File Title
1 New clinical care guidelines issued for patients with mitochondrial disease
2 Fireworks in space
3 Organic material matters
4 Morgridge, UW scientists explore national security implications of gene editing
5 Managing risky behavior reduces future incarceration among aggressive juvenile offenders
6 Siletzia's origin along an oceanic spreading center: What's Bremerton got to do with it?
7 Nurses' depression tied to increased likelihood of medical errors
8 When humidity benefits batteries
9 Weight loss after bariatric surgery can improve heart health
10 Researchers introduce new method for monitoring Indian Summer Monsoon
11 SNMMI publishes appropriate use criteria for FDG PET/CT imaging of cancer patients
12 Identifying the mechanism for a new class of antiviral drugs could hasten their approval
13 Taste, not appearance, drives corals to eat plastics
14 A quarter of problematic pot users have anxiety disorders, many since childhood
15 Genetics may put a person at risk of high triglycerides, but adopting a healthy diet can help
16 Tarloxitinib puts tumor-seeking tail on anti-EGFR drug to precisely target lung cancer
17 Raton Basin earthquakes linked to oil and gas fluid injections
18 Anticipating aftershocks
19 Electronic entropy enhances water splitting
20 Study investigates effects of domestic violence on workplaces--by asking perpetrators
21 Separate but unequal: NYU Metro Center Report examines segregation in NYC schools
22 Automatic acoustic gunshot sensor technology may benefit shooting victims
23 UT Health San Antonio researchers define mechanism that causes kidney cancer to recur
24 Colon cancer: APC protein affects immunity by preventing pre-cancerous inflammation
25 Animal models in regenerative medicine in upcoming special issue of tissue engineering
26 The problem with being pretty
27 There is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, new study shows
28 How Neanderthals influenced human genetics at the crossroads of Asia and Europe
29 No magic wand required: Scientists propose way to turn any cell into any other cell type
30 'Wing prints' may identify individual bats as effectively as fingerprints identify people
31 Pollutant emitted by forest fire causes DNA damage and lung cell death
32 Diabetes researchers discover potential new insulin sensitizers
33 Medicare graduate nurse education demonstration increases primary care workforce
34 Mysterious DNA modification seen in stress response
35 Study indicates arsenic can cause cancer decades after exposure ends
36 Researchers discover which brain region motivates behavior change
37 How to predict high school dropouts
38 Does stem cell therapy offer the best hope for neurodegenerative diseases?
39 Study finds smokers wrongly believe Natural American Spirit cigarettes are healthier
40 How the financial press influences investors' opinion and behavior
41 Jumping nanoparticles
42 Daydreaming is good. It means you're smart
43 Pilot project provides findings and advice on data sharing in development research
44 Construction material-based methodology for contingency base selection
45 Study provides more clarity on the genetic causes of children's food allergies
46 Heart failure therapy hope as drug blocks deadly muscle scarring
47 Spots on supergiant star drive spirals in stellar wind
48 Novel histone modifications couple metabolism to gene activity
49 Study explores the seasonality of hair loss
50 Underwater sound waves help scientists locate ocean impacts
51 New combination therapy of registered drugs shortens anti-Wolbachia therapy
52 High-speed locomotion neurons found in the brainstem
53 'Gentle' dying--or suicide?
54 Research team led by NUS scientists breaks new ground in memory technology
55 Long-term opioid use does not increase risk of Alzheimer's disease
56 New way to prevent unfavorable intestinal microbiota
57 UBC researchers create definitive method to detect wildfire tainted wine grapes
58 Australian research highlights worldwide risk of HIV and Hepatitis C epidemics
59 Noninvasive brain imaging shows readiness of trainees to perform operations
60 Proton therapy may be better option for elderly patients with esophageal cancer
61 Energy firm branding, not deals, influences customer switching
62 New self-regulating nanoparticles could treat cancer
63 Weak social ties a killer for male whales
64 Experts launch pioneering autism and mental health research
65 Researchers test first drug to prevent the onset of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
66 Single nanoparticle mapping paves the way for better nanotechnology
67 Blood-thinning drugs appear to protect against dementia as well as stroke in AF patients
68 Sacrificing one life to save others--research shows psychopaths' force for 'greater good'
69 Studies support the reduced-risk potential of glo
70 Auxin tells the stem cells to stop growing and the gynoecium to start forming in flowers
71 New study explores dried cranberries' effect on gut health
72 A quantum spin liquid
73 Robot-assisted surgery for kidney removal not always cost-effective
74 'Choosing Wisely' movement: Off to a good start, but change needed for continued success
75 Exposure to glyphosate, chemical found in weed killers, increased over 23 years
76 Vapor from glo had little or no biological impact on cells in laboratory tests
77 Toxicant levels are around 90 percent less in glo emissions compared to cigarette smoke
78 Self-esteem mapped in the human brain
79 Prehospital blood transfusion among combat casualties associated with improved survival
80 Study finds increase of herbicide in older adults
81 Blood-based epigenetic research may hold clues to autism biology, study suggests
82 Comparison of outcomes for robotic-assisted vs. laparoscopic surgical procedures
83 Antibiotics from a 'molecular pencil sharpener'
84 Researchers advocate for single-cell diagnostics for breast cancer
85 Ice sheets may melt rapidly in response to distant volcanoes
86 Starting at age 6, children spontaneously practice skills to prepare for the future
87 Study highlights value of acknowledging adolescents' perspectives
88 Universities should actively support open scholarship
89 Development of a highly-accurate computational model of human metabolism
90 Osaka university roll the dice on perovskite interfaces
91 Japanese earthquake zone strongly influenced by the effects of friction
92 Transplanted hematopoietic stem cells reverse damage caused by neuro-muscular disorder
93 Yellowstone spawned twin super-eruptions that altered global climate
94 Mimicking biological process, hydrogel signals and releases proteins
95 A drier south: Europe's drought trends match climate change projections
96 Cloth caps more effective than disposable caps at preventing contamination in the OR
97 Researchers find immune cells help rebuild damaged nerves
98 Haloperidol as adjunctive therapy superior to placebo for acute gastroparesis symptoms
99 New evidence for dark matter makes it even more exotic
100 Information re-sharing on social network sites in the age of fake news
101 UCLA neuroscientists improve human memory by electrically stimulating brain
102 Feinstein Institute study looks at impact of a popular pre-heart transplant therapy on the kidney
103 Method of accelerating the maturation of stem cells to form neurons discovered
104 A higher risk of breast cancer does not motivate many women to have screening checks
105 Some people with cystic fibrosis might live longer because of genetic mutations
106 Blood test can effectively rule out breast cancer, regardless of breast density
107 Can open and honest scientists win public trust?
108 Post-concussion brain changes persist even after pre-teen hockey players return to play
109 It's all about the mix
110 Mature B lymphocytes accelerate the healing of diabetic ulcers, other skin injuries