File Title
1 Astronomers first to see source of gravitational waves in visible light
2 Study finds auto-fix tool gets more programmers to upgrade code
3 Aus gravitational waves world-first finding
4 Endogenous infection marker guides antibiotic therapy
5 Social media accounts promote skeletal images of women
6 Blood pressure medication does not completely restore vascular function
7 Risk of cesarean section is heritable
8 Women in science ask fewer questions than men, according to new research
9 Germ-free hatching eggs: An alternative to formaldehyde application
10 Liquid metal brings soft robotics a step closer
11 Sales of sugar-sweetened drinks in Jamie's Italian restaurants fall by 11 percent after 10p levy
12 Sleep duration may affect the integrity of sperm DNA
13 Cocktail tests on toxic waste called for
14 Study reveals risk factors for substance use problems, as well as resilience
15 DFG to fund electron microscopes for university research
16 Integration of smoking cessation within CT lung cancer screenings shows life-saving results
17 Study cites race and socioeconomic factors as influential in NSCLC patient survival rates
18 Early palliative care provides no quality of life benefits for recently diagnosed MPM patients
19 Astronomers strike cosmic gold, confirm origin of precious metals in neutron star mergers
20 First observations of merging neutron stars mark a new era in astronomy
21 Harvey runoff menaces Texas' coral reefs
22 Major advance in nanopore detection of peptides and proteins
23 Gamma-ray burst detection just what OSU researchers exclusively predicted
24 An epigenetic key to unlock behavior change
25 Brain training shows promise for patients with bipolar disorder
26 Mount Sinai & Sema4 scientists identify biomarker for progression and drug response in brain cancer
27 Flu vaccine failed to protect young leukemia patients during cancer treatment
28 Inpatient satisfaction improved by five-minute intervention, study finds
29 Chronic inflammation plays critical role in sustained delivery of new MD therapy
30 West Virginians say opioid epidemic most important health issue in the state
31 Gravitational waves + new clues from space reveal new way to make a black hole
32 New UTSA study describes how dopamine tells you it isn't worth the wait
33 Radio 'eyes' unlocking secrets of neutron-star collision
34 The importance of asymmetry in bacteria
35 Is rushing your child to the ER the right response?
36 Cancer relapse linked to body's own immune system
37 When lemons give you life: Herpetofauna adaptation to citrus orchards in Belize
38 Healthy lifestyle reduces cardiovascular risk after gestational diabetes, NIH study shows
39 New antibiotic resistance genes found
40 Doctors urged to make a public commitment to talk to their patients about guns
41 Learning during development is regulated by an unexpected brain region
42 No evidence that widely marketed technique to treat leaky bladder/prolapse works
43 GP referral to Weight Watchers avoided type 2 diabetes in third of patients
44 Ten pence restaurant chain levy on sugary drinks linked to fall in sales
45 An architect gene is involved in the assimilation of breast milk
46 During crisis, exposure to conflicting information and stress linked, UCI-led studies find
47 Gestational diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk
48 Discovered! Neutron star collision seen for the first time
49 Waves in lakes make waves in the Earth
50 Bolstering fat cells offers potential new leukemia treatment
51 Men develop irregular heartbeat earlier than women; extra weight a factor
52 Relatively few kidney patients need to start dialysis after undergoing TAVR
53 Scientists log newfound understanding of water's responses to changing temperatures
54 Whales and dolphins have rich 'human-like' cultures and societies
55 Rice U. study: Vibrating nanoparticles interact
56 Insurance plays significant role in breast cancer disparities
57 New study finds nature is vital to beating climate change
58 Attending a middle vs. a K-8 school matters for student outcomes
59 A new target for marijuana
60 Approximately 1 in 9 US men infected with oral HPV [+ other articles]
61 Study: New exercises help athletes manage dangerous breathing disorder
62 How to save giant tropical fruit bats: Work with local hunters who use bat teeth as money
63 Fanged kangaroo research could shed light on extinction
64 One in five witness someone collapse who requires CPR but the majority do not act
65 Study calls for less shame and secrecy around menstruation in global conflict areas
66 Hands On: LookUp 4.0 for the iPhone and iPad can make browsing a dictionary a pleasure
