File Title
1 Patients with depression and advanced cancer survive longer with palliative care intervention
2 Uneven growth in US medical and health R&D investments across sectors
3 Plasma from lasers can shed light on cosmic rays, solar eruptions
4 Crunch time for food security
5 Working to reduce brain injury in newborns
6 Promising sensors for submarines, mines and spacecraft
7 Ludwig researchers uncover novel mechanism by which tumors evade cancer immunotherapies
8 Ink from ancient Egyptian papyri contains copper
9 Research highlights ethical sourcing of materials for modern technology
10 Blue lighting is scientifically proven to help us relax faster than white lighting after an argument
11 Green rooves to reduce the effects of climate change
12 No-growth economy could mean fewer crashes and higher wages, study shows
13 The end of 'Pump Fiction'
14 The path length of light in opaque media
15 Researchers exploit rhythm of DNA replication to kill cancer cells
16 Site of asteroid impact changed the history of life
17 How a 'shadow zone' traps the world's oldest ocean water
18 Factors in the fabrication of heterojunctions of 2D-materials through CVD
19 HKU researchers generate tomatoes with enhanced antioxidant properties by genetic engineering
20 Diagonal methods for expensive global optimization developed by Russian scientists
21 Russian chemists discovered a surprising effect of a well-known leukemia drug
22 Metal membranes in construction: From Russia with love
23 HKBU Chinese medicine scholars develop HKBU Chinese medicine scholars develop
24 New wake-promoting node pinpointed in brain
25 Nitric oxide: Experimental analysis of its role in brain tissue in simulated ischemia
26 Exit through the lymphatic system
27 Winds blowing off a dying star
28 Brain chemistry study shows chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War illness as unique disorders
29 Understanding the Berlin patient's unexpected cure
30 Common genetic fusion event may be associated with low-risk prostate cancer
31 Biomarker may predict early Alzheimer's disease
32 The use of tablet computers during math lessons may help increase the quality of teaching
33 Boys could benefit from greater numbers of girls in schools
34 Scientists investigate how different houses and lifestyles affect which bugs live with us
35 Effective interventions needed to tackle diabetes prevention in Hispanics
36 Sleep apnea may increase risk of developing Alzheimer's disease
37 Mutant gene network in colon cancer identified
38 Discovery could lead to new treatment for anxiety, addiction
39 New routes to renewables: Sandia speeds transformation of biofuel waste into wealth
40 BU: Air pollution exposure inequality persists in Massachusetts
41 Taking blood using 'push-pull' method gets accurate results with fewer pokes
42 Report from groundbreaking 'EndoVators Summit' offers guidance for obesity treatment
43 Research shows ice sheets as large as Greenland's melted fast in a warming climate
44 Ozanimod successful in clinical trials for multiple sclerosis
45 Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) lowers 30-day readmission rates
46 Obese older adults who survive cardiac surgery may have higher risk for poor functioning
47 Some Chinese coal ash too radioactive for reuse
48 'Perfectly frustrated' metal provides possible path to superconductivity
49 Increasing hydroxyurea dose helps to keep young sickle cell patients out of the hospital
50 NASA CubeSaturday, to test miniaturized weather satellite technology
51 Student self-reporting can help educators catch academic and mental health problems early
52 Study helps make microgrids a more reliable power source
53 Simple blood test identifies critically ill patients who misuse alcohol, study finds
54 Hubble shows light echo expanding from exploded star
55 U of M study affirms new strategies for reducing achievement gap
56 How and why blood clots shrink
57 Transfer technique produces wearable gallium nitride gas sensors
58 Twin study finds genetics affects where children look, shaping mental development
59 HPV vaccine also prevents uncommon childhood respiratory disease, study suggests
60 Star kills its 'congenial' to form together a dwarf-binary system, astronomers confirm
61 Metagenomic analysis software reveals new causes of superbug emergence
62 Rift Valley fever virus: An infection mechanism identified
63 The next generation of power electronics? Gallium nitride doped with beryllium
64 How spatial navigation correlates with language
65 Older donor lungs should be considered for transplantation
66 Breeding highly productive corn has reduced its ability to adapt
67 Cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain--can CBT help fight the Opioid epidemic?
68 A number of proactive policing practices are successful at reducing crime
69 Induced pluripotent stem cells show astrocyte-neuron impact on brain pathology in autism
70 New Stanford University study reports sex differences in lupus-related premature death
71 Not all milkweed is equal for egg-laying monarchs, U of G study reveals
72 Study: More neuroscience research articles are reporting the sex of laboratory animals
73 Mushrooms are full of antioxidants that may have antiaging potential
74 Finger and toe fossils belonged to tiny primates 45 million years ago
75 UK study shows cell signaling interaction may prevent key step in lung cancer progression
76 Study: E-cigarette online vendors triple, concerns raised about marketing, delivery
77 A neighborhood's quality influences children's behaviors through teens, study suggests
78 Intelligence study iDs key factors for government, academia, industry collaboration
79 Telling teeth
80 Researchers offer new information warfare model
81 Study led by MIT Portugal faculty and alumni finds how to increase the survival time of stem cells
82 Teacher-to-student knowledge transfer studied in joint Russia-US effort
83 HPV jab means women only need 3 cervical screens in a lifetime
84 Scientists figure out how cell division timer works
85 New method developed to 3-D print fully functional electronic circuits
86 Practical superconducting nanowire single photon detector with record detection efficiency over 90 percent
87 Ghana's pineapple farmers need more intensive training
88 Neolithic farmers coexisted with hunter-gatherers for centuries in Europe
89 RUDN chemists: A new compound will be used against tumors and Alzheimer's disease
90 Scientists are developing biologically active compounds for an anti-tumor drug
91 Extreme swings in blood pressure are just as deadly as having consistently high blood pressure
92 Researchers uncover genetic basis of natural variation in aging rate
93 The use of tablet computers during math lessons may help increase the quality of teaching
94 NTU Singapore scientists create 'tracking' nanoagents to illuminate very small diseased tissues
95 Changing climate to bring more landslides on logged land, say WSU researchers
96 Majority of hospice workers don't have end-of-life wishes themselves
97 Racial profiling by retailers creates an unwelcome climate for black shoppers, study shows
98 Survey finds pediatric doctors attempts to address parental health issues are limited by barriers
99 Risk of cholera epidemics estimated with new rule-book
100 Brace yourself for coming heatwaves, there are at least 27 ways they can kill you
101 China's sulfur dioxide emissions fell significantly while India's grew over last decade
102 Parasites suck it up
103 Frequent alcohol drinking kills new brain cells in adults, females are more vulnerable
104 Driving national discussions
105 Opioid use by patients after rhinoplasty
106 How to control traffic on cellular highways
107 Low protein diet in early life increases lifespan in fruit flies
108 Efforts are needed to study elder abuse among veterans
109 LEDs light the way for better drug therapies
110 Cancer drug parity laws lower costs for many, but not everyone