File Title
1 Funding the elimination of viral hepatitis: Donors needed
2 Australia currently on track to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030, but challenges remain for hepatitis B
3 Only half of people in USA living with curable cancer-causing disease are aware
4 A special issue to commemorate the centenary of Duzheng Ye's birth
5 UK elimination of hepatitis C in jeopardy unless more patients found
6 Countries risk 'running out' of hepatitis C patients to treat, says World Hepatitis Alliance
7 Only 9 countries on track to eliminate hepatitis C
8 Results from the DKCRUSH-V trial reported at TCT 2017 and simultaneously published in JACC
9 Should patients with cardiogenic shock receive culprit lesion only PCI or multivessel PCI?
10 Genome scientists use UK Salmonella cases to shed light on African epidemic
11 Giving rookie dads the online info they really need
12 Opening the Van der Waals' sandwich
13 Half of UK adults miss a quarter of their teeth when brushing
14 Right-handed baseball players more successful when batting left-handed
15 Massage could be used to aid recovery of damaged limbs
16 Aging has distinct and opposite effects on tendon in males and females
17 New toolkit reveals novel cancer genes
18 Long-term use of drugs to curb acid reflux linked to doubling in stomach cancer risk
19 Less red tape and shorter working hours might help stave off retirement of UK doctors
20 Air pollution is associated with cancer mortality beyond lung cancer
21 Energy efficiency labeling for homes has little effect on purchase price
22 Pseudopod protrusions propel amoeboid cells forward: A 3-D swimming model
23 How a $10 microchip turns 2-D ultrasound machines to 3-D imaging devices
24 Alzheimer's disease might be a 'whole body' problem
25 Lemurs are weird because Madagascar's fruit is weird
26 Future volcanic eruptions could cause more climate disruption
27 Spicy food may curb unhealthy cravings for salt
28 Higher thyroid hormone levels associated with artery disease and death
29 Revisiting abandoned treatments in fight against antimicrobial-resistant gonorrhea
30 Research suggests new way to treat inflammatory gut disease and prevent rejection of bone marrow transplants
31 Smoking may cause inflammatory bowel disease
32 Does cutting weekend allied health services hurt patients?
33 Football position and length of play affect brain impact
34 Monitoring Crohn's disease with inflammation biomarkersled to better patient outcomes
35 Young bats learn bat 'dialects' from their nestmates
36 Ax Linked to Otzi the Iceman Found North of the Alps
37 3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People
38 Archeologists believe remains of St. Nicholas may be in Turkey
39 2,000-year-old olive oil mill uncovered in Turkey's Aegean region
40 Traces of 4,000-year-old house discovered in north Zealand
41 Ornamented artifact may indicate long-distance exchange between Mesolithic communities
42 Archaeologists decipher 3,200-year-old stone telling of invasion of mysterious sea people
43 Army Corps orders archaeological survey of lost town buried by dunes
44 From Prejudice to Pride
45 Orpheus' Lyre Rock Engraving Discovered in Bulgaria's Eastern Rhodope Mountains
46 Amazon farmers discovered the secret of domesticating wild rice 4,000 years ago
47 Chic women's jewellery made of coal, encrusted with jade and coral from 2,200 years ago
48 30,000-year old Sungir Homo sapiens visualized for the first time in 3-D virtual reality
49 Slave House Unearthed at Site of Thomas Jefferson's Plantation Estate
50 DNA deepens mystery of Newfoundland's lost Beothuk people
51 Genome-wide data from a 40,000-year-old man in China reveals complicated genetic history of Asia
52 Researchers find name of Allah woven into ancient Viking burial fabrics
53 French-Swiss archaeological mission unearth mini-pyramid in Saqqara
54 Megalithic Tombs on the Brink of Destruction
55 Ancient Greek city of Ephesus in Ionia to be reunited with Aegean Sea
56 Greek mosaics uncovered in ancient city of Idyrus in Turkey's Antalya
57 Mysterious disk found in Ancient Greek Antikythera shipwreck (video)
58 Rwanda: Archaeologists Discover Ancient King's Artifact
59 Gilt-bronze Buddha triad found in Yangyang
60 Ancient site in Peru turns up violent, but not deadly lifestyle
61 VIDEO: Archaeologists discover ancient king's artifact
62 Archaeologists: Ancient Greek Roman City of Phaselis slowly submerging
63 Archaeologists Discover Perfectly Preserved 2000-Year-Old Roman Ship, 20 Other Shipwrecks in Black Sea Off Bulgaria's Coast
