File Title
1 Hubble Spots Expanding Light Echo Around Supernova
2 Mirror Image: Researchers Create Higher-Quality Pictures of Biospecimens
3 Fuel Cell X-Ray Study Details Effects of Temperature and Moisture on Performance
4 Duo of Titanic Galaxies Captured in Extreme Starbursting Merger
5 Royal Send-Off
6 'Criticality' Experiments Enhance Nuclear Safety
7 Bioengineered Robotic Hand with Its Own Nervous System Will Sense Touch
8 Can Computers Be Creative?
9 Heartbreaking Video of Rescued African Gray Parrots Destined for Pet Trade
10 X-Rays Reveal the Biting Truth About Parrotfish Teeth
11 Neptune's other moons were normal until Triton crashed the party
12 Watch a monkey floss its teeth with a bird feather
13 Human arrivals wiped out the Caribbean's giant ground sloths
14 A 'magic number' of people walking across a bridge makes it sway
15 Daytime injuries heal twice as fast as wounds sustained at night
16 Facebook can make your profile pic wink and scowl
17 Bad news: Carbon emissions have suddenly started rising again
18 Gluten-sensitive? It may actually be a carb making you ill
19 Tinfoil hat for your router stops bad guys snooping your Wi-Fi
20 How social stress makes your brain vulnerable to depression
21 Monkeys learn to play 'chicken' in a virtual driving game
22 Climate change blamed for Arabian Sea's unexpected hurricanes
23 Should we seed life through the cosmos using laser-driven ships?
24 Big aftershocks could well hit Iran and Iraq in next 48 hours
25 Coffee and plant-based diets linked to lower heart failure risk
26 Why people ruin others' lives by exposing all their data online
27 Camera spots hidden oil spills and may find missing planes
28 Prairie vole partners split up if one drinks more than the other
29 NHS reforms have failed to boost community-based care in England
30 How long should you let a pregnancy run before being induced?
31 We found our galactic twin 180 million light years away
32 Porpoises twist laws of physics to aim their focused sonar beams
33 The 'space nation' Asgardia just launched its first satellite
34 Spiders reset body clocks to avoid 5-hour jet-lag every day
35 We've just found a nearby exoplanet that could be right for life
36 Dawn Mission Discovers Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants on Ceres
37 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Reveals Squiggles in Hellas Planitia
38 Initial SAGE III Atmospheric Data Released for Public Use
39 New Smartphone App Can Tell When Parts on Your Car Need Replacing
40 New Study Shows Fear of Spiders and Snakes is Deeply Embedded in Humans
41 Kepler Detects Transiting Comets Outside Our Solar System
42 Hubble Observes Kepler-13Ab, a Planet Where Titanium Oxide Precipitates as Snow
43 Energy-Efficient Construction is Key to Lowering Urban Emissions
44 A Small Object (A/2017 U1) from Deep Space Enters Our Solar System
45 Hubble Space Telescope Image of the Week--Abell 665
46 New Research Shows Jupiter's X-Ray Auroras Pulse Independently
47 Cassini Spacecraft Image of the Northern Hemisphere of Saturn
48 New Technique Allows Researchers to Use Low-Intensity Magnets to Control Block Copolymers
49 Scientists Measure the Distance to the Far Side of the Galaxy
50 NuSTAR and Herschel Probe Black Hole Jet Mystery
51 Laminin Alpha 5 is Crucial to Adolescent Brain Maturation
52 Next Generation Transit Survey Finds its First Planet, NGTS-1b
53 NASA's 2020 Mars Rover Will Have 23 Cameras
54 From Hot to Hottest, SDO Shows the Sun from Its Surface to Its Upper Atmosphere
55 3D-Printed Nozzle System Builds Better Nanofibers
56 Astronomers Investigate Invisible Magnetic Bubbles in Our Solar System
57 2017 Ozone Hole is the Smallest Since 1988
