File Title
1 Traditional Amazonian drug linked to improved sense of wellbeing
2 Building better silk
3 Significant financial stress associated with 13-fold higher odds of having a heart attack
4 All forms of sexual harassment can cause psychological harm
5 Charting the course of the current cholera pandemic throughout Africa and Latin America
6 Study shows that the consumption of antioxidant-rich foods is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes
7 A giant, prehistoric otter's surprisingly powerful bite
8 Super-resolution photoacoustic imaging could allow scientists to watch blood vessels with improved resolution
9 Bad break: Osteoporosis-related bone fractures linked to air pollution
10 Study reveals how a very low calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes
11 Fruit fly brains inform search engines of the future
12 How challenges change the way you think
13 Th1/17 hybrid T cells offer potent and durable anti-tumor response in preclinical model
14 Crested pigeons use feathers to sound the alarm
15 Scientists unravel likely causes of blood vessel leakage in severe dengue
16 Theranostic nanoparticles for tracking and monitoring disease state
17 Reducing the burden of neglected tropical diseases requires investments in basic research
18 Identify the best drought index to study global drylands
19 New bioresources for plant peptide hormones using gene editing technology
20 Walk this way: A better way to identify gait differences
21 Cell phone-based microscope leads to possible strategy for treating river blindness
22 Climate-influenced changes in flowering, fruiting also affect bird abundance, activities
23 Genetic discovery another tool in battle against wheat pests
24 Exercise may benefit patients with leg ulcers
25 Scientists find missing clue to how HIV hacks cells to propagate itself
26 Fighting cancer with cancer: 3-D cultured cells could drive precision therapy
27 Nanoparticles can limit inflammation by distracting the immune system
28 Human-caused warming increasing likelihood of record-breaking hot years
29 'Golden' potato delivers bounty of vitamins A and E
30 Should exercise be what the doctor orders for depression?
31 Boy is given new skin thanks to gene therapy
32 Autoimmunity may underlie newly discovered painful nerve-damage disorder
33 A star that would not die
34 Researchers discover new mechanism for battling influenza
35 Microbial murder mystery solved
36 Sports psychologists suffer fear and uncertainty working with elite footballers
37 Nanoshells could deliver more chemo with fewer side effects
38 Researchers develop flexible, stretchable photonic devices
39 Video of blood clot contraction reveals how platelets naturally form unobtrusive clots
40 Four reasons that could explain ACOs' sluggish savings
41 Seagrass biodiversity is both a goal and a means for restoration
42 New care model closes significant gap in addiction treatment
43 Learning two languages does not limit academic potential for Head Start students
44 Astronomers discover a star that would not die
45 Survival of the least-fit: Antiviral drug selectively targets the nastiest viruses
46 Exposure to chemical during pregnancy may cause health problems for offspring
47 Endurance training helpful in recovery from muscle inflammation, new study shows
48 Visual intelligence is not the same as IQ
49 A new way to mix oil and water
50 Early breastfeeding success not affected by epidural pain relief with fentanyl
51 Research reveals the true impact of diabetic foot ulcers
52 A waterway bounces back following the passage of the Clean Water Act
53 Protect the skin, build barriers: Old acquaintance in a new role
54 JRC at COP23: A cleaner, greener planet is both possible and affordable
55 Researchers teach computer to recognize emotions in speech
56 Risk of cardiac and stroke death increases after discontinuing hormone therapy
57 Journalists can bypass censorship with social media and 'soft' journalism
58 Novel nuclear medicine test can identify kidney transplant infection
59 Virginia Tech researchers explore causes of land cover change in African savannas
60 Star exploded, survived, and exploded again more than 50 years later
61 When you're tired, your brain cells actually slow down
62 Adolescents use dietary supplements to increase sports performance and improve immunity
63 Wireless handheld spectrometer transmits data to smartphone
64 New 'sugar-glass' film uses viruses to kill harmful bacteria in food
65 Has protecting marine species become a job for statisticians?
66 Cool textiles to beat the heat
67 Bringing natural killer cells to the tumor battlefield
68 The key to a nut
69 North Korean nuclear test measured in southwest Germany
70 MSU biologists have found out how long can microorganisms live on Mars
71 Early intervention may hold key to treatment of Friedreich's ataxia
72 Fully integrated circuits printed directly onto fabric
73 How human cognition can affect the spreading of diseases like Ebola
74 Heart attacks more likely in those with low blood phosphate levels
75 Tumor analysis post-surgery provides breakthrough in how patients respond to treatment
76 Scientists are developing a compound for a pharmaceutical that stops convulsions
77 Size matters: How thrips choose their partners
78 Researchers from RUDN have created an effective solution for collecting spilled petroleum
79 Japanese researchers discover a novel layered superconductor based on tin and arsenic
80 A gel that does not break or dry out
81 A focus on dental health can protect children from developing overweight
82 Gender roles in ancient times
83 UNSW research on reversing negative effects of maternal obesity
84 A warbler's flashy yellow throat? There are genes for that
85 Scientists narrow down the search for dark photons using decade-old particle collider data
86 Sifting gold from the data deluge
87 Chronic stress hormones may promote resistance to EGFR inhibitors in lung cancer patients
88 WSU researcher sees huge carbon sink in soil minerals
89 A 'virtual wall' that improves wireless security and performance
90 How the skin becomes inflamed
91 'Bursts' of beta waves, not sustained rhythms, filter sensory processing in brain
92 Improving climate observations offers major return on investment
93 Tracking collars uncover the secrets of baboons' raiding tactics
94 Probe thinner than a human hair provides high definition recording of brain activity
95 Brain imaging reveals ADHD as a collection of different disorders
96 Clinical trial examines online care for mood, anxiety disorders in primary care
97 Is there a difference in patient outcomes if a surgeon is involved in overlapping surgeries?
98 Cooling in high and mid-latitudes led to aridification in Northern Africa
99 Ecological Restoration success higher with natural measures than active measures
100 Transforming fibrils into crystals
101 Standards to iron out 'weekend effect' in English hospitals don't make any difference
102 Primary care consultations last less than 5 minutes for half the world's population
103 New DNA antenatal screening for Down's syndrome shown to be a 'transformational advance'
104 Why do we believe in gods? Religious belief 'not linked to intuition or rational thinking'
105 Study reveals decadal variation of relationship between EA summer monsoon and ENSO
106 Deep-sea fish reveals twilight trick
107 Researchers produce the first draft cell atlas of the small intestine
108 How cells detect, mend DNA damage may improve chemotherapy
109 UW scientists create a recipe to make human blood-brain-barrier
110 How ice in clouds is born