64 Czech excavation uncovers temple of King Ramses II in Abusir
65 Using parchment to reveal the ancient lives of livestock
66 Did Easter Islanders Have Early Contact with South Americans?
67 Roman sarcophagus found in Southwark
68 This tiny ornament may have belonged to Harold Bluetooth's shaman
69 Archaeologists Unearth Roman Structure at the Foot of Jerusalem's Western Wall
70 Ancient child tombs found in China
71 Study reshapes understanding of climate change's impact on early societies
72 400 Mysterious Ancient Stone Structures Discovered in Saudi Arabia
73 Mountainside gallery where all civilisations added their own art from Bronze Age to medieval times
74 Volcanic eruptions linked to social unrest in Ancient Egypt
75 Archeological dig at Montreal's pre-Confederation Parliament yields handstamps, charred books
76 The Strangely Revealing Debate Over Viking Couture
77 In Egypt, archaeologists find part of 4,000-year-old statue
78 How volcanoes may have ended the dynasty of Ptolemy and Cleopatra
79 Iron Age skeletal remains discovered on Irish coast after Storm Ophelia
80 Was this ancient person from China the offspring of modern humans and Neandertals?
81 Research sheds new light on early turquoise mining in Southwest
82 Santorini island excavation unearths Bronze Age settlement
83 Researchers have found signs of ritual violence on skeletons from an ancient civilization in the Andes
84 Ancient Turkish town prepares to vanish under floodwaters
85 Coptic tombstone unearthed at Sphinxes Avenue in Luxor
86 Archaeologists Find Alexander the Great, Lysimachus' Iron-Making Center, Strategos Residence under Thracian Mound in Southeast Bulgaria
87 Europe's Oldest Battlefield Yields Clues to Fighters' Identities
88 Archaeologists Find Cache of Assyrian Cuneiform Tablets in Iraq
89 4th century sarcophagus found during excavations in Ljubljana
90 Archaeology fossil teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history
91 Unique 5,000 year old figurine with feather headdress found in old potato field in Novosibirsk
92 Ancient Greek theater of Thouria uncovered in 'excellent condition'
93 8,600-year-old bear statuette unearthed in Turkey's Izmir
94 450-Year-Old Book Reveals What to Name a Baby Samurai
95 Astrolabe: Shipwreck find 'earliest navigation tool'
96 Prehistoric standing stone discovered by archaeologists in Switzerland
97 Gaza Bronze Age remains disappearing under concrete
98 Crops evolving 10 millennia before experts thought
99 This Shipwreck Dates to When Genghis Khan's Descendants Ruled China
100 Archaeologists excavate 400 Iron Age houses in Denmark
101 Archaeologists May Have Found Mint of Ancient Roman City Serdica in Bulgaria's Capital Sofia
102 Rare Solar Navigation Tool Found in Ancient Shipwreck
103 Newly discovered Coptic tombstone in Luxor belonged to a child: Study
104 6,000-year-old skull could be from the world's earliest known tsunami victim
105 Oldest recorded solar eclipse helps date the Egyptian pharaohs
106 Silver Wreath from Ancient Thrace's Roman Era Discovered near Bulgaria's Prehistoric Dyadovo Settlement Mound
107 Archaeology: Copper was sacred to Hopewell, regardless of its source
108 Long-lost art of a vanished civilization revealed by British archaeologists on uninhabited island in Caribbean
109 Experts have uncovered remains at the first permanent English colony. But whose bones are they?