File Title
1 A rare disease inspires a new way to attack cancer
2 US study finds rise in human glyphosate levels
3 Blood-thinning drugs appear to protect against dementia as well as stroke in AF patients
4 New focus on correcting refractive vision
5 Study shows brain structures make some people resilient to Alzheimer's disease
6 Households including in-laws have fewer kids
7 Large declines seen in teen substance abuse, delinquency
8 New clinical care guidelines issued for patients with mitochondrial disease
9 Allen Institute shares first open database of live human brain cells
10 SIDS breakthrough--why babies shouldn't sleep face down
11 APC protein affects colon cancer immunity by preventing pre-cancerous inflammation
12 New way to prevent unfavorable intestinal microbiota
13 Brain study suggests mind wandering at work not be as bad as you might think
14 Mysterious DNA modification seen in stress response
15 Identifying the mechanism for a new class of antiviral drugs could hasten their approval
16 A quarter of problematic pot users have anxiety disorders, many since childhood
17 Researchers define mechanism that causes kidney cancer to recur
18 Nurses' depression tied to increased likelihood of medical errors
19 Researchers discover which brain region motivates behavior change
20 Blood-based epigenetic research may hold clues to autism biology, study suggests
21 A little myelin goes a long way to restore nervous system function
22 Heart failure therapy hope as drug blocks deadly muscle scarring
23 Dolphin brains show signs of Alzheimer's Disease
24 VR tests show that psychopathic traits may lead to use of greater force for 'greater good'
25 Researchers discover fundamental rules for how the brain controls movement
26 Study provides more clarity on the genetic causes of children's food allergies
27 Long-term opioid use does not increase risk of Alzheimer's disease
28 New combination therapy of registered drugs dramatically shortens therapy for some parasitic diseases
29 New hope of a treatment for aggressive T-PLL leukaemia
30 Data-driven malaria early warning system could predict outbreaks months in advance
31 Swedish massage may reduce cancer-related fatigue
32 Proper training key for primary care medical assistants
33 Do tanning salons comply with state laws restricting access to minors?
34 Piloting aviation mental healthcare
35 Study reveals promising new avenue to explore treatments for Alzheimer's disease
36 DEA taking back unwanted prescription drugs on oct. 28
37 Stress, reward & surprises among those who take care of loved ones with dementia
38 Prompt response to malaria outbreak is critical as risk of disease spreads
39 Genetic variability of Helicobacter pylori complicates efforts to develop a vaccine
40 Preclinical study in prostate cancer shows that virus-based drug candidate may improve anticancer vaccination
41 Yet another reason to tell your kids to go outside and play
42 Anti-cancer drugs could prevent the hardening of blood vessels that cause heart attack and stroke
43 Mother's work can be beneficial to child body weight, study finds
44 Why Kenya's short-term fixes won't resolve its maize supply crisis
45 Triclosan accumulates in toothbrushes, potentially prolonging users' exposure
46 Caramel apples stored at room temperature for extended periods can pose risk
47 Could Squirrel trade have contributed to England's medieval leprosy outbreak?
48 Testing theories of cooperation between groups in rural Georgia
49 How Neanderthals influenced human genetics at the crossroads of Asia and Europe
50 Older Neandertal survived with a little help from his friends
51 Google Earth reveals ancient stone gates in Saudi Arabia
52 Metacognition training boosts gen chem exam scores
53 New tyrannosaur fossil is most complete found in southwestern US
54 Ancient DNA offers new view on saber-toothed cats' past
55 Six degrees of separation: Why it is a small world after all
56 New research proves that birds and flying reptiles were friends, not foes
57 Scientists see order in complex patterns of river deltas
58 The myth of meritocracy is increasing inequality, book argues
59 Research shows how industry spends to influence the legislative agenda
60 Energy firm branding, not deals, influences customer switching
61 Managing risky behavior reduces future incarceration among aggressive juvenile offenders
62 Separate but unequal: NYU Metro Center Report examines segregation in NYC schools
63 Universities should actively support open scholarship
64 Oldest known marine navigation tool revealed with scanning technology
65 Meet your inner lizard
66 Are religious people more moral?
67 Growing number of single-person households presents challenges for cities
68 What we call postdoctoral researchers matters, scientists say
69 How the financial press influences investors' opinion and behavior
70 Is there a darker side to sharenting?
71 Gaza Bronze Age remains disappearing under concrete
72 Legibility in writing systems emerges spontaneously, rather than evolving over time
73 Strong social skills increasingly valuable to employers, study finds
74 Study finds African American executives more likely to be demoted than Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic counterparts
75 Politicians divide parties with violent speech, study finds
76 Geometry plays an important role in how cells behave, researchers report
77 Like humans, dogs found to have fitful sleep after negative experiences
78 Scavenging to survive below the seafloor
79 New genes on "deteriorating" Y chromosome
80 Sparrow chicks can ID song from opening note
81 Robust jaws and crushing bites allow sea otters to specialize their diets
82 How CRABS CLAW represses TORNADO 2 in plant development
83 Weak social ties a killer for male whales
84 No magic wand required: Scientists propose way to turn any cell into any other cell type
85 'Wing prints' may identify individual bats as effectively as fingerprints identify people
86 Saguaro and other towering cacti have a scrambled history
87 Tracking a parasite that's ravaging fish
88 Novel histone modifications couple metabolism to gene activity
89 Using CRISPR to make warmer, less fatty pigs
90 Cryo-EM imaging suggests how the double helix separates during replication
91 Five new malaria targets that could lead to an effective vaccine
92 Rethinking well-being and sustainability measurements from local to global scales
93 These shrews have heads that shrink with the season
94 Discovered in plants a mechanism that corrects defects in protein folding
95 Single-molecule dissection of developmental gene control
96 Expanding Brazilian sugarcane could dent global CO2 emissions
97 Crops evolved 10 millennia earlier than thought
98 Scientists find blood molecule that attracts wolves, repels humans
99 Birds without own brood help other birds with parenting, but not selflessly
100 Biologist examines the benefits and drawbacks of virtual and augmented reality in teaching environmental science
101 A better way to wash pesticides off apples
102 EU delays vote on renewing controversial weedkiller licence
103 Powers of spider venom explored in VR game
104 Several forest elephant populations close to collapse in Central Africa
105 Extinction looms for two rare bird species after devastating hurricanes
106 Czech zoo cheers birth of endangered eastern black rhino
107 A natural strain of fungus could clean oil spills and return life to Alberta's oilsands
108 Hacking the bacterial social network
109 Developing a 'gravitational theory' for ecology
110 Insects can school humans in coping with adversity