File Title
1 The successful US/German satellite gravity mission GRACE comes to an end after 15 years
2 Hand surgeons provide update on wild animal bites
3 Malaria parasite in the Americas is more genetically diverse than previously thought
4 New study identifies mechanism bacteria use to attach to surfaces
5 National study aims to prove value of mobile stroke units
6 FSU researcher: Modern civilization doesn't diminish violence
7 Creating the engineer of 2020: Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology
8 Universities drive innovation in the classroom
9 HIIT alters brain glucose metabolism in insulin resistant people
10 Cell Biology: Cellular power outage
11 Lifestyle changes, healthier population
12 New patent will allow for the relief of chronic neuropathic pain
13 Newly discovered microRNA regulates mobility of tumor cells
14 Public awareness of atrial fibrillation is low
15 Easing refugees' trauma with psychotherapy
16 Concise guide to pharmacology simplifies drug discovery research
17 Artificial intelligence to evaluate brain maturity of preterm infants
18 An experimental model might shed new light on the development of brain cancer in children
19 A film research study shows how the brain reacts to difficult moral issues
20 Revolutionizing the future of real-world, 'big data' cancer care: ASCO's CancerLinQ
21 'European Muslims perceive the EU more positively than other Europeans'
22 Nanomagnets levitate thanks to quantum physics
23 Scientists unveil the water buffalo genome
24 Peat bogs defy the laws of biodiversity
25 Efforts to revive coal industry unlikely to work, may slow job growth
26 Tropical forest reserves slow down global warming
27 Peatland plants adapting well to climate change, suggests study
28 Winters on Mars are shaping the Red Planet's landscape
29 Sharing experiences improves wellbeing of healthcare staff
30 Advanced artificial limbs mapped in the brain
31 Drexel researchers identify 'master regulator' involved in infant lung damage
32 How often does your heart skip a beat? The answer may explain why fewer blacks have AF than whites
33 Regular marijuana use linked to more sex, Stanford study finds
34 New study suggests 21 percent increase in childhood peanut allergy since 2010
35 Almost half of food allergies in adults appear in adulthood
36 Heavy metal thunder: Protein can be switched on to conduct electricity like a metal
37 Habitat restoration can maximize the benefits of marine protected areas
38 New treatments help those with mild, moderate and severe eczema
39 Allergists examine 'webside manner'
40 Eczema plus family history can mean a longer hospital stay for kids with asthma
41 Dogs may protect against childhood eczema and asthma
42 What pediatricians tell parents about early peanut introduction to prevent allergy
43 'Instant replay' for computer systems shows cyber attack details
44 'Combosquatting' attack hides in plain sight to trick computer users
45 Researchers reveal the effect of nano-diamond on magnetorheological fluids
46 Pumpkin genomes sequenced, revealing uncommon evolutionary history
47 Oldest recorded solar eclipse helps date the Egyptian pharaohs
48 New research on the Caribbean's largest concentration of indigenous pre-Columbian rock art
49 Mental health clinicians need to better engage men with depression
50 Potential cancer treatment breakthrough with nanoporous acupuncture needles
51 Artificial intelligence: Is this the future of early cancer detection?
52 Colorectal cancer screening should start at 45, new research shows
53 Minor merger kicks supermassive black hole into high gear
54 Genetic study uncovers evolutionary history of dingoes
55 Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials
56 'Precision medicine' for cancer patients may not always be so precise
57 Spooky conservation: Saving endangered species over our dead bodies
58 Results from the EXCEL QOL study reported at TCT 2017 and published simultaneously in JACC
59 Wristband devices detect dangerous seizures in patients with epilepsy
60 High burden, high cost and low awareness of kidney disease in the United States
61 Native trees, shrubs provide more food for birds
62 Study shows how memories ripple through the brain
63 Tracking mosquitoes with your cellphone
64 'Tensor algebra' software speeds big-data analysis 100-fold
65 Humans don't use as much brainpower as we like to think
66 Why do some head knocks cause more damage than others?
67 How to store information in your clothes invisibly, without electronics
68 Chromosome organization emerges from 1-D patterns
69 Elderly chromosomes activate genes differently than in the young
70 Newest dark matter map hints at where astrophysics must go for breakthroughs
71 Orphaned elephants' social lives substantially altered by poaching
72 Bilingual preschoolers show stronger inhibitory control
73 Prenatal exposure to BPA at low levels can affect gene expression in developing rat brain
74 Strong maternal antibodies for HIV ineffective for protecting infants from HIV
75 How to detect the risk of dyslexia before learning to read
76 Uncomfortable sight from an ancient reflex of the eye
77 Stay focused, if you can
78 Research links locus coeruleus activity with hyperarousal in PTSD
79 Religious affiliation at the end of life is changing globally
80 Surveillance safe for non-cancerous breast lesion typically treated surgically
81 Study shows voting does not reduce crime
82 Illuminated pajamas treat newborns
83 Stable, affordable homes don't just help patients, they save taxpayer dollars
84 NREL, University of Washington scientists elevate quantum dot solar cell world record
85 NREL research yields significant thermoelectric performance
86 Lens trick doubles odds for quantum interaction
87 Medieval theology and natural philosophy influenced each other
88 Dinosaur-killing asteroid impact cooled Earth's climate more than previously thought
89 How berberine works to slow diabetes-related cognitive decline in Rejuvenation Research
90 Researchers at NYITCOM link Western diet to vascular damage and prediabetes
91 'Protect your eyes while on the slopes,' scientists warn
92 NASA investigates use of medical-like tools to study samples of the solar system
93 Novel technique reveals the intricate beauty of a cracked glass
94 New treatment shows promise for patients with rare dermatologic disease
95 RUDN University researcher found out what happens to organic matter on rice fields
96 Aliens may be more like us than we think
97 How an interest in bipolar disorder drugs led to a better understanding of leukemia
98 Landmark discovery turns marathon of evolution into a sprint
99 Stem cells conduct cartilage regeneration but are not directly involved
100 Trends in kids' fitness not as bad as assumed
101 Future climate change may not adversely affect seafood quality
102 Monster' planet discovery challenges formation theory [Royal Astronomical Society]
103 University of Seville researchers reveal the role of a DNA repair mechanism
104 The world's shortest laser pulse
105 Cheaper drug could release more than 13.5 million pounds a year within the next 5 years for other services
106 Monster' planet discovery challenges formation theory [University of Warwick]
107 Researchers map trends in drug development
108 Flour power to boost food security
109 Successful cardiogenic shock treatment using a percutaneous left ventricular assist device
110 NUS researchers unravel new insights into how brain beats distractions to retain memories