File Title
1 New way to treat cholesterol may be on the horizon
2 Does population size affect rates of violence?
3 Is Alzheimer's disease a disorder of energy metabolism?
4 Case Western Reserve research advance may prevent a form of hereditary hearing loss
5 Hormones help tadpoles trade size for survival in a warming climate, says UC study
6 James Webb Space Telescope's laser-focused sight
7 Scientists detect comets outside our solar system
8 TGen-USC study finds 'Precision Medicine' may not always be so precise
9 Closest look yet at killer T-cell activity could yield new approach to tackling antibiotic resistance
10 Cowpea protected from a devastating pest, free for smallholder African farmers
11 Mistakes in how proteins of the ear are built contribute to early hearing loss
12 Three new lung cancer genetic biomarkers are identified in Dartmouth study
13 Study: How cities can best fight climate change
14 Assaults decrease by 3 percent the Monday after Daylight Saving
15 Astronomers discover sunscreen snow falling on hot exoplanet
16 IOF study reveals low dietary calcium intake in Asia and Latin America
17 Study: Junk food almost twice as distracting as healthy food
18 Discovery of a potential therapeutic target to combat trypanosomes
19 Deeper understanding of ISIS propaganda can help in the fight against terrorism
20 Northeastern researchers discover fundamental rules for how the brain controls movement
21 Cleveland Clinic leads development of new guidelines for radiation in breast cancer
22 For college men, low awareness of HPV risk--Education may help increase vaccination rate
23 Bat Poop: A Reliable Source of Climate Change
24 Good long-term improvement after 'reverse' shoulder replacement in patients under 60
25 American College of Chest Physicians unveils new lung cancer screening guidelines at CHEST 2017
26 How harmful are nano-copper and anti-fungal combinations in the waterways?
27 Pregnancy poses no greater risk to breast cancer survivors
28 Late Triassic terrestrial ecosystem changes
29 Researchers greenlight gas detection at room temperature
30 Blood flow in the developing heart guides maturation of heart valves
31 Researchers look to patterns to envision new engineering field
32 Scientists find a role for Parkinson's gene in the brain
33 Health care access improves with state-level medicaid expansion
34 Virtual coasts improve understanding of possible coastal planning outcomes
35 The Guanches originated from North Africa, shows DNA-study
36 Mutation in fallopian tube lesions may help catch ovarian cancer years earlier
37 Researchers use a pump-induced disease to define underlying molecular mechanism
38 The nose reveals our relationship with our emotions
39 Details uncovered in development of immune cell implicated in cancer, autoimmune diseases
40 More early stage lung cancer patients survive the disease
41 Sidetracked by a donut?
42 The sea turtle that refused to be beaten by the storm
43 FRAX online risk assessments reach 20 million milestone
44 Knowledge of larval fish just a drop in the ocean
45 The importance of addressing poor nutrition in patients with liver failure
46 Kazan Federal University ionosonde registered an earthquake in Chile
47 Citizen scientist spots comet tails streaking past distant star
48 How much does life weigh?
49 Small droplets are a surprise: They disappear more slowly than they 'should'
50 Doctors need cultural training
51 Dynamic catalytic converters for clean air in the city
52 Hubble discovers 'wobbling galaxies'
53 Nanoparticles with pulse laser controlled antibacterial properties
54 Individual with complete spinal cord injury regains voluntary motor function
55 Smell sensitivity varies with circadian rhythm, study suggests
56 Scientific evaluation of rhino diets improves zoo
57 Politicians who use violent rhetoric are driving greater polarization
58 The Bakhshali manuscript: The world's oldest zero?
59 For older adults, keeping your heart healthy may protect against disability
60 Outpatient antibiotics raise risk for acquiring C. difficile infection in the community
61 Nonoperative treatment of appendicitis is increasing, may raise death risk
62 Belly fat measurement predicts adverse outcomes in emergency surgery patients
63 Biologists discover bacteria's 'sense of touch'
64 UC San Diego researchers solve mystery of oxygenation connections in the brain
65 Researchers identify a test to target cancer drug
66 Manipulating mitochondrial networks could promote healthy aging
67 Mending hearts in three dimensions
68 AAAS launches SciLine, new service for journalists to enhance science coverage
69 Diversity and immigration increase productivity in microbial communities
70 Bacteria have a sense of touch
71 Should keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets be restricted?
72 Sharp rise in children admitted to intensive care in England and Wales since 2009
73 A new weapon against malaria
74 Scientists get first close-ups of finger-like growths that trigger battery fires
75 Global trade entrenches poverty traps
76 Deep-depletion: A new concept for MOSFETs
77 NIH study identifies new targets for anti-malaria drugs
78 Why insects can develop from unfertilized egg cells
79 3-D axon assemblies pave the way for drug discovery
80 UBC researcher prescribes specific exercise dosage for those with spinal cord injury
81 Imported candy at top of contaminated food list in California
82 Brain-inspired vision model cracks website protection system, with much less training compared to deep learning
83 The oceans were colder than we thought
84 Researchers engineer CRISPR to edit single RNA letters in human cells
85 Tiny chip-based methane spectrometer could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
86 Global road-building explosion could be disastrous for people and nature, say scientists
87 'Bandit-masked' feathered dinosaur hid from predators using multiple types of camouflage
88 Kidney transplantation may prolong the survival of patients on long-term dialysis
89 Fly hunter has described 30 new species
90 Learning from mussels
91 Iconic Sinosauropteryx dinosaur had bandit mask, lived in open terrain
92 Climate change may slowly starve bamboo lemurs
93 Computational simulations suggest multiple sclerosis is a single disease
94 Novel technology provides powerful new means for studying neural circuits
95 Hush little virus, don't say a word: How Princeton scientists investigate sleeping viruses
96 Cancer trial led by University of Minnesota Medical School's Dr. Clark Chen shows promise
97 Blocking enzyme in normal cells may impede pancreatic cancer, Penn vet team shows
98 A light in the dark: NASA sounding rocket probes the dark regions of space
99 TGen-UCSF study uses genomics to make treatment calls for recurrent glioblastoma patients
100 Dry mouth symptoms can be side effect of certain medications for older adults
101 New research findings could lead to safer and more powerful lithium-ion batteries
102 Zika virus infects developing brain by first infecting cells meant to defend against it
103 Using networks to understand tissue-specific gene regulation
104 Cosmetic surgery on social media--Patients rate preferred social media sites and content
105 New pilot study: Montmorency tart cherry juice increased sleep time among participating adults ages 50+ by 1 hour and 24 minutes
106 Guiding the random laser
107 New molecule shows promise in HIV vaccine design
108 Emotional states discovered in fish
109 From Cellulose to 3-D Objects
110 Men lacking a caregiver face a greater risk of being placed in a nursing home after stroke