67 Review: Logitech's Circle 2 Wired is the best camera with Apple's HomeKit--for now
68 Apple and Samsung headed back to court for iPhone patent damages retrial
69 Apple Pay heading to four new countries in days, Wallet passes coming to all Ticketmaster locales
70 Quicken 2018 for Mac debuts, switches to subscription-only model
71 Google investigating reports of screen burn-in on Pixel 2 XL
72 COO Jeff Williams praises TSMC for 'intense' relationship with Apple, 100% supply of A11 Bionic processor
73 Insurer John Hancock offers Apple Watch Series 3 for $25--with regular exercise
74 Apple suppliers now prepping AMD Vega video cards for upcoming iMac Pro
75 YouTube smash 'Despacito' shot in one day, edited on Final Cut Pro X
76 Fifth iOS 11.1, fourth tvOS 11.1 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 developer betas arrive
77 New York City subway will replace MetroCard with Apple Pay tap-to-pay starting in 2018
78 Documents show Clinton administration chummy with Steve Jobs, but dismissed cabinet member suggestions
79 Survey finds iPhone X & 8 purchase intent at highest level since Apple launched the iPhone 6
80 Apple opens up pre-approval for iPhone X buyers in iPhone Upgrade Program
81 Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, announce iPhone X discounts ahead of launch
82 FBI director says smartphone encryption hindering investigations 'across the board'
83 Third man charged in celebrity iCloud, Gmail hacking investigation
84 BNZ flips switch on Apple Pay in New Zealand
85 Apple Pay goes live in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and United Arab Emirates
86 Supply chain suggests Apple will only get half of the iPhone X deliveries it wants in 2017
87 Apple stores will have iPhone X launch units for walk-in customers--but arrive early
88 Apple's Angela Ahrendts calls rumors of being Cook's successor 'fake news'
89 How to customize Philips Hue Dimmer Switches to control any Apple HomeKit devices
90 Apple identifies automakers with wireless charging supporting iPhone 8 & 8 Plus
91 iPhone X video shot at Apple HQ shows practical use of Apple Pay, Animoji
92 How to use and train Apple's Siri for Messages, Calendar, and iTunes Music on your iPhone
93 Apple posts two video tutorials for Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus
94 First look: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect with Apple HomeKit
95 Apple Music scores exclusive rights to Sam Smith documentary, to stream live concert on November 3
96 Apple's rapid enterprise growth in Mac, iOS & Apple TV targeted by new Jamf Pro 10 release
97 Apple acquires wireless charging specialist PowerbyProxi
98 Apple iPhone X app switching mechanics shown off in short video
99 Honda's 2018 Gold Wing is first CarPlay-compatible motorcycle
100 Apple homepage gets iPhone X makeover ahead of Friday preorders
101 Nintendo's "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" to land on iOS in November
102 Rumor: Apple dials back Face ID requirements to improve iPhone X production, still better than Touch ID
103 Amazon's new home delivery camera doubles as an Apple HomeKit security competitor
104 Users continue to experience sluggishness, battery life problems in iOS 11 after multiple updates
105 Apple hires Jay Hunt to serve as European creative director for original video
106 Microsoft kills Kinect just as Apple dives into facial recognition with iPhone X Face ID
107 Apple denies it reduced accuracy of Face ID to aid iPhone X production
108 Apple may have bought camera sensor firm InVisage for better low-light iPhone images
109 Apple aims to debut TV slate in 2019, sans any HBO-style risque content
110 How to fix problems with iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad
111 Apple offers Walmart "everyday low cost" in IT savings. IBM estimates a deployment of 100,000 Macs
112 Supposed watchOS 4.1 GM release notes tip music streaming, GymKit integration
113 Apple and Cochlear partner on new hearing implant technology
114 First Look: Yale Assure Lock SL with iM1 HomeKit-compatible networking module
115 Review: Logitech's Craft Advanced Keyboard increases productivity, but app support is limited
116 How to preorder iPhone X with Apple's battle-tested Apple Store app
117 Apple versus Samsung patent damages retrial slated to start May 14
118 Google engineer proves any iPhone app with permission to access the camera is capable of spying
119 LG said to be producing Apple iPhone camera modules in new Vietnam factory
120 OWC ships Aura Pro X PCIe SSD flash storage upgrades for 2013 and later Macs
121 Apple calls $506 million WARF patent ruling 'fraught with error' in start of appeal