File Title
1 Observations of a comet's first passage through the solar system reveal unexpected secrets
2 Next generation astronomical survey to map the entire sky
3 Image: Autumn fireball
4 Fracture swarms on Mars
5 We've found an exo-planet with an extraordinarily eccentric orbit
6 Supercomputer simulates dynamic magnetic fields of Jupiter, Earth, Sun
7 Black holes, curved spacetime and quantum computing
8 With launch of new night sky survey, UW researchers ready for era of 'big data' astronomy
9 Cygnus cargo ship arrives at space station
10 New NASA mission concept aimed at studying why planets lose their atmospheres
11 Zwicky Transient Facility sees 'first light'
12 Proposed NASA mission would investigate where space weather begins
13 Contracting white dwarf observed for the first time
14 The anatomy of a 'cosmic snake' reveals the structure of distant galaxies
15 California launch of new US weather satellite postponed
16 Astronaut meets volcano
17 James Webb Space Telescope early science observations revealed
18 New imaging technique peers inside living cells
19 Scientists invent technique to map energy and momentum of electrons beneath a material's surface
20 Nano-'hashtags' could be the key to generating the highly sought Majorana quasiparticle
21 The stacked color sensor
22 Porpoises found to shift forehead tissue to fine-tune sonar signals
23 Magnetic skyrmions found to hold the potential of storing electronic data
24 Model sheds new light on pathogen cooperation
25 Hunt for dark matter is narrowed by new research
26 Researchers report novel collision-based computing technique
27 Study explains how droplets can 'levitate' on liquid surfaces
28 Engineers create stable plasma ring in open air
29 Essential quantum computer component downsized by two orders of magnitude
30 Are multiple H-coils needed to accurately measure magnetic field strengths?
31 Soft magnetic material characterizations get a harder look
32 Electron backscatter diffraction yields microstructure insights
33 LHC achieves record luminosity
34 Researchers take next step toward fusion energy
35 Mirror image: Researchers create higher-quality pictures of biospecimens
36 IBM says it's reached milestone in quantum computing
37 A flexible material that generates electricity when stressed
38 The path length of light in opaque media
39 'Perfectly frustrated' metal provides possible path to superconductivity, other new quantum states
40 Super-resolution photoacoustic imaging could allow scientists to watch blood vessels with improved resolution
41 Ion qubits offer early glimpse of quantum error detection
42 How ice in clouds is born
43 NIST's next-generation atomic clocks may support official timekeeping
44 Researcher sketches a path toward quantum computing
45 Spinning cylinders to recreate nature's patterns
46 Low-energy X-rays surprisingly effective at killing bacterial spores, offering improved sterilization techniques
47 Micro-spectroscopy opens new routes for diagnostics
48 Researchers explore how atoms align in magnetic materials
49 What is the computational power of the universe?
50 Simple is beautiful in quantum computing
51 Microscopic structures for vibration-resistant plugs
52 Quantum computing with molecules for a quicker search of unsorted databases
53 Physicists mix waves on superconducting qubits
54 Current-carrying holes confined to one dimension show unique spin
55 Researchers camouflage an optical chip rendering it invisible
56 The unbelievable speed of electron emission from an atom
57 Monopole current offers way to control magnets
58 Plasma from lasers can shed light on cosmic rays, solar eruptions
59 LIGO mirror coatings get upgrade
60 Researchers develop practical superconducting nanowire single-photon detector with record detection efficiency
61 Clothing fabric keeps you cool in the heat
62 Kevlar-based artificial cartilage mimics the magic of the real thing
63 X-rays reveal the biting truth about parrotfish teeth: Interwoven crystal structure is key to coral-crunching ability
64 New mirror reflects light differently than conventional mirrors
65 Graphene water filter turns whisky clear
66 Zipping DNA
67 Semiconductors with an aligned interface
68 Nanoparticles can limit inflammation by distracting the immune system
69 Nanoshells could deliver more chemo with fewer side effects
70 Cool textiles to beat the heat
71 Better, bolder printing with silicon nanostructures
72 Condensation-based method could create stable nanoscale emulsions
73 Researchers develop color filters that respond to the angle of incident light
74 The flat and the curious
75 Age-old malaria treatment found to improve nanoparticle delivery to tumors
76 Subset of carbon nanotubes poses cancer risk similar to asbestos in mice
77 Wrinkles give heat a jolt in pillared graphene
78 Researchers study the surfaces of ceria nanoparticles
79 A simple technique for mass producing ultrathin, high-quality molybdenum trioxide nanosheets
80 Filtration of nanoparticles from traffic should become a key criterion of building ventilation
81 Researchers tune optical and photocatalytic properties of C-dots
82 Three-dimensional nanomagnets for the computer of tomorrow
83 Stretching to perfection of 2-D semiconductors
84 Butterfly wing inspires photovoltaics: Light absorption can be enhanced by up to 200 percent
85 Graphene tests set for zero-G flight
86 Factors in the fabrication of heterojunctions of 2-D materials through CVD
87 How the magnetoelastic effect can control the magnetic properties of nanoelements
88 Theranostic nanoparticles for tracking and monitoring disease state
89 Graphene performs under pressure
90 Characterisation of the structure of graphene
91 Nanosensors could monitor health in real time
92 Nano-sized gold particles have been shaped to behave as clones in biomedicine
93 New sensor provides real-time detection of heavy metals, bacteria, nitrates and phosphates in water
94 New and faster method to determine material properties of graphene
95 3-D origami circuits could revolutionize electronic designs
96 Spiders reset body clocks to avoid 5-hour jet-lag every day
97 Free-fall experiment could test if gravity is a quantum force
98 A layer of haze keeps Pluto's atmosphere extremely cold
99 Amish gene can make them live 10 years longer and avoid diabetes
100 We just sent a message to try to talk to aliens on another world
101 Brain training game linked to lower dementia risk a decade later
102 Why a female fly will ruin your drink, but a male is fine
103 What's the best way to scare an elephant? Use an AI scarecrow
104 Trump to let Americans import ivory and hunting trophies again
105 Weak links in US power grid vulnerable in event of catastrophe
106 Dark matter may be the source of antimatter streaming past Earth
107 We may know why Jupiter's Great Red Spot is red instead of white