery cell membranes
62 First footage of a living stylodactylid shrimp filter-feeding at depth of 4826m
63 Experiment resolves mystery about wind flows on Jupiter
64 SF State astronomer searches for signs of life on Wolf 1061 exoplanet
65 Looking for life in all the right places with the right tool
66 Could dark streaks in Venusian clouds be microbial life
67 Between a rock and a hard place: can garnet planets be habitable
68 The blob can learn and teach
69 Exciting new creatures discovered on ocean floor
70 Scientists examine bacterium found 1,000 feet underground
71 Meta musings on the origins of life
72 Could There Be Life in Pluto's Ocean?
73 Fijian ants began farming 3 million years ago
74 What happens to a pathogenic fungus grown in space?
75 New species of extremely leggy millipede discovered in a cave in California
76 Building Blocks of Life's Building Blocks Come from Starlight
77 Science at cusp of 'transformational' grasp of life via cell modeling
78 New research undermines 'RNA world' of early evolution
79 Earthquakes, 'Marsquakes,' and the Possibility of Life
80 Proxima b Could Be a Life-Friendly Planet, Says One of the Co-Discoverers
81 The Genesis Project: New life on exoplanets
82 A better way to learn if Alien Planets have the Right Stuff
83 Researchers suggest life on Earth may be early in cosmic terms
84 Bacteria could aid search for creatures on other planets
85 A star's birth holds early clues to life-potential
86 Kitchen Smoke in nebula offer clues to the building blocks of life
87 Public to Choose Jupiter Picture Sites for NASA Juno
88 Flying observatory makes observations of Jupiter previously only possible from space
89 Juno Mission Prepares for December 11 Jupiter Flyby
90 Juno Mission Exits Safe Mode, Performs Trim Maneuver
91 Pluto Global Color Map
92 Lowell Observatory to renovate Pluto discovery telescope
93 York U research identifies icy ridges on Pluto
94 Exploring Pluto and the Wild Back Yonder
95 New Perspective on How Pluto's "Icy Heart" Came to Be
96 Pluto follows its cold, cold heart
97 New Analysis Supports Subsurface Ocean on Pluto
98 Last Bits of 2015 Pluto Flyby Data Received on Earth
99 Uranus may have two undiscovered moons
100 Curious tilt of the Sun traced to undiscovered planet
101 Shedding light on Pluto's glaciers
102 Chandra detects low-energy X-rays from Pluto
103 Scientists discover what extraordinary compounds may be hidden inside Jupiter and Neptune
104 Pluto Flyby-- a Year Later
105 Scientists attempt to explain Neptune atmosphere's wobble
106 New Distant Dwarf Planet Beyond Neptune
107 Researchers discover distant dwarf planet beyond Neptune
108 New Horizons Receives Mission Extension to the Kuiper Belt
109 Alex Parker Discovers Moon Over Makemake in the Kuiper Belt
110 Pluto's Subsurface Ocean Likely Exists Today