File Title
1 Tests confirm spaceflight alters the brain
2 Chimps happy to take turns playing video games
3 A tensor situation: new system speeds up big data processing
4 Coming soon: robots with jellyfish skin
5 Setback for flu vax research
6 NASA yanks astronaut paper, citing security
7 Extremely unlikely weather still happens
8 Scientists invent the abacus
9 Researchers work out how to break the bookmakers
10 Carbon nanofibres linked to mesothelioma
11 Bio-terror is a public health issue
12 New theory for life on Earth
13 Tiny bees are better than large ones at pollinating
14 Lights, cameras, robots
15 Mythical beast spotted in distant universe
16 Sheep pick Barack Obama, Emma Watson out of a line-up
17 Quantum tunnelling in water confirmed
18 Day cuts heal faster than night ones
19 145-million year-old mini mammals discovered at English beach
20 Microbe economics is ruthless and exploitative
21 Beat perception more primitive than thought
22 Side by side by Wertheim
23 Dogs are color blind
24 YouRobot: Neurotech may destroy your privacy and your rights
25 Kids with poor grades more likely to attempt suicide as adults
26 Video: Robot catches elevator
27 If aliens are out there, they're staying awfully quiet
28 Revealing the twilight cone
29 Bees hold tight to reduce hive noise
30 Blasting bosons baffle boffins
31 GPS satellites "the largest dark matter detector ever built"
32 SCAI examines strengths and weaknesses of sham PCI trial
33 Study of heart stents for stable angina highlights potential of placebo effect
34 Patients report worse care experience in GP practices owned by limited companies
35 Hormone replacement therapy may be beneficial for women's memory
36 Artificial neural networks could power up curation of natural history collections
37 Preventing a genetic uprising in early life
38 New link found between gut bacteria and age-related conditions
39 Genetic history: Searching for the African roots of Noir Marron communities
40 Key to better asparagus identified in evolution of sex chromosomes
41 Combined therapies increase side effects for patients with advanced breast cancer
42 Exercise can counteract side-effects and improve fitness in advanced breast cancer patients
43 Scientists of SibFU have found a way to determine the toxicity of nanomaterials
44 Novel technology pioneered by Stanford ties brain circuits to alertness
45 UZH anthropologists describe third orangutan species
46 Computer program helps doctors detect acute kidney injury earlier to save lives
47 Unveiling gut microbes' influence on cancer patient response to immunotherapy
48 Are cities affecting evolution?
49 Treating menopausal symptoms can protect against stress' negative effects
50 Sugar-sweetened drinks raise risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome
51 Learning a mother tongue: A universal process?
52 Researchers identify potential autoantigen in aggressive form of kidney disease
53 Newly discovered orangutan species is 'among the most threatened great apes in the world'
54 Male mammoths more often fell into 'natural traps' and died, DNA evidence suggests
55 Shifting bacterial communities in the stomach may influence cancer risk
56 Is he really that into you?
57 Landmark asbestos study published in the Lancet Public Health
58 Should patients be asleep or awake during brain surgery?
59 Oregon team says physics explains protein unpredictability
60 One year results from the REDUCE trial reported at TCT 2017
61 Wind farms along mountain ridges may negatively affect bats
62 Vitamin E discovery in maize could lead to more nutritious crop
63 World's largest meeting of eye physicians and surgeons kicks off in New Orleans
64 Poll: One-third of Latinos say they have experienced discrimination in jobs and housing
65 Molybdenum in Wisconsin wells not from coal ash
66 Co-parenting after the end of a violent marriage: What does the first year look like?
67 Close friends linked to a sharper memory
68 Brexit fallout: An uncertain future for academic scientists
69 A new advanced forensics tool
70 Saliva proteins could explain why some people overuse salt
71 New theory addresses how life on Earth arose from the primordial muck
72 Nicotine's hold: What the gut and gender have to do with it
73 Jellyfish-inspired electronic skin glows when it gets hurt
74 New Greenland maps show more glaciers at risk
75 One factor that may help schools close racial achievement gap
76 Study identifies bottlenecks in early seagrass growth
77 Climate change could decrease sun's ability to disinfect lakes
78 NASA investigates invisible magnetic bubbles in outer solar system
79 Researchers find genetic pathways to individualized treatment for advanced prostate cancer
80 Do animals think rationally?
81 Research documents link between nightmares and self-harm
82 Pregnant women should be tested more than once for the presence of Zika
83 Bacterial Fats, not dietary ones, may deserve the blame for heart disease
84 BU finds marijuana use associated with cognitive dysfunction in people with HIV
85 White matter damage linked to chronic musculoskeletal pain in Gulf War veterans
86 Penn researchers demonstrate how to control liquid crystal patterns
87 Researchers find low genetic diversity in domestic ferrets
88 New analysis shows Brazil slows deforestation with land registration program
89 A quarter of problematic cannabis users have anxiety disorders, many since childhood
90 New tissue-engineered blood vessel replacements one step closer to human trials
91 Infertility linked to higher risk of death among women
92 Why do some obese people have 'healthier' fat tissue than others?
93 Survey findings: 4 in 10 healthcare professionals work while sick
94 People with psychotic-like experiences spend less time in healthy brain states
95 Physicists describe new dark matter detection strategy...
96 In the lab and in the clinic, alisertib with TAK-228 excels against solid tumors
97 One step closer to defining dark matter, GPS satellite atomic clocks on the hunt
98 A nutrient mix makes phytoplankton thrive
99 Hot flashes, night sweats connected to obstructive sleep apnea risk in middle-aged women
100 One-step 3-D printing of catalysts developed at Ames Laboratory
101 Lose fat, preserve muscle: Weight training beats cardio for older adults
102 Improving public safety in face of extreme weather and disasters
103 New study: Innovative heart device is safe and effective
104 U of G researchers provide fisheries a solution to overharvesting
105 Vanderbilt study shows azithromycin overprescribed for childhood pneumonia
106 An early Christmas present: Scientists have unwrapped the reindeer genome
107 New mathematical models could help solve few-body problems in physics
108 New research shows where in the brain the earliest signs of Alzheimer's occur
109 Hacking evolution, screening technique may improve most widespread enzyme
110 Are elevated levels of mercury in the American dipper due to run-of-river dams?