File Title
1 New type of light interaction with atoms allows for manipulating cloud shape
2 Experiments with levitated nanoparticles reveal role of friction at the nanoscale
3 Chemists introduce novel method to separate isotopes
4 Researchers use acoustic gravity waves to locate precise time and location that objects hit the sea surface
5 Understanding how electrons turn to glass
6 A quantum spin liquid: Honeycomb lattice meets elusive standards of the Kitaev model
7 Scientists discover superconductor with bounce
8 Experiment provides deeper look into the nature of neutrinos
9 Scientists update four key fundamental constants
10 Researchers bring optical communication onto silicon chips
11 Wriggling microtubules help understand coupling of 'active' defects and curvature
12 A way to dramatically improve resolution of confocal microscopy
13 Study may explain counterintuitive effect of why hotter systems can cool more quickly
14 A new effect in electromagnetism discovered--150 years later
15 Solution to mysterious behavior of supercooled water
16 Fast 3-D microscope with nano precision
17 Einstein's theory of happy living emerges in Tokyo note
18 Two teams independently test Tomonaga-Luttinger theory
19 ATLAS Experiment studies photon-tagged jet quenching in the quark-gluon plasma
20 Neutrons reveal suppression of magnetic order in pursuit of a quantum spin liquid
21 Defects in liquid crystals act as guides in tiny oceans, directing particle traffic
22 10 years of the trapped rainbow--the revolution of slow light
23 Gamma rays reach beyond the limits of light
24 A step closer to understanding quantum mechanics: Physicists develop a new quantum simulation protocol
25 Solid or liquid? Researcher proposes a new definition of glass
26 Using supercomputers to delve into the building blocks of matter
27 High field magnet at BER II: Insight into a hidden order
28 Supercomputer simulation of chaotic circuits
29 Using optical chaos to control the momentum of light
30 Black butterfly wings offer a model for better solar cells
31 Terahertz spectroscopy goes nano
32 Pushing the limit of thin-film absorption in solar and water-splitting applications
33 Physicists gain understanding of how bubbles at the edge of plasmas can drain heat and reduce fusion reaction efficiency
34 Researchers build a 'billion sensors' earthquake observatory with optical fibers
35 Oganesson--the black sheep of the noble gases
36 The moon is a harsh mistress--gravitational impacts on NSLS-II
37 New research explores the limits of nanomaterials and atomic effects for nanotechnology
38 Researchers explore how chewing affects teeth on the nanoscale
39 Researchers test the capability of a novel nanoparticle to remove cadmium toxicity from a freshwater system
40 Rapid cellphone charging getting closer to reality
41 IBM scientists demonstrate in-memory computing with 1 million devices for applications in AI
42 Turning a pinch of salt into an electrical switch
43 Single nanoparticle mapping paves the way for better nanotechnology
44 Nanotube fiber antennas as capable as copper
45 Resistive memory components the computer industry can't resist
46 Taming 'wild' electrons in graphene
47 New graphene nano-ribbons lend sensors unprecedented sensitivity
48 Breakthrough in ultra-fast data processing at nanoscale
49 Two-dimensional materials gets a new theory for control of properties
50 Researchers watch in real time as fat-encased drug nanoparticles invade skin cells
51 Technique offers advance in testing micro-scale compressive strength of cement
52 Physicists make breakthrough on brittle smartphone screens
53 New self-regulating nanoparticles could treat cancer
54 Metallic nanoparticles help to determine the percentage of volatile compounds
55 Team clarifies valley polarization for electronic and optoelectronic technologies
56 The big problem of global food production has a very tiny solution
57 Nanomaterial risk profiling puts safety first
58 Nanofiber sutures promote production of infection-thwarting peptide
59 Chemists develop optical imaging tool to target cancer cells
60 Can nanotechnology heal scar tissue?
61 Researchers discuss the future impact of today's nanotech research
62 Morphologies of porous molybdenum disulfide prepared by researchers show good performance in hydrogenation of phenol
63 Researchers image perfectly smooth side-surfaces of 3-D silicon crystals with a scanning tunneling microscope
64 A way to cause graphene to self-fold into 3-D shapes
65 Nanoparticles that stick wounds together
66 Researchers observe exotic quantum particle in bilayer graphene
67 New ultralight silver nanowire aerogel is boon for energy and electronics industries
68 New microcapsules to enhance the efficiency of genome-editing
69 Dinosaur sported 'bandit mask'
70 Bloodhound supersonic carries out first public runs
71 Ancient skull 'oldest tsunami victim'
72 'Incredible' editing of life's building blocks
73 Wildlife colonises man-made rockpools
74 Ichthyosaur fossil discovered for first time in India
75 BBC wrong to not challenge climate sceptic Lord Lawson
76 How science transformed the world in 100 years
77 Paul Weitz: Skylab and shuttle astronaut dies aged 85
78 Astrolabe: Shipwreck find 'earliest navigation tool'
79 More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life'
80 Viking trade in red squirrels may have spread leprosy
81 Stephen Hawking PhD readers crash Cambridge University website
82 Blue Planet II: The secrets behind the BBC One series
83 The place spacecraft go to die
84 Can we make fashion greener?
85 NHS 'could have prevented' WannaCry ransomware attack
86 Would you share your internet for cash?
87 Twitter bans RT and Sputnik ads amid election interference fears
88 Amazon and Alphabet report sales surge
89 Dell web address grabbed by third party
90 Nazi forums closed as Reddit purges 'violent content'
91 WhatsApp and Facebook to face EU data taskforce
92 Piccadilly Circus lights switched back on after renovations
93 Will Pharrell make Roli happy?
94 Twitter nears profit as it adds users
95 Porn-makers challenge Patreon's crowdfunding ban
96 Amazon service will let couriers open front doors
97 Why Zimbabwe has a 'Minister of WhatsApp'
98 The flying drones putting workers out of a job
99 How Australia's A$49 billion internet network came to be ridiculed
100 N/A
101 How can you help your local online business go global?
102 Will Pharrell make Roli happy?
103 Would you share your internet for cash?
104 The 350 million people who don't even exist
105 MP's Brexit letter to universities 'was research for book'
106 'Imminent lack' of school places in parts of Wales
107 Postnatal depression: Call for new fathers to be screened
108 Dentist fines: Mistakes over addresses hitting thousands
109 Girls Network: Primaries added to activity project
110 Fire chiefs call for sprinklers in all UK schools