File Title
1 Man Labeled 'Just Fat' Has 59 kg Tumor Removed
2 Iranian Baby Finally Gets Medical Attention She Needs in the US
3 PETA Urges Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey to Retire Circus Animals to Credible Sanctuaries
4 Bogoslof Volcano Eruption Produces 31,000 ft. Ash Clouds; Future Eruptions Can Reshape the Whole Island
5 'Ant Man' the Real Superhero: Power to Walk Forward and Backward Without Wandering Off While Carrying Extremely Heavy Loads
6 Avalanche Destruction in Italy Causes 30 People Missing
7 Larsen C Ice Shelf Crack Has Grown by Another 10 km
8 Massive Crack in Antarctica's Ice Shelf Grows by an Alarming 10 Kilometers Since January 1
9 Cause of Death: Bleaching; 70% of Japan's Coral Reef Is Found Dead, Survey Reveals
10 Tornadoes, Deadly Storm Hit Southeast US; 19 People Killed, 60 Injured
11 Sharks Gather Off the Coast of Israel Seeking Warm Waters
12 Giant Otters Unearthed in China
13 Otter Fossils as Big as Wolf Discovered in Southwestern China
14 The Swarming of Sharks Off the Coast of Israel Fulfills the Prophecies in the Bible
15 Heavy, Toxic Freezing Smog Envelops Much of Europe, Causes Disruption in Transportation, Threatens Health
16 Underwater Drone Swarms Used to Study Plankton Mating
17 Are We Eating Fish or Plastic? Scientists Found High Amount of Micro Plastic in Fish and Other Sea Food Items
18 Mount Everest: The World's Tallest Peak Shrank After a Massive Earthquake in Nepal?
19 Unofficial National Parks Account Stands Up to Trump by Trolling
20 Clean Energy: Agreement to Build the Largest Offshore Wind Farm in the US Approved
21 Volcanic Eruption Happened Again! This Time It Is in Mexico [Video]
22 Elon Musk Proposes 'Tunneling' to Solve the Terrible Los Angeles Traffic
23 'Fire of Australia': The World's Most Beautiful Uncut Opal Stone Is Now Exhibited
24 Some Life Continues in the Body Two Days After Death, Study Reveals
25 A Mysterious Massive Two-Mile Long Crack Found in Arizona Desert
26 'March for Science' Campaign Initiated by a Group of Scientists; Hopefully It Will Draw Trump Administration's Attention
27 Will the World Survive with Donald Trump's Presidency?
28 Long-Lost Dark Age Royal Kingdom of Rheged Unearthed in Scotland
29 Amber-Entrapped Remains of Alien Insect Found in Myanmar
30 Fossils of Giant Pterosaur Unearthed in Romania
31 The Elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Is Not 'Extinct' After All, New Study Says
32 A Fatal Sex Encounter; Weird Mating Rituals in Animals Found in Australian Sea
33 An Iron Age Tomb Full of Treasures Uncovered in Germany
34 Alaskan 'Bogoslof Volcano' Erupts, Generates an Ash Cloud
35 A Bag-Like Sea Creature with Large Mouth, No Anus Could Be the Earliest Known Human Prehistoric Ancestor?
36 First Images of the Newly Discovered, Stunning Amazon Coral Reef Revealed
37 The Horrifying, Creepy 'Door to Hell' in Turkmenistan Keeps on Burning for Almost 50 Years
38 Researchers Find 'Lost Continent' Under Mauritius
39 Scientists Discover Bag-Like Creature as Human Ancestor
40 Solar Minimum May Cause Northern Lights to 'Disappear'
41 New Species of 'Candy-Striped Hermit Crab' Discovered
42 Unearthing the Long-Lost Continent Underneath an Indian Ocean Island
43 'Online Dating' for Orangutans Will Be Used to Find Mating Partners
44 Thousands of Blue Blubber Jellyfish Washed Up on Australian Beach
45 Happy World Wetlands Day: 'Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction'
46 Shark Photobombs 10-Year-Old Surfer in Australia
47 Fish Communicates in a Form of Urination, Study Reveals
48 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Medal to Be Made from Recycled Mobile Phones
49 Adverse Effect of Climate Change on Honey Bees' Population May Lead to Their Extinction
50 Rare, Amazing Light Pillars Spotted in Wyoming's Sky
51 Mysterious Beaching of Sea Creatures All Around the World Caused by Solar Storms?
52 The Euthanized Whale in Norway Had About 30 Plastic Bags in Its Stomach
53 World's Smallest Porpoise Critically Endangered, Only 30 Left
54 Dinosaur Remains Recently Discovered; There Is a Trace of Tissue, Researchers Believe
55 A Simple Way to Mass-Produce Graphene with Just Three Ingredients Discovered
56 The First-Ever Metallic Hydrogen on Earth Developed, Could Revolutionize Rocketry, Transportation System and Superconductor
