File Title
1 Editorial: Use big tobacco's November 26 corrective statements to reduce smoking
2 Two-thirds of children with concussions not receiving medical follow-ups
3 Intensive glucose control in type 2 diabetes can have adverse effects
4 FIREBIRD II and NASA mission locate whistling space electrons' origins
5 Developing a new vaccination strategy against AIDS
6 Model sheds new light on pathogen cooperation
7 Children's exposure to secondhand smoke may be vastly underestimated by parents
8 One in ten historic coastal landfill sites in England are at risk of erosion
9 Pulling iron out of waste printer toner
10 Chimp study reveals how brain's structure shaped our evolution
11 After cooking, biofortified corn and eggs retain nutrient needed to prevent blindness
12 Wine 'legs' and minibot motors (video)
13 A delicate crossing: Controller developed to open the blood-brain barrier with precision
14 Visual perception of summary statistics not following mathematical rules
15 Counterfeits and product piracy can be prevented by security features, such as printed 3-D microstructures
16 Direct evidence of the GC-NSF(a) hypothesis on creation of an entirely new gene/protein
17 Staff satisfaction affects company performance
18 How to keep cows happy
19 Cures and scientific breakthroughs happen through collaboration, new study confirms
20 Amazon's recovery from forest losses limited by climate change
21 Has the Mental Health Act had its day?
22 Hunt for dark matter is narrowed by new University of Sussex research
23 Single men 'less likely' to participate in bowel screening
24 Three-dimensional nanomagnets for the computer of tomorrow
25 Off track: How storms will veer in a warmer world
26 Nanomaterials
27 NUS researchers identify potential mediator for social memory formation
28 Tapeworm drug fights prostate cancer
29 RUDN University scientists found a new cascade reaction
30 RUDN University chemists suggest a new way to synthesize steroid analogs
31 Public--and researchers--skeptical to climate engineering
32 'Left-handed' fish and asymmetrical brains
33 Scripps scientists use photomosaic technology to find order in the chaos of coral reefs
34 Oncotarget: Researchers identify potential therapeutic target in aggressive breast cancer cells
35 Study asks neurosurgeons: How old is too old to perform brain surgery?
36 Numenta publishes a new theory of how the brain transforms sensations into mental objects
37 Shifting presence of North Atlantic right whales tracked with passive acoustics
38 Scientists team up on study to save endangered African penguins
39 Cell therapy improves heart function, upper limb strength in duchenne muscular dystrophy
40 Volatility surprises arise in removing excess hydrogen
41 Study finds consuming nuts strengthens brainwave function
42 Filling intercropping info gap
43 Gut bacteria are sensitive to salt
44 Intentional teaching makes the biggest impact on early childhood outcomes
45 Teenage depression linked to father's depression
46 Screening programs unlikely to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in competitive athletes
47 Count your blessings: Quantitative microbiome profiling
48 Pharmacoscopy improves therapy for relapsed blood cancer in a first clinical trial
49 Combined resistance to multiple antibiotics: A growing problem in the EU
50 Multiplayer video games: Researchers discover link between skill and intelligence
51 Applying traffic rule exemptions helps emergency vehicles reach patients faster
52 Heavy drinking and smoking linked to visible signs of aging
53 Health and social care spending cuts linked to 120,000 excess deaths in England
54 Improving clinical trials with machine learning
55 Brexit and policy restrictions on immigration could worsen GP workforce crisis
56 Engineering the gut microbiome with 'good' bacteria may help treat Crohn's disease
57 Quality of care for older Texas patients with colon cancer on the rise, still room for improvement
58 X-rays reveal the biting truth about parrotfish teeth
59 Stem cells fail to alleviate peripheral artery disease
60 Gut microbes can protect against high blood pressure
61 African-American women with type 2 diabetes may have higher risk for ER-neg breast cancer
62 Disparities in exposure to toxins may drive higher diabetes rates in minorities
63 Study finds asthma and food allergies predictable at age 1
64 Type 2 diabetes associated with risk of aggressive breast cancer in black women
65 New study examines value of routine laboratory screenings for children entering foster care
66 Closest temperate world orbiting quiet star discovered
67 Generous people give in a heartbeat--new study
68 Replace or wait? Study says swap all incandescent bulbs now, but hold on to CFLs
69 Visiting the doctor for low back pain? Expect something different now...
70 Virtual reality training may be as effective as regular therapy after stroke
71 Pluto's hydrocarbon haze keeps dwarf planet colder than expected
72 Researchers chart rising inequality across millennia
73 Cell-based therapy for type 1 diabetes?
74 Microbial ecosystem at Laguna La Brava may contain novel microorganisms
75 Pine and poplar wood improve sunlight-driven water purification
76 Ionic 'solar cell' could provide on-demand water desalination
77 An Alzheimer's treatment would tax the US health care system
78 Pancreatic cancer: Is an 'electronic nose' the answer to achieving early diagnosis?
79 Take a fantastic 3-D voyage through the brain with new immersive virtual reality system
80 Contribution statements and author order on research studies still leave readers guessing
81 Flower attracts insects by pretending to be a mushroom
82 Finding a key to unlock blocked differentiation in microRNA-deficient embryonic stem cells
83 Medicaid coverage for methadone improves treatment for opioid use disorder in pregnancy
84 Researchers take next step toward fusion energy
85 Legal implications of neuroscience research--Harvard Review of Psychiatry presents update
86 If sitting is the new smoking, should employers be held liable?
87 Critical Care Recovery Center concept could benefit adult ICU survivors of all ages
88 Businesses need better approach to compliance programs, IU research finds
89 Study: Process used to select lung transplant patients may need to be changed
90 Obesity association reacts to discrimination regarding surgery basis of body mass index
91 Punctuation in text messages helps replace cues found in face-to-face conversations
92 Making mosquitoes self-destruct
93 Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favorites
94 High speed video recording precisely measures blood cell velocity
95 With launch of new night sky survey, UW researchers ready for era of 'big data' astronomy
96 Russian chemists developed a way to synthesize drugs from renewable precursors
97 Researchers examine social identity threat and religion in the US
98 RUDN scientists synthesized analogues of substances actively used in pharmaceutics
99 Greater oversight of precursor chemicals at retail level needed to reduce threat from IEDs
100 From southeast Asia to the sewers: Study determines new geographical origins of brown rats
101 Study settles prehistoric puzzle, confirms modern link of carbon dioxide & global warming
102 Global birth season study links environment with disease risk
103 Aspirin can prevent heart attacks after noncardiac surgery in patients with prior PCI
104 Study suggests the body is central to identity manipulation in call center work
105 Paper: 'No money down' bankruptcies prevalent among the poor, minorities
106 Cornell study reveals why testicular cancer is so responsive to chemo
107 Yerba mate's beneficial effects on cellular energy and lipid metabolism linked to weight
108 Confusion, different priorities may cause EMTALA violations
109 New study shows disadvantage for firms possessing celebrity and status
110 In bee decline, fungicides emerge as improbable villain