File Title
1 Professor publishes archaeological research on social inequality
2 A walk at the mall or the park? New study shows, for moms and daughters, a walk in the park is best
3 A mom's support helps a child learn to handle negative emotions, but what if mom is distressed?
4 Hibernating ground squirrels provide clues to new stroke treatments
5 Breakthrough could launch organic electronics beyond cell phone screens
6 Small changes to organ procurement system could lead to more life-saving transplants
7 Not an illusion: Clever use of mirrors boosts performance of light-sheet microscope
8 Argonne to install Comanche system to explore ARM technology for HPC
9 When to fish: Timing matters for fish that migrate to reproduce
10 These ring-tailed lemurs raise a 'stink' when they flirt with potential mates
11 Like a baby: The vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring
12 Mathematician's study of 'swarmalators' could direct future science
13 Decrease in sunshine, increase in rickets
14 Carbon emissions by plant respiration will have large impact on climate
15 Research shows drones could help crop management take off
16 Scientific advances can make it easier to recycle plastics
17 New computational method provides optimized design of wind up toys
18 Investigating patterns of degeneration in Alzheimer's disease
19 eDNA tool detects invasive clams before they become a nuisance
20 Heavy nitrogen molecules reveal planetary-scale tug-of-war
21 Taking a spin on plasma space tornadoes with NASA observations
22 Age and gut bacteria contribute to MS disease progression, according to Rutgers
23 Carefully crafted light pulses control neuron activity
24 New study out of WSU further supports use of progesterone to fight preterm birth
25 Inner clock: Biologists research the mechanism of an auxiliary clock
26 Brain activity buffers against worsening anxiety
27 Strain-free epitaxy of germanium film on mica
28 A sub-desert savanna spread across Madrid 14 million years ago
29 Interstellar space probes: Where's the brakes?!
30 Warmer water signals change for Scotland's shags
31 Performance appraisal success depends on frequent feedback and good standard setting
32 BfR supports EFSA and ECHA with the development of European guidelines for the health assessment of endocrine disruptors
33 University of Guelph professor identifies protein key to cancer cells ability to spread
34 Study analyzes mutations in cerebrospinal fluid in lung cancer with brain metastases
35 Semiconducting carbon nanotubes can reduce noise in carbon nanotube interconnects
36 First-graders fitter than expected
37 ALEX study shows alectinib 600 mg more effective than crizotinib in Asian cancer patients
38 No more deer in the headlight: Study finds large mammals do use road crossing structures
39 Asthma attacks reduced in tree-lined urban neighborhoods
40 RUDN chemists synthesized a new catalyst for oil and gas processing
41 Plant respiration could become a bigger feedback on climate than expected
42 The tragedy of the seagrass commons
43 What grosses out a chimpanzee?
44 Seagrass is a key fishing ground globally
45 Electrochemistry opens up novel access to important classes of substances
46 Anti-tumor and immune-potentiating Enterococcus faecalis-2001 [beta]-glucans
47 Brain astrocytes linked to Alzheimer's disease
48 NIR-driven H2 evolution from water: Expanding wavelength range for solar energy conversion
49 Vaginal progesterone reduces preterm birth and neonatal complications in women with a mid-trimester short cervix
50 Surrey develops new 'supercatalyst' to recycle carbon dioxide and methane
51 Link between obesity and cancer is not widely recognized
52 Scientists capture colliding organic nanoparticles on video for first time
53 The importance of biodiversity in forests could increase due to climate change
54 The future of cell culture: A new continuous bioprocess developed
55 Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential to reduce risk of coronary heart disease
56 How a poorly explored immune cell may impact cancer immunity and immunotherapy
57 Anti-malaria drug shows promise as Zika virus treatment
58 Dog ownership linked to lower mortality
59 New theory rewrites opening moments of Chernobyl disaster
60 A popular tool to trace Earth's oxygen history can give false positives
61 Water world
62 Novel therapeutic target discovered for estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer
63 Flu vaccine prevents hospitalization in children
64 Evaluation of novel hybrid membranes for carbon capture
65 When male voles drink alcohol, but their partner doesn't, their relationship suffers
66 Risk of distracted driving predicted by age, gender, personality and driving frequency
67 Researchers tunnel to a new light source
68 'Ion billiards' cue novel material synthesis method
69 Using eDNA to identify the breeding habitat of endangered species
70 Want safe travels? Find freeways with these features
71 A new test to measure the effectiveness of CF drugs
72 A new way to store thermal energy
73 Could this protein protect people against coronary artery disease?
74 Noninvasive brain imaging shows readiness of trainees to perform operations
75 NSF-supported scientists present research
76 Detailed view of immune proteins could lead to new pathogen-defense strategies
77 New therapy lessens impact of mistreatment at a young age
78 Cross off that 'to do' list, study shows all daily activity can prolong life
79 Unlocking the secrets of Ebola
80 New method analyzes corn kernel characteristics
81 NSF makes new awards to advance Science of Learning
82 New tool predicts risk of heart attack in older surgery patients
83 Fossil that fills missing evolutionary link named after UChicago professors
84 Hot and bothered
85 Study says homeowners shouldn't count on property appreciation creating wealth
86 A new way to reduce surgery complications stemming from high blood sugar
87 Defining the danger zone: New mapping software makes live-fire training safer
88 Redefining obesity in postmenopausal women
89 Research reveals biological mechanism of a leading cause of childhood blindness
90 One Health researchers identify hot spots of tick-borne diseases in Mongolia
91 NASA detects solar flare pulses at sun and Earth
92 Using social media big data to combat prescription drug crisis
93 New physical model explains the origin of Earth's water
94 Women-run start-ups hampered by bias among male investors, Caltech study finds
95 New imaging technique peers inside living cells
96 Workplace sexual harassment 'a chronic problem,' says APA president
97 Gene discovery may halt worldwide wheat epidemic
98 Environmental factors may trigger lupus onset and progression
99 Computer program finds new uses for old drugs
100 Finding Majoranas
101 Separating side effects could hold key for safer opioids
102 Bacteria in a beetle makes it a leaf-eater
103 Paraplegic rats walk and regain feeling after stem cell treatment
104 New motion sensors a major step toward low-cost, high-performance wearable technology
105 Production timings could stem illegal wildlife laundering
106 Solar minimum surprisingly constant
107 'Wooden shoe' rather wear sneakers?
108 Groundwater depletion could be significant source of atmospheric carbon dioxide
109 Study shows codeine prescribed to children despite FDA warning against it
110 Human evolution was uneven and punctuated, suggests new research