57 Scientists Explain How God Parted the Red Sea for Moses
58 Quantum Computer: First-Ever Blueprint for Building the Most Powerful Computer on Earth Developed
59 Why Military Is Studying UFOs and Aliens, Not Scientists?
60 Landing on Pluto: A Virtual Tour of the Dwarf Planet
61 Venus Aliens Conspiracy Theory: There Is Something in the Clouds
62 Daphnis: NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Captures Image of 'Wavemaker' Saturn's Moon
63 Saturn's Moon Daphnis Showed Up Just in Time for a Close-Up Pic
64 Asteroids Might Be Camouflaged Based on New Ceres Observation
65 Solar Storm Blackouts Can Cost US$40 billion Every Day
66 Cosmic Disasters that Would Make the Planet Earth in Danger
67 India, US Must Join Forces on Space Research and Exploration, NASA Scientist Says
68 Cheers from Moon? Students Experiment on How to Brew Beer on Lunar Surface
69 This Earth-Like Planet Is Probably More like Venus, New Study Says
70 This 'Wolf' Planet Can Be the Next Habitable World After Earth
71 Students Will Have a Chance to Talk to Recent Spacewalk Star Thomas Pesquet; It Will Be Live-Streamed
72 A Mock Journey To Mars May Be the Key to the Upcoming Planned Journey to Mars in the 2030s
73 Which Legal Jurisdiction Does the Space and Celestial Objects Belong To?
74 Did Aliens Just Give Humans a Sneak Peek of Extraterrestrial Dimension?
75 Dwarf Galaxies Shed Light on Dark Matter
76 New Zealand to Launch a Rocket to the Moon
77 Donald Trump to 'Unlock the Mysteries of Space'; What Did Inauguration Speech Imply?
78 Biofilms: Dried Slime Could Help Microbes Survive in the Salty Waters of Mars
79 China to Launch New Lunar Probe 'Chang'e-5,' to Bring Back Rocks from the Moon
80 SpaceX Gets Ready for Relaunch on January 30, Plans to Launch at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
81 Space Bullying: Failed Planets Might Have Caused the Earth's Scars
82 This Is How Budapest Looks from Space
83 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Makes a Close Approach to Jupiter
84 Five Teams Left in the Competition of $30 million Private Moon Race
85 Tunguska Event: Does the Mysterious Explosion of Tunguska Meteorite Lead to the Impact Crater, Lake Cheko?
86 The Great American Eclipse: Here's How Citizens Could Contribute to Science
87 Aliens Built a Massive Base in Antarctica? UFO Hunters Spotted an 'Alien Ship' Hidden in South Pole
88 Mars Opportunity Rover Celebrates 13 Years in Space
89 NASA's GOES-16 Satellite Captures the Most Detailed Images of Earth
90 Cycler Spaceship: This Inflatable Spacecraft Could Take Non-Astronauts to the Moon
91 NASA Will Launch Rockets to Explore, Study the Mysteries of Earth's Auroras
92 Bus-Sized Asteroid 'Rerun' Whips Past Earth and Moon
93 Boeing's New Spacesuit Design with Smartphone-Friendly Gloves
94 Did NASA Hide an Alien Again? Alien Hunter Claims ISS Feed Was 'Cut' After UFO Sighting
95 Methane Found in Atmosphere of Exoplanet GJ 1132B
96 Saturn Moon Looks like 'Death Star'
97 February Space Calendar: Watch Out for These Launches, Eclipses and Asteroids Next Month
98 Pluto's Charon Moon Geology Is Similar to Earth's: Data Obtained from New Horizons Spacecraft Indicate It
99 What Does Space Travel Do to Human Body? NASA Releases Results from 'Year in Space' Twins Study
100 Federal Way UFOs Are Actually Chinese Lanterns
101 Fermi Space Telescope Spots Gamma Rays from the Sun's Solar Flares
102 Annular Solar Eclipse: Sun to Look like a 'Ring of Fire' in February 2017
103 Another UFO Sighting? Police Cars and Supersonic Jet Escorted the Alleged UFO, Eye Witnesses Say
104 Space Rocks Hunting: British Expedition Aims to Collect Iron Meteorites in Antarctica
105 Moon Is Blasted by Oxygen Atoms from Earth's Upper Atmosphere
106 A Mysterious Void Is Pushing the Milky Way
107 UFOs Caught on Tape Hovering Above the Colima Volcano in Mexico
108 The Universe Might Be a Massive Hologram
109 'I Am Stalked by Aliens' Claims British Ufologist, Posts Real Alien Photos Captured by Him as Proof?
110 Cassini Images Show Saturn's Rings Containing Millions of 'Moonlets'