File Title
1 Wriggling Microtubules Help Understand Coupling of "Active" Defects and Curvature
2 Scientists Use Satellites, Population Data to Build Malaria Early Warning System
3 Study: Junk Food Almost Twice as Distracting as Healthy Food
4 Bamboozled! Climate Change Pushing Greater Bamboo Lemur Closer to the Brink of Extinction
5 Scientists Get First Close-ups of Finger-Like Growths that Trigger Battery Fires
6 Chronic back pain stem cell treatment could cut need for opioids
7 Geese-like birds seem to have survived the dinosaur extinction
8 Google's quantum computing plans threatened by IBM curveball
9 Possible exomoon may be an ocean-covered world as big as Saturn
10 Robotic underwater miners can go where humans can't
11 New York should prepare for 15-metre storm surges by 2300
12 Your autopilot mode is real--now we know how the brain does it
13 Scotland has banned smacking children--so should everyone else
14 Artificial intelligence tells nightmare-inducing tales of terror
15 An AI has learned how to pick a single voice out of a crowd
16 How we could make oxygen on Mars, plus fuel to get home
17 Narcissists aren't very conservative but believe in inequality
18 Marijuana compounds made in GM yeast could help epilepsy
19 A 300-kilometre space rock has vanished since we saw it in 1995
20 We've evolved an even more powerful form of CRISPR gene editing
21 Twitter is tightening its rules around online sexual harassment
22 Dawn spacecraft approved to spend another year studying Ceres
23 WHO reverses decision to elect Robert Mugabe as ambassador
24 La Nina forecast may mean even worse Atlantic hurricanes in 2018
25 Light's quantum weirdness survives after going to space and back
26 Oysters can 'hear' the ocean even though they don't have ears
27 We may have just seen the first comet from another solar system
28 Early menopause is more likely if you've ever been underweight
29 What the controversial 'human' teeth fossils really tell us
30 Brain-zap therapy may throw people with depression into a rage
31 Mussel-inspired plastic could make self-repairing body armour
32 Boiling water on Mars could make the planet's sand levitate
33 Want to think outside of the box? Try sniffing a placebo
34 Opioid crisis: Trump suggests telling young people drugs are bad
35 We now know more on the origins of weird duck-shaped comet 67P
36 How a tiny shrimp fires a savage shock wave using just its claw
37 The first ancestors of giant pandas probably lived in Europe
38 Female birds that used to be silent are now singing like males
39 Hubble Space Telescope Views Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4874
40 Hubble Image of the Week--LMC and the Honeycomb Nebula
41 Hubble Views the Warped Appearance of Galaxy NGC 4490
42 ALMA Detects Methyl Chloride (CH3Cl) in Interstellar Space
43 Skyrmions Could Provide a Way to Bypass the Limits to Moore's Law
44 Large Solar Storm Sparks Global Aurora on the Martian Surface
45 One of the Last Images of Saturn's Dark Side from Cassini
46 MIT Scientists Reveal New Target for Treating "Undruggable" Lung Cancer
47 Scientists Find Five New Pairs of Merging Supermassive Black Holes
48 NASA's Webb Telescope Will View First Galaxies and Stars
49 CERN Open Data Portal Results Confirm Subatomic Particle Patterns
50 New Study Shows Earth's Tectonic Plates Are Weaker than Once Thought
51 New Research Reveals Dimming of Tabby's Star May Be Caused by Dust
52 The Scientific Quest to Explain the Dimming of Tabby's Star
53 Researchers Pinpoint Molecular Mechanism Behind Breast Cancer Risk
54 NASA's Mars Odyssey Views Phobos in a Different Light
55 ALMA Views the Dust Disk Around Young Protostar HH-212
56 New NASA Research Shows Moon Once Had an Atmosphere
57 Biologists Sequence a New Neanderthal Genome from Vindija Cave in Croatia
58 VLTI Views the Largest Yellow Hypergiant Ever Discovered, V766 Cen
59 Hubble Image of the Week--Dwarf Galaxy ESO 553-46
60 Color-Enhanced Juno Image of Jupiter, Io and Europa
61 New Mars Study Yields Clues to Possible Cradle of Life
62 Researchers Discover a New Compound that Makes Cancer Cells Self-Destruct
63 MRO Image Shows Where Martian Sand is Produced
64 New Tools to Enhance Brain Function & Treat Disorders
65 Violent Helium Reaction Triggers Supernova Explosion
66 Asteroid 2012 TC4 Will Safely Pass by Earth, Just Above Communications Satellites
67 Researchers Use MRI Brain Scans to Reveal MS Risk in Children
68 Astronomers View One of the Most Luminous White Dwarf Eruptions Ever Seen
69 Scientists Identify Neural Signatures of Explicit and Implicit Learning
70 Giant Exoplanets Are More Likely to be Found Around Young Stars that Have a Disk of Dust and Debris
71 Astronomers Discover a Ring Around a Dwarf Planet Haumea
72 Crystallizing Discovery Indicates Potential for New Types of Cancer Drugs
73 CALIFA Survey Reveals Unusual Spindle-Like Galaxies
74 Characteristics of the Remarkable Jet in Quasar 4C+19.44
75 NASA Study Reveals Cause of Earth's Recent Record Carbon Dioxide Spike
76 Extreme Methane Rainstorms Shape Saturn's Moon Titan
77 Hubble Image Shows What Happens When Two Galaxies Become One
78 Hubble Observes a Kilonova from Merging Neutron Stars
79 Astronomers View Light Show Associated with Gravitational Waves
80 NASA Scientists Detect First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event
81 Fossilized Diatoms Enhance Solar Power Technology
82 MIT Develops a New Way to Harness Wasted Methane
83 Analysis Continues on the Mountain of Data from the Cassini Spacecraft
84 Uncovering the Origins of the Connection Between Humans and Dogs
85 Astronomers Map the Spiral Structure on the Far Side of the Milky Way
86 Velvet Worms Secrete Stiff Fibers Spun from Slime
87 Electrically Charged Particles Could Impact Future Missions to Martian Moons
88 NASA Study Suggests the Moon Once Had a Significant Atmosphere
89 NASA Reveals Noxious Ice Cloud on Saturn's Moon Titan
90 Yale Study Finds Lower Brain Glucose Levels in People with Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes
91 New NASA Research Improves the Hunt for Habitable Worlds
92 Astronomers Model the Effects of Water Loss on Exoplanets
93 MAVEN Spacecraft Reveals that Mars Has a Unique Magnetic "Tail"
94 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Spots a Lunar Transit
95 MIT Develops a Synthetic Gene Circuit to Trigger Immune System Attack on Cancer
96 Hubble Telescope Image of the Week--Cosmic Archaeology
97 Cassini Image of Saturn's Graceful Lanes of Orbiting Ice
98 Mongolian Microfossils Shed Light on the Rise of Animals
99 Light-Emitting Diode and Photodetector for Silicon CMOS Chips
100 Juno Reveals Surprising Activity in Jupiter's Interior
101 Shrews Reduce the Size of Their Organs in the Winter
102 Silent Engrams Build a Case for a New Theory of Memory Formation
103 Spots on Supergiant Star Zeta Puppis Drive Spirals in Stellar Wind
104 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views a Window into the Past
105 VLT Survey Telescope Reveals Galactic Secrets of Galaxy NGC 1316
106 Depression and Alcoholism Linked to SEMA3A Gene Variant in African Americans
107 MIT Engineers Cut Carbon Emissions by Adding Recycled Plastic to Concrete