58 Revealing What Lies Beneath--Curiosity Looks for Minerals in Target Rocks
59 Rosetta Spacecraft Records Eruption of Jets of Dust on Comet 67P
60 Neutron Star Merger Confirms Decades of Predictions
61 Giant Magellan Telescope Organization Initiates Casting of Fifth Mirror
62 SELFI Instrument Being Designed to Study the Plumes of Enceladus
63 Biologists Show Food Odor Enhances Male Flies' Attractiveness
64 Hubble Telescope Spots Asteroids Photobombing Distant Galaxies
65 Researchers Shed Light on the Nature of Risk Preferences
66 ESA and NASA Satellites Spot the Return of the Comet 96P
67 New System for Performing "Tensor Algebra" Offers Faster Big-Data Analysis
68 ALMA Detects Cold Dust Around Proxima Centauri
69 Researchers Identify the Stem Cells Driving a Gecko's Ability to Regrow Its Tail
70 Switching Behaviors Show How Lifeless Particles Can Become 'Life-Like'
71 Hubble Telescope Image of the Week--Cosmic RELICS
72 International Team of Astronomers Completes First Asteroid Tracking Exercise
73 New Artificial Intelligence System to Aid in Materials Fabrication
74 Researchers Develop New Method for Making "Blood Biopsies"
75 Chemists Find Potential "Missing Link" in Origins-of-life on Earth
76 Physicists Demonstrate Probing Topology by "Heating"
77 NASA Scientists Track Ozone Pollution by Monitoring Key Ingredients
78 ALMA Reveals Diverse Nuclear Star-Forming Activities in NGC 253
79 Physicists Develop Data Bus for Quantum Computers
80 Cassini Spacecraft's Final View of Saturn's Moon Pandora
81 A New Kind of Quantum Computer Uses Photons as Qubits
82 New Study Shows Greater Health Benefits from Exercise than Previously Believed
83 Intermittent Fasting and Manipulating Mitochondrial Networks May Increase Lifespan
84 Astronomers View Jupiter's Independently Pulsating X-ray Auroras
85 New Research into Saturn's Geologically Active Moon Enceladus
86 Scientists Reveal a New Way to Shut Down Cancer Cells' Ability to Consume Glucose
87 NIST Researchers Develop Nanoscale Devices that Respond to the Angle of Incident Light
88 NASA Wants Your Ideas on What to Name New Horizons' Next Flyby Target
89 UW Study Reveals How Climate Change May Reshape Wildflower Communities
90 Exposure to BPA During Pregnancy May Cause Health Problems for Offspring
91 Astronomers Discover a Star that Exploded Multiple Times Over a Fifty Year Period
92 Microscopic Video Reveals How Platelets Naturally Form Unobtrusive Clots
93 New ALMA Image Provides a Surprising Glimpse of Our Sun's Future
94 NASA Completes Review of Exploration Mission-1
95 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Views Rare Encircling Filament
96 Reconstituted Silk Can Be Several Times Stronger than the Natural Fiber
97 No More Blackouts? New Framework Guarantees the Stability of Microgrids
98 MetaCherchant Software Reveals New Causes of Antibiotic Resistance
99 Astronomers Observe Rare Low-Mass White Dwarf and Brown Dwarf System
100 New Findings Provide Further Evidence that Early Anthropoids Were Minuscule Creatures
101 Study Shows Six-Month Old Babies Have a Sense of Probability
102 Wolf-Sized Prehistoric Otter Had a Surprisingly Powerful Bite
103 VLA and Chandra Reveal the Shocking Results of Galaxy Cluster Collisions
104 Juno Spacecraft Views Jupiter's Stunning Southern Hemisphere
105 ALMA Observes Dust Formation and Wind Acceleration Around W Hydrae
106 MSU Researchers Develop Nanostructured Gas Sensors
107 Hubble Telescope Views Light Expanding from an Exploded Star
108 Newly Discovered Fossils Reveal Man's Earliest Ancestors
109 Scientists Exploit Rhythm of DNA-Replication to Kill Cancer Cells
110 Laser-Produced Plasma Sheds Light on Cosmic Rays, Solar Eruptions