File Title
1 Easing the soil's temperature
2 How chronic inflammation tips the balance of immune cells to promote liver cancer
3 New silicon probes record activity of hundreds of neurons simultaneously
4 Sensors applied to plant leaves warn of water shortage
5 Endocrine Society experts examine how diabetes harms body's smallest blood vessels
6 Fat cells may inactivate chemotherapeutic drug
7 Misregulated protein breakdown promotes leukemias and brain cancer
8 Study reveals racial differences in the use of rehabilitation services
9 We should use central pressure deficit, not wind speed, to predict hurricane damage
10 The revolt of the Rust Belt may explain Trump's election
11 How science has shaped the international response to climate change
12 Can lavender aromatherapy reduce anxiety in surgery patients?
13 Dietary isoflavones linked to increased risk of advanced prostate cancer
14 Half of UK's kids fib about brushing their teeth
15 Low value surgical procedures should be avoided to reduce costs and improve patient care
16 Paradoxes in microbial economies
17 Novel approach could limit common complications of immunotherapy
18 Mechanical heart valve often the safest choice, Stanford study says
19 Breast cancer recurrence risk lingers years after treatment ends
20 Star-shaped brain cells orchestrate neural connections
21 Our body clocks cause wounds sustained at night to heal more slowly
22 Research links heart function to brain's memory center
23 Cleaning up aquatic pollution with mussels
24 Better, bolder printing with silicon nanostructures
25 Reduced blood flow from heart may reduce blood flow in brain's memory center
26 Research examines impact of coral bleaching on Western Australia's coastline
27 New study identifies targets to lessen the effects of alcoholic liver disease
28 Mount Sinai scientists create first mathematical model that predicts immunotherapy success
29 Infrared imaging better than touch at detecting defects in protective lead aprons
30 Great Barrier Reef protected zones help fish in even lightly exploited areas
31 New postcranial skeleton of ancient dolphin Albertocetus meffordum found in South Carolina
32 Survey: Parents should be allowed to be present during trauma care
33 Study lists foods for fighting rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and progression
34 Employee volunteerism? Only if you think your boss is ethical
35 New possibility to prevent and treat Parkinson's disease with licorice extract
36 After repeated C. diff infections, people change their behaviors
37 Not so different after all: Human cells, hardy microbes share common ancestor
38 'Zombie ant' brains left intact by fungal parasite
39 Optimizing workplace design for Health: UA Institute on Place and Wellbeing at Greenbuild
40 SMART: Facial recognition for molecular structures
41 Immigrants living in US near California-Mexico border have history of trauma
42 Targeting a microRNA shows potential to enhance effectiveness of diabetes drugs
43 Rival sperm and choosy eggs
44 Position statement opposing sex/porn addiction model
45 Climate change, sparse policies endanger right whale population
46 Science meets archaeology with discovery that dental X-rays reveal Vitamin D deficiency
47 It takes a microclimate to raise a pinyon tree
48 New model reveals possibility of pumping antibiotics into bacteria
49 Dozens of new wildlife corridors identified for African mammals
50 U of I-led team reports connections that will fuel future brain trauma research
51 Color me purple, or red, or green, or...
52 Theoretical physicists are modeling complex quantum processes with cold atoms and ions
53 How climate change may reshape subalpine wildflower communities
54 For cancer patients with HIV, immunotherapy appears safe
55 Can virtual reality be used to manage pain at a pediatric hospital?
56 University of Chicago scientists see fireworks from atoms at ultra-low temperatures
57 Shocking results of galaxy-cluster collisions
58 Study finds a new way to shut down cancer cells' ability to consume glucose
59 Researchers discover promising new anticancer strategy
60 Bonobos help strangers without being asked
61 Need entangled atoms? Get 'Em FAST! with NIST's new patent-pending method
62 Cosmos code helps probe space oddities
63 Use of glow sticks in traps greatly increases amphibian captures in study
64 SLU researcher draws bulls eye around muscular dystrophy drug targets
65 Mechanochemistry paves the way to higher quality perovskite photovoltaics
66 First coast-to-coast land motion map of Scotland derived from satellite radar images
67 Study: Serving water with school lunches could prevent child, adult obesity
68 Two-dimensional materials unlock the path to ultra-low-power transistors
69 Healthiest college students keep weight down, spirits up
70 Study outlines 'perfect storm' that led to Colombia's antibiotic resistance epidemic
71 Current cattle injections increase the risk of injury, research finds
72 Are women and minorities adequately represented in new drug testing?
73 More cardiac arrest victims could survive with dispatcher CPR instruction, rescue breaths for children
74 Take charge, wine lovers, and trust your palate
75 Keeping harsh punishment in check helps kids with ADHD, study finds
76 New approach uses light instead of robots to assemble electronic components
77 Modeling social interactions to improve collective decision-making
78 RUDN University scientists have approved the role of zinc in type 2 diabetes mellitus
79 Bacteria may help babies' digestive tracts more than suspected, scientists find
80 Muscles out of the spray can
81 Improving sensor accuracy to prevent electrical grid overload
82 Tech increases microfluidic research data output 100-fold
83 The 'DNA corrector' is more efficient in the most important regions of the genome
84 Reformulation of Markowitz theorem
85 Old human cells rejuvenated in breakthrough discovery on aging
86 Why plants form sprouts in the dark
87 Apixaban--Metabolism, pharmacologic properties and drug interactions
88 Cities can cut greenhouse gas emissions far beyond their urban borders
89 How far did you fall from the tree?
90 New quantum materials offer novel route to 3-D electronic devices
91 Lending late neurons a helping hand
92 Biological consequences of climate change on epidemics may be scale-dependent
93 Report of highest incidence of GBS in Africa prompts vaccine study from Wits University
94 Osaka University chemists unlock the potential of fluoroalkenes
95 Novel intermolecular surface force reveals actomyosin driving mechanism
96 HIV patients at greater risk of both heart and kidney disease
97 Quantum tunnelling in water opens the way to improved biosensing
98 New study explains why US health care spending increased $1 trillion
99 A little stress is good for cellular health and longevity
100 How SORLA protects against Alzheimer's disease
101 Promising new drug for Hep B tested at Texas Biomedical Research Institute
102 Artificial sweeteners in groundwater indicate contamination from septic systems
103 UMD neuroscientists identify source of early brain activity
104 Circadian clock discovery could help boost water efficiency in food plants
105 ALMA's image of red giant star gives a surprising glimpse of the sun's future
106 Mice prefer rules over fights
107 How Helicobacter pylori causes gastric cancer
108 Circulating tumor cells associated with relapse in late-stage melanoma patients
109 Eating at night could increase risk of heart disease and diabetes
110 Severely bleeding patients must receive lifesaving drug within minutes, not hours